Tree of Savior

Congratulations imc! you have made the worst mmorpg event ever!


FFS, this Rainbow event TOTALLY SUCKS. Tree of Savior have one of the worst jumping mechanics i’ve ever seen on a game, that’s not accurate (even on a controler) and fails for no reason, suffers from the poor performance/otimization of the game (which causes Low FPS and FPS drops), and server Lag. And yet, you made an event totally dedicated to it! OH! and the Klapeida map is special, because it makes your FPS drops even more. Congratulations! I hope you never make anything like it again.


And that’s putting it kindly…

This seems to be a/the common reaction every time these jump events come to town and yet there will undoubtedly be another in a month or three. Best thing I can recommend is to avoid it if it is frustrating you.

Some people learn to figure them out, so the events are more for giving them free stuff to grind while the rest of us suffer.

It’s easily the most frustrating, un-intuitive, jumping mini-game I can recall playing, EVER. It feels more akin to a Dark Souls take on a memory test than a reaction based parkour… You’ll nod and chuckle at the next event as you see others voicing a very similar opinion.




Frankly I have no problem with the rainbow event… as long as you avoid the Klaipeda map. Orsha and Fedimian can be completed easily in 5-6 minutes (with mistakes), and will give you free dungeon items, attributes and a shard every 3-4 maps. Klaipeda is so frustrating it will enrage you very fast.


That’s why it “HARD MODE” hahahaha!


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sips hot cocoa


Now with the increassed mov speed is really easy to do all the maps, I just complete all in less than 4 mins this time. But I understand it is frustating when you try for the first time and the point of view don’t help too much.


Platforms are not as straight forward as they may look like. Still, it can be done in less than 10 minutes all tracks. Rainbow Trek event is super easy (now that I got used with the tracks). Hope they make new ones in the future.


it takes less than 10 minutes to end. If u cant handle frustration just dont do it.


Rainbow treks are my second favorite after last years halloween event.



The event is very easy


I bet you struggle with Super Mario Bros for the NES as well, tough game


i mean… come on, once you get the handle of it even klaipeda shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes… for 300k worth in atributes and some dg reset+multiply i’d say is quite worth it.

not meaning to brag but i’d say i take like 15 min tops to clear all 3 maps, and i’m really NOT good at this :tired: maybe it is just a matter of getting used to it? i did struggle A LOT on my joystick tough, something about taking jumps towards the south-east direction was a nightmare, but i do it fine on keyboard, maybe you can try it?

also, zoomy plus addon is REALLY helpfull.

the most obnoxiously toxic event that promoted nothing but ppl with better ping (to don’t be IK by invisible foes) and guildies ganging up on solo players like there was no tomorrow?

each ot it’s own i suppose :tired:


I need less then 15 min each day to finish all 3 runs, so maybe you suck at gaming?


well. dunno why you hate it, but I like it
it’s fun :3


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git gud
20 characterslol


I mean the problems were sometimes really annoying but during the times I played I didn’t really get too much of them I guess. Regardless of the issues I had a lot of fun, and no I didn’t desync myself afaik or anything of that sort.


Controllers are actually not the thing to chose when you’re doing Rainbow Trek event, keyboard is by far the best as you don’t have an option to walk.

It’s pretty easy with the base movement speed increased, while there are few invisible walls which are really badly placed in the parkour.