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Cleric-> Priest 3-> Monk2 -> PD Stats/ skills Edited~

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Blessing definitely does, but the second damage line of sacrament definitely does not. Blessing will fall off later, but definitely great getting to Monk and perhaps the first circle of it. I.e. Double Punch will not hit 4 times with sacrament up, but twice with blessing and sacrament’s holy damage added on.

Regardless, I wasn’t trying to imply Priest 3 is bad, in fact i always reccomend it, but the bulk of the post was explaining why chaplain does not synergize well with Monk, because ultimately chap is an auto attacker vs monk who is a skill caster.

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I played Monk in CBT2 with Priest 3 and i gotta say if i would go for monk now I would go priest 2 paladin 2 monk 2.

Monk 2 as said before because Monk 3 doesnt offer very much.
Priest 2 to help you get through the early game and paladin which surprisingly hasnt been mentioned by anyone here.

Smite despite the small AoE does pretty crazy dmg, just look at the base dmg of smite 10 and tell me that is bad, not to mention its overheat on a 9 sec cd. Monk being a skill based class id say grab paladin with smite for some more offensive power. I know the rest of paladin isnt that great but i feel smite is worth it over priest 3 and monk 3.

But this is just my personal preference as for the topic like most people said, Chaplain is all about AA while Monk is skillbased so the 2 dont mesh well together and i would advice anyone not to go that road.

Right. The first line of sacrament definitely does.

Like I said, both skills improve all monk skills.

this skills are okay guys? goins 2:1 str dex and some con when needed on stats

Definitely Bokor 2 is the best option if you want to PVP.

But not by a huge margin. Blessing kinda, but 40 holy damage on sacrament isn’t gonna be much. It’s the skill levels that will be making the monk skills hurt.

But in the end you’re not wrong, they do improve, just not by a big margin by endgame.

That shouldn’t matter for someone who is trying to min-max. Unless there are other skills in the priest tree they can invest in for better damage(there isn’t), you max the skills that give you the most damage, even if it is only 40.

Same with blessing. It will never ‘fall off’ because a smart party will never shy away from more damage, especially more damage on every hit of their multi-hit skills.

The mentality that blessing will not be useful in late-game needs to die.

A reminder also that blessing lv3 + lv3 attack count attribute enhancement = not enough attacks for the duration of blessing. Went to Tenet Garden dungeon yesterday and kept seeing Blessing expiring before the buff time is over :frowning:

At least Skill point reset is TP-buyable :smiley:

[quote=“dfiering, post:23, topic:179194, full:true”]
I played Monk in CBT2 with Priest 3 and i gotta say if i would go for monk now I would go priest 2 paladin 2 monk 2.

Monk 2 as said before because Monk 3 doesnt offer very much.
Priest 2 to help you get through the early game and paladin which surprisingly hasnt been mentioned by anyone here. [/quote]I did consider that but…

What are you going for in this early access? Still Monk?

I mean, you’re right 40 damage isn’t a lot, but it’s damage. It’s 80 with double punch. 120 dps with energy blast. 280 more damage for palm strike if bleed procs. All of this is damage done PER target, doubled against dark targets, doubled again with a maxed enhancement.

So that “only 40 damage” is actually 840 more dps with a maxed energy blast enhancement against a dark target.

People love to complain about flat numbers in this game, but somehow fail to realize that almost all damage dealt is a flat number. Int and Str are flat - they will eventually get to the point where you are getting 3 per 1 stat, but that’s still flat. Matk/patk are flat. Weapons enhancements are flat with few exceptions (like ranged weapons removing their penalty at certain levels). Skill damage is flat. The multipliers that do exist like crit and damage types are limited or inconsistent. The only consistent multipliers in the game are multihit, which is why these skills are so popular, and enhancements. Don’t take my word for it, read the damage formula for yourself. Quickcast attribute is a notable exception, but after the nerfing steady shot got I would be shocked if it wasn’t next on the list to get toned down. And it’s irrelevant to monks anyway because C3 wiz is not an option for us.

Think of it this way. That +40 holy damage is the equivalent of +40 str (not 40 str points invested, a +40 str buff). It’s actually better because it doubles to +80 vs dark targets. People flip their ■■■■ over this orange mace and yet its most powerful effect is barely 10 points better than a maxed sacrament.

This is very much a flat damage game, as opposed to say diablo 3 where you get your damage by stacking as many different multipliers as possible. Here you get your damage by stacking flat damage. It’s just the way the game was designed.

If you are going cleric no matter what you have to support, no reason to try and be a pure dps cleric just be another class, so priest 3 is mando for any dps support cleric, stone skin and mass heal are just that good, its so nice that you get so many nice dps buffs from blessing on top of geting the OP tools of priest in your monk build, any other way is just wrong

I was thinking of going clerc1 priest1,2,3 monk 1,2,3

I’m on priest 2 atm and I feel bad because everyone says I should go

Cleric 1,2,3 if I want to go monk.

How many tiles of heals can a cleric do? because I can only do 5 at the moment with rank 5, does it mean that it puts out 15 tiles on rank 15?

