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Exorcist costume quest

The time limit is not enough to make it to stage 3 unless you run without any failure and your brain works like an autists’ so you can’t be interrupted by anything from concentrating on the task you’re given.

Either you increase the time limit or you remove the 1 second CD time on the use of the tomes so I can press faster and actually clear the 500 point mark. It’s absolutely gruesome if the game stutters and you press the next button although the CD wasn’t over for the last use, so you break your chain because of pressing the tome button for the next monster since you thought the current one was already nuked [but wasn’t thanks to the super client,thx].

And yes, I’m trying it in controller mode, but it seems to be impossible with the delay and because I lose about 5 seconds from triggering the orb till I’ve moved the character in front of the spirits.

This feels like a deja vu from the Matador costume quest where the last one was pretty impossible until there were two adjustments to the quest so it became easier.

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Exactly, quest feels impossible right now. I barely got 400 points one time, also using controller mode. I don’t know what happens for other people, but I have delays between using the book and the spirit dissapearing, probably ping related.

IMO this is easier than BM fireworks.

Just practice harder and hotkey them. I used controller to finish it. See ghosts in advance, not the one in front of you.

please don’t joke, how can you practice if the game allows you only 15 iterations per week? I’ve lost 3 tries because the client didn’t let me use the books. And by losing 5 seconds every time before I can start the quest I’m already short like 25 points…

I’m not even joking. It takes a few tries to practice, then memorize your book in hotkeys. See ghosts in advance.

I admit the Matador was hard, but this is easy.

I’m sure we have these as “rewards” for being able to do them, making them too easy…is…not rewarding?

It’s not rewarding,though, if the book delay disables you from getting to 500 points if you make a silly mistake of triggering the wrong book on a single spirit.

If I had to remake this quest, I’d start the quest by walking on the platform, not by talking to the orb, and I’d remove the delay of the books. That way it’s fair for everyone and skillbased.

Currently, client issues or latency problems can ruin you easily as the time limit is very tight.
I don’t think it’s fair to exclude players with said issues from ever getting the effect costume.

This has nothing to do with feeling rewarding, as you’re an example of how not rewarding the quest completion is [i.e. you finished all levels within the first week and now you want to deny other players access to the costume?]. It’s just for the privileged who got the best connection, computer and hardware to finish.

I did this with 200 ping. No real hardware problems on a semi instance map.

I never excluded players, I’m actually encouraging you to try it again because it’s easy. you have unlimited tries. This has no time limit. 15x a week is a lot of tries.

It’s doable, much easier than BM firecrackers.

IMO only matador was stupid. If you’re on telsiai I’ve seen 4 other exos with this on klaipeda town alone.

Costume quests reset on mondays and fridays, so you have 30 tries per week. :satisfaction:

If you have any more tips for this quest please share them, I’m doing everything you said, but in 8 tries the highest I got was 410 points ;-; (I’m also playing with around 200ping). In my opinion all they need to do is remove the cooldown on the books, that would make it much more fun.

For me, these costume quests don’t make me feel rewarded if I complete them, it only makes me feel like my characters are imcomplete if I dont get all costumes/special accs.

I actually failed first 6 tries, I started learning at 9th try and got costume at 11-13-14

try doing them all in a day(your tries) to have a nice warm up and be serious on the last few tries.

Keep doing it and good luck.

No one is rushing you in this, you can keep trying at your own pace.


It is not easy, but is certainly doable.

Put the books on hotkeys, memorize them and do your best to not choose the wrong one. You gain extra points for every success chained, if you miss you will loose that boost.

I managed to get the 3rd reward missing 1 time only. You need to be accurate to achieve the last reward.

^ This please… it would really really help a lot…

I put the books in the hotkeys as well, even used a controller… during my 11th try, I was getting the pattern and the rythm of the sequence, but at the end all my 15 chances are consumed…

the quest is really doable but requires patience and practice at the same time… so I’ll wait and keep going…


The costume quest is a joke…wayyyyyyyyyy to easy.AS long you don’t live in the moon and you got you 4 books hotkey on a comfortable position then your fine.Even if you got no clue what your doing,after the third try you should understand what needs to be done.

Comes down to MUSCLE MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION THAT’S IT!Put the books on the 4 keys you feel comfortable with when moving your fingers.Ping has nothing to do with it because the book has like a small CD and its a good thing because some people go to fast and end up pressing the wrong book but with the CD it help those who click too fast and causes a mistake.

I got my 3 costumes at the 5th try.

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I agree with this tho… though, the delays are kinda bothersome, it has also its postive sides for me… :haha:

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May I ask what book you press with the exorcist stone? . - .




Well… Try playing some music? That’s what I did.


I wonder if you can “melstis” that buff during quest… theoretically that would allow for much longer time of 5 points per monster. Buff’s initial duration is 15 seconds and it gives 2 points per monster, after some time it is upgraded to 5 points but time is not refreshed (about 7-8 seconds of 5-point streak). If Melstis works on it - it would mean that you’ll have 22-23 seconds of 5-point streak.

This quest doesn’t feel rewarding at all. It’s just a frustrating and boring minigame that has nothing to do with the skills we develop troughout the game. There is a delay when you read the book, and sometimes the game itself lags and you loose time this way. They should patch this quest.


The quest is not difficult, but the coldown + server lag makes a lot harder :confused:
I already made flawless runs, like, 3 times, but the coldown kill my momentum/tempo