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Dungeon Away from keyboard(afk) player - AngelCorps

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that guy is always afk in dungeon, if u see him/her just leave the dungeon


I would but I want to complete my dungeon daily lol.

tell everyone to leave and re match press match 2-4 and leave the afk… er there also report him in game if you leave the dun you wont loose an entry

no one will follow you… IMC needs a 2 minute kick if away from keyboard or start banning people from dungeons

Funny i actually wasnt afk and finished the dungeon nice try tho.

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Really? I guess this other report the guy is lying as well?

he finished the dungeon mate, i was watching him play don’t report cuz he egged you on :S

Stop lying for your guild mate. IMC need to take action for these little things or they will keep doing it. Ban these people from playing dungeons.

Not only is he and his guild mate lying for him, they continue to do it.

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he carried your dungeon mate, cmon now.

i used to afk sure, but i didnt for this run and i havent for awhile i understand people get angry so i stopped, but this run you got mad cause i called you out and yet here we are.

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total lie lmao, keep trying to lie you will get banned soon

is that guy still doing afk runs? so… where @STAFF_Yuri ?


His new way to appear not afking, he charges straight in mobs, gets hit to near death then runs away. I am certain he is a bit more geared but he does not want to participate in helping out the party.

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man you guys are scraping hard here

Punish him please, I don’t want any more people banned. There is no point trying to gear up to play GvG when there is no competition/lack of players in guilds.

theres atleast 1 or 2 people PER MATCH that don’t really do anything. let’s complain about stuff that’s actually worth complaining about

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Playing one dungeon run and afking the other 20 doesn’t mean hes a decent player.

Also, if IMC wants more player to their game, they need to advertise their game. Banning problematic players and behavior is always welcome for the players who spend their own hard time to play legit.


Shut up cuck :distinguished:

you’re calling me a cuck of all people? that makes you the biggest cuck on this server