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Dungeon Away from keyboard(afk) player - AngelCorps


u never know when to shut up, right cuck?
Scamming and defending AFK leechers :haha: how low can u go? Don’t tell me, i don’t wanna know :satisfaction:


hey whats ur guild name?


I’ve done a few runs with this AngelCorps and I completely agree that the dude AFK all of the time. I called him out last time he parked his toon at that spot in screenshot above but guess what? He didn’t answer because he’s AFK.

Stop defending your guildmates, typhoonz. Everytime there’s someone from your guild in 330 dg, I’m always like “Uh, oh…” In case you wanna know what my guild is, I’m from Yorozuya. Last time we met in GvG, you got wiped twice and then never showed up again.


You can just leave the game after explaining to the others that “that guy” is an AFK leecher so they wont report you for leaving also … it wont eat your daily runs … we also have those at Telsiai and we just leave DGN … you can also take a screenshot and report/mail to admins to get him banned for a week or so …


Skanker does it all the time aswell


this happen to me 1 x, when que dg and enter i got vga error, so i relog, when back all my pty member bad mouth me afk dg. Easy solve if got same problem like me, tele out from dg and Q again unless you really want afk in dg.


wow whats the point of aiming guild? gonna guild war them?
you think your guild reputable for being good guild?
meh, if you have any position in that guild and knowing that your member is doing such annoyance you should have report to your guild leader instead of protecting him. or are you even the leader?
hmm… no wonder then


What’? need guildies to to go against me? or u want to involve others, just like in ur goal reloationships, cuck ! :haha:


nah id rather have your guild pay for your mouth :slight_smile:

you’re probably neutral anyways

you people are all ignorant, i was there. he carried them through the dungeon. if you are talking about the LAST TIME that was a totally different report, you can go to that report and deal with it –
i as a guild leader have every right to war whoever I want for whatever reason.
I support my guildmate who was apologetic and he didn’t even do the crime!
so cram it. you won’t be getting a different reaction from me because I saw with my own eyes

screenshots and video otherwise you’re all just monkeys throwing poop around. in the meantime if you don’t have proof, be ready to go to war for your accusations


okay lets go to war then mr yorozuya, i hereby declare war on yorozuya

whispering hazyforest right now. you killed a bunch of level 200’s that day you moron. watch what happens in a non GTW setting lol you’re going to eat your words. notice yorozuya had NO territory contorlled EVER. just impetus / forbidden / alpha / teamaquya so I don’t know what legs you’re standing on but you should be sitting down.


you really ARE a m*ron. I have links in the first post of this thread sitting in the spawn area with full hp, that’s how he remained the whole dungeon run. Please get some IQ points and stop being mentally ill


Wow, now I have to really wasting my times on you 4th grade kids… my time is precious you know.


okay go there and deal with it smfh

he’s not guilty of this one. you can’t expect someone who you talk ■■■■ to respond or respect you in any way if you disrespect them. angelcorps again i say was apologetic and it was dealt with internally. you however seem to have troubles with the ingame report function


o hey another forbidden thread


I was gonna give a f*ck but then I moved on. I mean, how can you take a guild that gets wiped in 1 ELECTROCUTE seriously? If and when we decide to do GvG, you gonna know and then we can fight.

For now, let’s focus on the issue at hand. Your guild member AngelCorpse is a shameless leecher and has been reported by players many times. You can keep denying it but threads like this will continue to show up because he did it (he’s still doing it).

Anyway, not gonna reply anymore after this since you’re not worth my time. I just wanna warn people that there are still some terribad players out there.

The night is dark and full of terrors.


Your guild literally never earned a single territory in the last 4 GTW events. But okay yeah thanks for derailing the topic. Read my comment, there’s nothing more to say. Angel is innocent as I saw it go down with my own eyes, OP is just salty. That’s all. Internet + Salt = forum thread. Everytime.


Where there’s smoke there’s fire. You can’t blame people for calling him out. I think people know sometimes he does move around and do stuff in dungeon, but let’s face it. 80% of the time he is Afking.

I don’t know why you are doing the talking for him. He should be clearing his name himself. You made this a guild issue yourself if you choose to keep defending his behavior, when people clearly made this thread for him.


because he can’t reply right now #1, #2 i bear witness, why else. wrongful accusations piss me off, quite frankly its unfair.


Then he should screenshot more often or record to save himself, he bs’ed too much in the past, that’s his own doing. Karma.


Their guild actually got territory, along with us.
Anyways, I dont know why you even ask other guild names, you make his guild pay ? Pay what ? This game isn’t pvp type games where you can easily kill others in fields or like so whenever you want, so what you can do to him ? You are the one derailing this topic at first.
I, myself met that person and yes, recently your members stop AFKing and actually active just one bit, if your members actually can active and run dg normally like others, why even AFK at first to make bad reputation and now trying to defend it ? He/she did himself and taking the bad rep in community now.