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IMC please ban these afkers in 330

  • Reason for report : afk in 330 dungeon

  • Server : klaipeda

  • Team Name : aldragon and angelcorps

  • these 2 people are from forbidden guild and they just afk all the time. They are already blacklisted from most guilds. Sadly i dont have a screenshot of angelcorps


@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

I second this. This is not the first or second time he purposefully afk in dungeons. It is extremely frustrating because this player is playing 24/7, so whenever we want to do dungeons to lvl up he will most likely be there and afk on purpose.

I say on purpose because he reply to everyone who called him out on afk’ing. Not only that, he is very disrespectful. This is a bully behavior.

GMs please respond.



Yes can confirm that These 2 people are AFK in dungeon 100% of the time. I start to feel like not doing dungeon anymore because of these AFKers. You need to seriously look into dungeon reports, I’m sure they got thousands of report already.

AngelCorps even trash talk to you if you post against him in dungeon. Thanks god we have blacklist functioning.

I can confirm on AngelCorps, he continuously afk and only when u bring up the report thing, he starts moving a bit randomly and then goes afk again on a different char later
Haven’t partied with ALDraGon yet but god… he looks like high quality trash… please ban them or at least keep them away from Dungeons and any random queue for at least a year ! :distinguished:

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I mean, if you are going to dungeon afk, the silent method works best: speaking caca will get you nowhere and otherwise make you a more “popular” guy.

But yeah, this has been an annoying. Slave AFK is also pretty annoying: having an alter character or player buff everyone at the beginning, just be at the entrance of the for the rest of the dungeon until boss is killed and excuse it saying “not afk, it gave buffs!”.
Stupid reasoning.


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Here’s the deal………. I got around 7 toons that have gear and can actually survive and some that can actually carry, on my geared toons which is those 7 I never once complained if someone afks on my runs, that doesn’t mean its good you are right but here’s the deal, my trash toons who number in 4 of them, deal REALLY bad damage and DIE really easily so as to cause no one issues especially healers who are desperate to heal me since I dip constantly I usually go half ways then go afk for a bit. I mix it up I go afk on one carry on 2 and so on, I have explained this in detail to everyone that complains…….I can either do 2 things I can afk or I can leave the dungeon either way you are going to miss a spot. If it makes everyone happy I wont afk anymore ill just follow the group on those 4 toons and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because that is the capabilities of those characters, well I guess I can shoot some skills that do 2000 damage lines I guess that’s something. Running 12 toons thru a dungeon is ridiculously boring and if I wasn’t able to take a bit of a break and it is a bit…I don’t afk ALL the time as some people like to say I only afk on 4 toons who are literally naked, the other 7 I carry or heal, what you are asking me to do is just run with the group and do my trash damage and that is what will make you happy……….if that is what you want and if that is what will make you all stop complaining I will do my trash damage but if I die once I expect you to compensate me for what ever gem I drop and silver.

Lol now look who’s crying. If your excuse of being afk is that you’re too weak to deal any damage then just stop playing and uninstall your TOS

Too bad spending tons of TP and being a whale in this game won’t get you anywhere. Just a full immunity from IMC obviously. Feelsbadman

being weak is not an excuse to do nothing to help. people will appreciate even small contribution even with poor damage. you can still use buffs or debuffs. you can get pardoner buffs to bump your damages. Instead of afk and leeching from others. afk people only makes the mood down and make the run slower.

Your other 7 geared toons also not an excuse, cause if you think those toons are strong and can carry, another pt member who you think are weaker also there to help. And are they even ask for carry?i dont think so. you might get the idea when you played those 7 toons and the rest 4 members are afk due to the same mindset as yours.

and about dying and compensate, dude, just put your load of silver and precious gem in bank. and even if you die, you can run back to get all the items back. well, i can understand if you just know about this now.

and for dev who maybe come to visit this post, i agree to some way banned or maybe give sort of punishment. say debuff for unable to dungeon for the rest of the day or even week.


lol whining with 7 char to run a dun, hold my beer while i actively run with 10, seriously

I left because I’m not gonna leech an afker

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whine whine whine whine your arguments are moot, like I said I can afk or do no dmg or I can leave either way you lose a spot there’s no win here to your tears.

There should really be a kick system for dungeos where as majority can vote kick someone if they feel like they are afk-ing and the kicked player should receive a buff that prevents them from entering all form of dungeons for 24hours. :haha:

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Use the in-game report feature in dungeons.

If someone is reported enough times, they aren’t able to queue for like 24 hours.

  1. owiekho you’ve AFK’d in my dungeons numerous times.

  2. grow up you’ve said alot worse words too owiekho

  3. this does not represent the entire guild, i don’t really need to say this

  4. forbidden gives out of its own good heart to many new players both in seeds and statues and more, free costumes too.

  5. forbidden is recruiting

  6. what narc said


humm, but like at least 50% of the players from forbidden I met either AFK in dungeon, or be killing seeds around. That doesn’t represent the entire guild, sure, but you guys surely are not keeping up with your reputation.


hmm, maybe you should test your hypothesis. that 50% seems awfully high, surely it couldn’t be the result of real data. when Forbidden are the ones giving out the seeds and people break OUR seeds consistently, then people complain that you break their seeds i call bullshit. we also shout the seeds to, so it leaves it even more so vulnerable to trolls.

but anyways lets focus on something completely irrelevant to the OP

oh hey another forbidden thread

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oh look another curious gazing cow