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Suggestions, remarks & survey about TP Shop

Hello folks,

It’s been a while since I wanted to do a topic on the forum about the TP store on TOS. Indeed, I would like to collect your opinions concerning this one and what could be improved so that the shop corresponds to you more. You then have the choice of :

  1. Take the survey (quick) to give your opinion (end of the topic)
  2. Respond to the survey + argue in comment
  3. Ignore this post (you’re bad boys!)

I will speak first to motivate you a bit, here is my opinion:

I have been playing TOS (2016) for a very long time and I have seen some changes on the game store. Players from the first hour can very well remember that at the time we could only buy costumes / Token / enchant scroll and some “trinkets” in TP, nothing fancy. Time flies … And suddenly in 2017, we saw the arrival of “leticia secret cube” and things went bad … during the first leticia, diamond anvils were available in it (at a rate not that low) ) (by the way I would put an image to show you the evolution of these “leticia boxes”. Time / years pass and things speed up, more and more item also overpowered in these boxes, and even things not obtainable in play directly, in other words, you were forced to go through the shop or the market. I also want to mention the blessed goddess who in my opinion sacked the morale of certain players, when the pet appeared , which have some extraordinary stats. So we end up with a shop full of items of all kinds, ultra attractive packs that “force” the player to spend TP in it (I mention here the page pack x50) The more time passes, the more the shop becomes in my opinion “essential”, which is q When even very frustrating for some players and I understand that it can even demotivate some …

To conclude, I really regret the time before all this or the items in the store were “healthy”. For me the shop is a disaster now, we really feel that the end game is the shop. The game is completely distorted because of that (well there are other problems but that is another subject). I say that I have supported the game a lot financially, but there comes a time when you have to say stop. And you what do you think ? How could we improve this one?

First 3 goddess cube to 3 last :


First 3 leticia cube to 3 last :


The poll : (You can vote 3 time, try to vote by priority !)

  • TP Shop is perfect (there is no work to do on it)
  • TP shop should be reworked (to be less essential in game)
  • Some items in the TP shop are far too powerful and give serious advantages
  • The Tp shop is empty, it should be garnished a little more with other useful items
  • Would ne nice if we can earn more than 5 TP free per day to use in TP shop
  • We should have more/some event or content that give TP (like old GTW)
  • TP shop ? what is it ?the shop, whatever is in it, it doesn’t interest me

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The only this I would change is to rely less on RNG (Leticia Cubes) and more on deterministic pricing for items. I am a whale though and do not mind P2W, so my opinion is probably in the Minority

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A fair way would be to reduce this abusive amount of “garbage” items, what is the point of leaving all weapons loose and having a selection box for them? Leave only the weapon selection box, the iTos cubes are all broken, with very low percentages and cruelly meaningless, before the game has a fixed monthly fee than those boxes that arrive are worse than selling an item for real money, because you can the most desired card in the game (Boruta) in a high RNG cube besides being a dialed pay to win we don’t even know what the real% is).

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Personally, i believe it’s better to sell items directly (with no RNG), even if they’re locked behind bundles.

Using MusCATeers as a reference.
Lonely MusCATeer bundle
• 1 MusCATeer costume selection box
• 1 MusCATeer weapon selection box
• 1 (Random) Kitten on Top
• X RNG cubes (bonus)

Duelist MusCATeer bundle
• 2 MusCATeer costume selection box
• 3 MusCATeer weapon selection box
• 3 (Random) Kitten on Top (cannot be the same)
• Y RNG cubes (bonus)

The Three MusCATeers bundle
• 1 MusCATeer tracks
• 3 MusCATeer costume selection box
• 6 MusCATeer weapon selection box
• One of each Kitten on Top
• Z RNG cubes (bonus)

On RNG cubes, we can have a mix of MusCATeer items and some minor utility items. In the end, you get what you paid for and has a chance to get more stuff with your luck, even if it turns out to be all crap, it won’t feel bad.

Actually, i’m crazy enough to say that the RNG cube should generate another RNG cube with a theme. Like a companion cube, that has all TP companions in the game, or a halloween cube, that contains the previous halloween costumes and weapon skins. For each new cosmetic line added, a new cube is added to the poll and players get a chance, even if minimal, to obtain old items by getting the new ones.

On the direct item side, they went too far on the selection… I’d say certain items are reasonable enough that they could be sold directly on TP shop, and we could get some variations specific for guilds use. Depending on the case, they could get a monthly limit as well. These are some of the things i wouldn’t mind at all to see at the TP shop.
• (Color) Card Albums (including black, if more expensive) + Enhancement Cards
• Multiply Tokens + Instance Reset
• Raid Stones
• Awakening Stones + Awakening Abrasives
• Enchantment Jewels
• (Untradable) Golden Anvils
• (Untradable) Silver Ichor Extraction Kit
• (Untradable) Golden Ichor Extraction Kit
• (Untradable) Mysterious Magnifier
Side Note - I’d remove all the ichors related systems if possible, but that ain’t the case here

Just as i said before, these could also come as bundles or have extra variations. An interesting one is to make card album variant for guild album party, like spawning a boss that has way higher stats and rewards all guild members in the map, regardless of damage rank and party.


It will be great if we be able to get the Botanic set by a very hard farm for exemple.

This set is very good and it was only on the botanic package.


Thank you for your feedback/thinking, would be nice if we can some other opinion. By the way this is the new Leticia :

Again, an item exclusive to Leticia cube… and strong one…