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Ep 13 : New Contents, System and System Adjustments

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Ep 13 : New Contents, System and System Adjustments’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


The ultimate whale gems

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New equipment Slot [Res Sacrae]
With the update of Episode 13, new equipment slot will be added and the new item Res Sacrae will be able to equip.



Apple Event every year : “One more thing…”

TOS Epsiode update every YEAR : “One more Equipment Slot…”

i thought it was called “Relic Slot” but now its “Res Sacrae System”??
talk about complicated names.

oh well , looks like WHALES will be busy for 2-3 months… as for the Average Player…
“Hello Darkness my old friend…”


my mind is flashing with these 2 WORD “LEVEL EXPANSION” …lmao

Equipment Item Upgrade Expand
Vaivora Weapon Level Expansion
Maximum level of Vaivora Weapon will be expanded to Lv.4.

Goddess’/Demon God’s Armor Level Expansion
Maximum level of Goddess’/Demon God’s Armor will be expanded to Lv.3

Basic Ark Maximum Level Expansion


In other games, every time there is an update, I always get excited.
It’s only in TOS where the updates make me anxious and feel inadequate.


These ToS folks … continue to ignore their clientele and potential clientele, a problem that is compounded by IToS 'localization in relation to KToS.

As I pointed out once, locating a game is not just putting everything in English; You have to adjust the base game to the different clientele, that includes each language (not just English) of the area you are going to cover, internal changes (omit updates and changes, as well as propose a different alternative) and different events with different dates with their corresponding other and exclusive prizes.

In another order of things, they are still inflating the maximum power to acquire and placing more invisible walls next to the corresponding casino and slot tables that only four whales want around here. The only useful thing is the upgrade to 64bits (which is not a good thing at all, because whoever plays in 32bits or uses a not so modern GPU is finished), but they forget everything and everyone else.

I’ll give it a try, just for the 64bit issue … We’ll see how long the game lasts for me this time; probably no more than two hours.



well well and I haven’t even managed to make an ark yet u.u why not leave the name only as a sacrae . and I personally do not hate this system and I find interesting the idea of ​​changing the appearance of weapons and their different effects I just think that they could fit this idea in some system that already exists in the game like those of the weapon gem slots ,of course would need adjustments but creating a whole new scheme can confuse those who are already veterans, imagine the novices.

correct me if i am wrong but at least these new gems will not use ark frag nor stone TuT.

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They dont, but it requires you to slave farm relic dungeon.