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Congratulations imc! you have made the worst mmorpg event ever!


I actually have better time on controller than keyboard.


In this case it’s maybe because I’m more used to walk options while pressing the joystick not too far. But with arrows on Keyboard it’s anyway more accurate for a game that has 8 directions. Or are you using arrows on your controller ?


im using the arrow pad. to me it’s actually easier since your thumb has a shorter travel time than using your fingers to press the arrow keys on the keyboard


Nvm I’m actually experiencing huge lags from the server that make my character rollback straight away, really nice to encounter that kind of problem when you’re doing Klaipeda :tired:. Don’t get how their servers can’t handle the number of players in game, private servers from games like WoW, Aion or RO can handle 1500/3000+ players on one server only.



i seriously hate this event, but i’m barely playing the game so w/e

hope they fix their ■■■■ together on rebuild or tos gonna die


You post about lag in like every thread that no one else gets, have you considered that this is a problem with your internet connection and not the server?

Space bar as a jump button is actually the problem, due to its design. A controller is going to be easier for this event, by far.

They actually made it easier this time around, so I can see why you are upset at not being able to do it and thinking it’s harder than Dark Souls.


wait you use space bar to jump D: even on mouse I map it to X key :expressionless:


I do! I can’t undo all those years of it being jump in other MMOs. :tired:

It does make Rainbow Trek harder, but it still only takes a few minutes to do.


I was doing rainbow trek under 3 min before and now they even increased movement speed players like you… but still theres someone to complain

tbh this event isnt for everyone and it rewards skills, patience and concentration

I think everyone did mistakes and fall… practice makes perfect

this reminds me of 1st trek that was timed


took me 3 days to master the route and it was fun


Hmm it seems to me that in this vid I see people clearly falling from a platform… and immediately reappearing on the same platform. :thinking:

This is an optical illusion, right?

Yes, each day I beat my previous score, so the key is perseverance :slight_smile:


Takes around 3 minutes to clear for stage, you are just bad at it.


graphics stuff. It always happened, at least for me.


I did the Event a few times now.

First I needed about 5, 10 and 25 min for the 3 different missions.

Today I needed 2, 3 and 5 minutes. As you can see you only need to get used to the event and then it actually works well and makes fun.


Just don’t do it if you don’t like it.
I like it but I don’t do it since I got too much other stuff to do so well…


the dungeon multiply and entry vouchers are worth it to cut down on dungeon time alone.

Spend ten minutes, and save 2 dungeon runs worth of time per day and make the same money.


Does anyone feel this year’s jump event is MUCH easier than last year’s? I certainly feel that way.

Edit: oh by the way. If you are “lucky” enough to glitch the game that causes your character to be unable to move unless you jump, you can position yourself at the edge of the square, press the direction (but you cannot move due to glitch), then jump. It ensures the farthest jumping distance!

  1. Proof of “in every thread” ?

They show only 2/3 sec for each clip in order to hide the FPS issues. They maybe speed up the video, I wouldn’t be surprised.

We’re not in the same server Csiko, and the 2 other guys whith me who where doing the same event at the same time experienced the same rollbacks. I admit that I use the term “lag” for two different things, so it can lead to confusion, it’s my fault. It was server desync to be precise for Rainbow Trek event. It stopped 10/15 minutes after my post. Still, we all experienced it in the server. But are you not aware of huge lags and huge framerate drops in CM ? Sometimes you’re doing a CM and your whole team has the same problems : mobs are spawning slowly and you can barely cast few spells.

On other threads I tend to talk about framerate drops.


This used to happen a lot, under certain circumstances. It hasn’t happened to me personally in the last content patch or two (primarily, since inquis burn was nerfed into the ground). But it was server-side, and very noticeably so. Desync is a packet loss problem. That does happen very rarely, and it’s my own connection. It does not happen often, maybe a day out of a month, and is related to my own internet connection.

I’m not going to say my frame rate isn’t lower on a populated map, or during world bosses–but the last 2-3 world bosses I attended, my FPS was completely fine. I’m in Klai right now and my FPS is stable, 60-65.

Turn off dead parts, 100% of the time, on all characters. This is the likely culprit for frame rate drops in CMs.

If you’re still desynching or losing frames during Rainbow Trek, I’m not really sure what to tell you, perhaps restart the client right before doing it as the game does still have a memory leak and suffers the longer it’s been open.


insert sonic adventure theme

My personal tip is to disable effects and then turn UI off completely (alt + a) and only reanable when collecting chests. A full hour is more than enough.


When I have little lag problem , I cannot jump to roof near market management npc.
Anyone like me cannot do this event. Because in event alway get little lag …