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[Complete] EU and SEA Server Relocation Notice: April 27-28

and its 5:20 am and you haven’t even slept, wtf viet, get a job dude.

Oh, how cute, you worry for me, my darling :<

I requested to transfer my char to sea server but it seems that my character is still in orsha help please?

Transfer to fedimian already finished.

Would have been nice if the relocation had happened during the 24h maintenance yesterday, so that we wouldn’t have to face a 7 hours downtime yet again, but I am looking forward to a much improved ping :slight_smile:

good morning admin. i heard 4.28 is the f2p of this game but why i cant log in to create a new character?

Because it’s too hard for stupid publisher to do at least one thing properly. It requires some brains and usage of them, which they, for sure, don’t have/or just don’t want to use.

The F2P phase date has been moved to Early-Mid May

Not sure if its just me i still feel lag in Telsiai, does anyone feel the same way?? SG player here btw.

Now its server reallocation till 5pm. After that it will be lag free

So… uh… why is Klaipeda getting the down global message for 10:05?

Why IMC is spamming at Kapleida? ??? ? Kapleida shouldn’t be affected by the server realocation.

Note: Klaipeda and Orsha will not be affected by the relocation and you will still be able to access them during the period mentioned in this announcement.

it was just edited… >.< why Orsha/Klaipeda would suffer this???

Servers affected: Fedimian, Telsiai
Compensation: EXP Tome (x2), Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (x1), 21-hour extension on Token period

Then why Orsha and Klaip will down too?? ‘-’

Compensation?? Thanks :3

GM trolled orsha in shout, nice one.

[quote=“Advatre, post:84, topic:224329, full:true”]
GM trolled orsha in shout, nice one.
[/quote]So that’s what happened?!

Klai and Orsha post by GM

Make Pavaisa tradable, It’s a drop not a quest reward </3

Great job IMC! Keep up the good work :kissing_smiling_eyes: