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Cleric-> Priest 3-> Monk2 -> PD Stats/ skills Edited~

If it is viable, I would like some help with stats/ skills :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

I’d honestly say ditch chap. Alot of the chap and priest buffs don’t apply to the monk’s attacking skills. They only applyto auto-attacks. Most people take priest3 into monk3 because levelling as priest3 is super easy with your strong auto attacks and sustain. The other buffs, heals, and revives give the monk utility, while monk’s skills itself bring the damage.

Damn, I really liked chap tbh since the Monk 3 is not really that good …I’ll see if another rank suggestion comes up then. Can u shed a light on skills/stats matter?

Yeah gaining golden bell isn’t really that great, but monk 3 serves to raise the skill caps of your other good skills since they scale well.

So if your asking why they don’t work? Well the offensive buffs of Priest (and by extension Chaplain) are most effective on auto attacks. Blessing applies to all hit, so that does work with monk (but since its flat damage it will fall off eventually). Sacrament’s additonal damage line (it’s best aspect) is only added to auto attacks, though the holy damage is added through out. Asperglium which scales with int only works with auto attacks too.

So the problem here is that monks are not auto attackers. They are skill casters. Double Punch is your bread n butter and has 0 cooldown, hits twice, and consumes stamina instead of sp. Kamehameha is a great multi hit skill, and palm strike and one inch punch have good dots that all scale with str. So taking chap doesn’t really give you much as a monk itself and usually lends itself more to magic/support builds.

Stat wise, while chaplain can use STR since it does rely on autos, its kit as of r5 doesn’t synergize with STR at all. It works better with INT as it boosts asperglium/aspersion and the power of heal, mass heal, and cure.

Yeah, I het it now. You made it very clear, might as well be going monk 3 then.
Only one more thing, how much dex and str should I go?

what do you want to be more of?
monk or chaplain?

if monk
tbh your better off going diev 3 over priest into monk
better yet priest/diev 2 > cleric 2, for 10 heal tiles and op safety zone
imo you should drop monk 3 for kabbalist or pd

kabbalist will give you shite tons of hp from thier buff
but pd will make you status immune and regen like crazy.

lots of argument over the dex vs str dilemma these days, personaly i like 1:1 str and dex since evasion goes well with healing and you need str to do damage, the most common thing i see though is 2:1 str dex since you can fill in crit rate with gems and gear. and like always get some con, 30-50 will do for most classes.

if chaplain
drop monk and go int/con lots of options are open for chaplain
for support finish with Cleric 2 > PD
for offense Krivis 1 > PD
for a mix Druid 2
its much easier to concentrate damage since you can just stack int and get elemental damage to scale with the amount of hits your autos do.

Short answer is no.

Chap is an auto-attack build and monk is skill-based. They are like oil and water.

I’ll go with monk

So Cleric-> Priest -> Diev2 -> Monk3 would work well? I really like the PD, but i’ll lose some damage right?

You’re better off doing dropping the Priest and adding a Cleric rank, but you’ll lose the resurrection unfortunately.
I’m wondering about PD too - people don’t appreciate Monk3 that much over Monk2 but there doesn’t seem to be many better alternatives.

you either go all in with priest 2 or diev 2 imo
cleric 2 is very very good, 10 heal tiles and 40 blocks from safety zone, people will want to party you all day.

yes you will lose a puny amount of damage.
320 per cast of double punch vs status immunity and a soft from of god mode from PD

if ya really like monk then go ahead.

@yodish92 Sorry that was a bit hard to decipher - so you’re saying PD is a perfectly well alternative?

its the best R7 class for monks imo, kabbalist will give you tons of HP but nothing else

PD also somewhat synergies with monk if you get incinerate, since monks can put on lots of debuffs

atm there is no other str class that can compliment or supplement the phys based damage of monks, paladins are out of the question since they are more support/tanks rather than damage dealers.

this might be a noob question but why does diev synergize well with monks?

Well I really like the Pd option, plus the suit is just marvelous xD

I just stick with the str2 :1 dex some con build right?

they dont really synergize,

diev just has lots of utility, and you get carve attack, one of the few phys scaling skills in the clerics tree, it hits 4 times and is on a 17 sec CD and carve owl which does magic damage, but it sticks around and can dish out huge damage if left near monsters untouched.

the CD reduction Sp cost reduction etc are rare buffs. taking it with cleric 2 will make you into a party animal

but priest 2 is better if you want to solo and it gives a bit more damage, and youll have an easier time leveling early

up to you though, if you go priest you will be better early, diev will make you better late game, since youll be in parties almost all the time and diev buffs are probably S tier in terms of what they give.

and yea 2:1 str dex with some con, try to be flexible though, if you feel you dont crit enough or are not tanky enough then you can always pump more dex or con

if you still kinda on the fence try reading up this thread, it has some other outside opinions besides mine

as a monk the only sklls I would from priest are ress, revive and MH since the others don’t really affect me right?

I’m tempted to go diev cuz the class really looks fun and usefull, but I’m aiming at dps and I don’t really know if it will give me that…

Even at pvp this would be a good build?

blessing with max atribute gives 150 damage and sacrament will double it to 300 damage since it adds 1 extra line to your auto attacks, if you wear a cafrisun set that damage gets tripled into 450
after you transition to monk it will only add 300 damage since double punch only hits twice, and that will basically replace your auto attacks.

monstrance and aspersion can be somewhat usefull and mass heal and revive are too good to pass up.

as of now i wouldnt even try to 1v1 pvp with a monk, too little in the cleric tree to support the way it does damage, you will be tanky though and hard to kill but you can get kited pretty easily as a monk. if you take diev youll be more annoying since your carve owl can create a zone and deny people from going there, but dont trust it to do too much damage, in team arena you can be usefull as a buffer / healer / offensive tank

All of the priest buffs that apply to attacking skills also apply to the monk attacking skills. They also apply to the monk palm strike bleed.

That is why many monks go priest 3 and max bless+sacrament.

On sacrament:

It applies to skills but to a lesser extent. Not simply a ‘don’t apply’ vs ‘apply’ (Yes I just learned this today lol)

So priest 3 is the best option after all?

The most reliable we should say, after all the best is the one most suitable to your playstyle :smiley: