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Congratulations imc! you have made the worst mmorpg event ever!


Can you screen shot it and upload?


I should not have assumed you knew what moron meant… I actually haven’t tried this jump event as I didn’t enjoy the previous one. It’s good to know an effort was made to make events more enjoyable, though.

However, my calling you a moron had little to do with the event and everything to do with your making a snark remark despite an inability to comprehend hyperbole. I was attempting to cheer up a frustrated peer.

…It means a lack of intelligence or common sense, by the way.


You’re literally everything wrong with this community, thanks.

The only thing worse than someone incompetent bitching that something is too hard is someone who hasn’t even done the content attempting to “help” by riling them (and others) up more and not actually helping them.

Hell, you’ve crystallized everything wrong with literally everything in the modern age, in like one series of posts. I’m so glad we had this discussion.


Can anyone make a speedrun of rainbow trek just for the memes?


such ridiculous complaint.

this is one of the rare occasions where “git gud” is extremely appliable.


Dude, they even added +move speed to make it easier and yet u still aren’t able to do those?
Man u are pathetic…

But tbh i preffered the old jumping event, it gave 500 AP for completing +500 more if u did it under 3-4 minutes, the prizes were storage tradeable and u could run it with ALL your alt chars. You could easily make 5k AP a day or way more depending on the ammount of alts u had


Haha that’s cool. Though I still prefer all those mult token and dungeon resets. It’s awesome with 8x exp tome!


i was wondering how i am able to finish rainbow trek compared to last time Owo was asking peeps if they made it easier or sumthin owO

since i cannot tell, coz lasttime i can’t even finish a single map XD

current rainbow trek has increased your window for error for about 50%

you dont even have to jump at the exact edge of a platform just to barely make it to the other Owo

old rainbow event is like darksouls 2

current rainbow event is like bloodborne

i remember rubber banding on the first week and the weeks before that, i dunno what’s the cause, but seeing everyone else is doing fine, i don’t think it’s a good assumption that it’s fully the game’s fault

needless to say, determine how good a game is based on an event minigame Owo


I suppose some think it far more effective to insult/tease, belittle and harass and then wonder why the community forums are so bitter and poisonous. The irony; the bliss…