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Exorcist costume quest


I love doing this quest would do it for you guys if you want.It’s so much fun and super easy,it’s like the BM costume quest.


I tried today after the reset with controller and I finished it on the first try. On keyboard it was much harder. I got way past 500 points using a controller.


well i have i hign ping like 0.3-0.5 or more so even i dont make any mistakes … i still cant get more than 420 points.
i hope they can patch it and remove the books cd.


flashbacks to zealot minesweeper


My ping is about 0.02 or 0.03 but its not stable like that all the time. Spikes happen pretty often and a lot of times i have to press the book twice even though its already done cd. My best shot is >450 points but never reach 500 despite no mistake. Guess this will take me a few weeks (and luck too) :\


I would do it for all you people that are complaining for free because find it fun…Its so easy.


Lol, I finished today on the first try. I guess it was just the desolate state of the server after the patch that made it impossible to clear for most people…

Also I noticed that the effect costume disappears when equipping other Class costumes. All the trouble for nothing <_<


i agree. please consider people who played with low/decent ping. cause with decent/low ping what can you do 1 sec might require 1,1-1-2.also with the book delay, and the monster delay added might require like1,5 sec. i did several costume quests like zealot and bm and grab all of them. my pc also perfectly fine doing all other contents. until i try this quest.


At first, I doubt I would get all the 3 rewards for this exorcist costume quest due to the instability of my internet connection and sometimes animation stutter for no reason.
But I managed to pull it off with 15+13 attempts. I got the 2 costumes within 15 first tries and after the quest reset, finally the 3rd one on 13th.
I feel for everyone who has difficulty trying to reach 500 points to get all rewards. So here my tips hopefully you can pull it off too.

First few attempts, I did with keyboard mode cuz it defaults for most of us. I only managed to get 300+ points due to I need to interact with the Binding Orb then must step on Exorcism Site spot to banish the ghost, so I waste precious second and the timer already on countdown.

And then I switch to Mouse mode, this time I can stand on Exorcism Site spot and interact with the Binding Orb without even moving closer to it. That means I can get half second or so head start.

It’s crucial to memorize every book colors and the ghost spirits so you’re not doing any mistake. Due to bad ping and stutter, I just smash my keyboard button until the next ghost. Made lot of mistake of most attempts, and on final one, I smash the button flawlessly perfect and got more than 500 points.

ps: If you easily distracted by anything while doing this quest, I suggest locking your room, if you have any urges to go to the toilet, just settle it before starting the quest and press ESC to hide the chat bar because it may interrupt your focus. Get good music or just silent the BGM. Good luck and all the best!


This minigame is absurd. Creating a mechanic that is intrinsically linked to response time in an online game is another nonsense. And the timer is the icing on the cake. I needed to perfectly complete the test 3 TIMES, and 2 times the test FAILED without explanation, even with points above what is necessary for each stage. Finally, I got over 500 points when I took the test 5 min before a maintenance, and incredible as it may seem I was much slower to press the keys than the other times.

Conclusion: The server’s responsiveness when full (:rofl::rofl::rofl:) is a pretty crap.

99.95% of attempts this happened to me.


I was using with Lamia statue, dont know effected or not but you know, im pass that costume, just play cool and fell nothing happened suddenly got that


Why tyhis quest is so hard? I tried 10 times, the last time miss the colour just 1 time and I can’t get even the basic costume. 250 points was my best.


at least . . . increase the time limit for the quest