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DEX vs STR debate

satanic imc :smiley:

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For A2>QS3>Scout1>CAN2 how should my STR/DEX ratio be?

i’d go very high dex, classes like musket and canoneer really benefit from high dex. especially since you pvp and can get away with high dex because its good on archers
keep in mind that i’d get enough con to have at least 12k hp, (13-15k is really recommended)
but yea generally i’d go high dex for good pvp performance.

Do you think it’s a good idea to put a little on STR too? i heard here that after some point increasing DEX won’t make your character stronger.

1:1 is universally good for all builds

My A2 QS3 Falc 2 went all dex and it’s doing fine. Its easier to manage cuz all I need to focus on the rest of my gear is PATK. Monstrance into swift step into kneel gives you decent amount of patk and pretty much guaranteed crit rate.

Retired it though cuz my lat was too high for QS3 to be any good. Now Im going for a sapper 3 falc 1 build to test out the combo of circling + wire trap but Ive lost my will to play this game rofl.

I made a lot of calculations and the result is, of course, complicated. The amount of Dex you need is based on Skill Base Dmg (Auto Attack = 0 Skill dmg), Monster Defense, Monster Crit Resistance, Weapon power, Crit Gear, Crit Attributes. I hope i have not forgotten smth. (Assuming being max level).

If these are high: Skill Base Dmg, Monster Crit Resistance, Weapon Power
you need more Dex for most Damage

If these are high: Monster Defense, Crit Gear, Crit Attributes
you need more Str for most Damage

Maybe this can help people to make up their builds. I know it is not alot of new information. I just thought of putting it together.


Since rank 8 skill damage is so stupidly high (as well as transendence stats)… Its better for (almost) everyone to go for 100% crit rate

600+? @ 330? how much crit rate are we talking about here?

For lvl 330, you need about 786 crit rate to get 100% crit chance vs 0 crit resist mob. 916 if you assume up to 130 crit resist on a mob.

So you need 629 crit rate before swift step.

2x Sissel + 1x Max Petamion gives you 88.
3x lv7 Green Gem (2 mainhand, 1 offhand or 3 mainhand for bow) gives you 145 or 132 respectively.
lvl 330 gives you 75 base crit (9 dex).
Manamana gives you +35.

The above comes up to 343 (xbow), 295 (bow).

You need 286 more dex for xbow. About 225 invested into dex.
You need 334 more dex for bow. About 254 invested into dex.

how do you even make lvl 7 gems, seems impossible

There are gimmicks that give you gem abrasive. Farming sparkling Cube daily ( party quest from mercenary post, aka kill MOA).
And you can buy level 2 gem abrasive from tbl points every 3-4 Days.

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Thanks for this math. I recently rerolled my QS3/Wu2/Musket and am making a A2->R1->Sc1->F3 planning to go Mergen. I’ve been pumping dex instead of str and shooting for 100% crit since I have the gear but right now, I’ve been a little despondent at my low str despite seeing crits pretty often (I’m about to hit lvl 90). Seeing the big base damage on Mergen, it gives me hope that shooting for 100% crit is the right way to go and completely feasible.

monsters also drop gems higher than level 1. the highest level gem ive gotten so is level 3. it’s safe to assume with the release of higher level cap, it’s possible to get higher level gems from monsters

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It’s so very annoying to rely on crit, however there’s no other choice. R8 damage is indeed stupidly high. @Reilet

Non-crit on 1 skill and you will have wasted tons of damage, and CD.

better than str.
wee, 50more str, i get to deal 50 more damage a hit to this 400k hp monster, it will sure make a difference

True. Only use of STR is block pen vs those annoying hogma mobs.

I had hope that they would take the smarter path and gave monsters much higher defense (as well as changing how defense works) instead of giving them a crap ton of hp, but no. I’m forever sad :cry:

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I think this post topic debate has been solved. Marked as solved. DEX all the way. All higher ranked skills will have inflated base damage.

I like Dex but not because high crit.
But because it make me can avoid some attack lol.

STR’s stronger if we have pretty high crit item.
DEX’s stronger if we have fully Transcendence high atk weapon or high base skill dmg.

Both use a lot of budget… yap it impossible for me right now lol