I also thought that the priest mass heal was going to be more impressive and I see now that It’s kinda “bad”, people move so much so it becomes pretty annoying casting it.

My point with my build was actually to be an aggressive support monk, with good potential for heals and buffs for the team. But yeah everyone are saying the buffs are ■■■■ until you said different… I no longer know what to do >_<!!

Wait, who told you to go Cleric 1,2,3? For Monk, Priest3 is the cookie cutter build, with Diev builds following. But yes, rank 15 puts out 15 tiles - though Cleric3 is one of the least recommended path here.

If you have a smart party, Priest can make your party OP. I just got to Priest3 - stone skin, sacrament, blessing, mass heal, plus the occasional heal and safety zone? Yeah, all-in-one package.

There’s not much competition on cleric buffers over Priest for pure attack strength. Diev has more utility buffs and Paladin has more defensive buffs, but Priests are generally for your team to kill faster before the mobs kill them.

Just because you have a bad party you shouldn’t blame your Priest. I’ve been to dungeon runs and I’ve had a share of headless chicken parties and stronghold ones - a lot of the headless chickens are solo players who kept running around picking mobs up and glass cannons. (and ksers -_-)


That is correct. 16 with divine might (+1 skills buff).

While that is true, people also fail to run to your tiles when you put them in a safe place. Also you can’t drop healing tiles on someone who is in danger without placing yourself in danger, and sometimes placing your tiles near danger can cause someone to get killed trying to run to the tile for health. There is no perfect heal skill in this game.

Priest 3 is the best for buffing, no question. Let’s talk about the damage buffs everyone hates on later. Revive (priest 2), Stoneskin (priest 3), and Monstrance (priest 1) are all incredibly strong buffs. Cleric has nothing comparable. If you want to be a buffer, for sheer group utility, priest 3 is the right call. I even put 1 point in exorcism for my monk build. Super strong single target damage - even with 0 int.

Now let’s talk about bless and sacrament. People love to say they are ■■■■ because they “don’t scale”. But anyone who says that doesn’t understand the game mechanics. There are quite a few things that do scale. Fire damage scales against water element. Strike damage scales against plate armor. Skyliner (highlander skill) scales against bleeding enemies. The problem is that none of this scaling is consistent. You won’t always be fighting your opposite element. You won’t always be fighting plate armored enemies. And unless you picked swordsman, Skyliner isn’t an option.

There are only 2 forms of scaling in this game that are consistent across the board, against all enemies.

  1. Multihit - bless and sacrament DO scale with multihit skills.

  2. Skill enhancements - what you pay your precious silver for at the trainer - sacrament DOES scale with enhancements.

So there you have it. I decided to go Priest 3 for my monk, but it’s my alt so i’m only level 97 at the moment. Despite @Wurmheart misleading people by not listing Priest3-monk in his “beginner cleric” guide, it is in fact are very viable and popular choice in ktos.

You want some math backing up the damage buffs? Let’s do it. you’ll notice the people arguing against priest3 never bother talking about math.

Level 10 sacrament - 40 holy property damage

Level 15 blessing + 50/50 attribute - 170 bonus damage

Palm Strike - mediocre skill that can be traited for a 10 second bleed (tics 6 times)

  • 210 on initial hit + 6*210 = 1470 additional damage PER enemy

Energy blast - Monk c2 skill that tics 3 times per second

  • 210 bonus on every hit x 3 hits per second = 630 dps increase PER enemy

Double punch - Monk bread and butter

  • 420 bonus damage on every hit. 500 bonus damage with maxed attribute. 820 bonus damage with maxed attribute against dark, plate enemies.

And that is just for monk skills. I have a level 190 monk friend in game who went priest3 and loves it. Regrets nothing. Maxed sacrament and bless. If everything I’ve typed here sounds like the kind of monk you want to play, then you should definitely go for it. Monk is an attack class. Building them as a healer for the first 3 ranks just doesn’t make any sense in my opinion. The one alternative build that does make sense is cleric2 diev2 because carve scales so well. But damage wise, it’s not even close to what bless+sacrament can provide in group play.

Also, final note on bless and sacrament- they have 100% uptime across your party. So all those dps calculations I just did for monk also apply to everyone else. I love priest3’s in my party on my main (c2 pyro/thauma). On boss fights that are well tanked I can put out roughly 100 hits in the first 20 seconds. Bless + sacrament adds 21,000 damage to that initial burst. Just for me.


Wow, thanks! I thought I had made the wrong choice. I’ve always liked the idea of aggressive healer, and I thought priest 3 and monk would give me that. Should I go monk 3 or only monk 2? I was thinking of going monk 3 but I hear people say that it’s not worth it.

I mean, you can buy a 2 hour Sacrament buff for 1500 silver.

Only go for Monk2; I wouldn’t pass up a rank7 class though for extra utility and damage.

That’s your call. I’m sure by the time you’re monk 2 you’ll have a good idea whether or not you need monk 3.

My level 205 monk 2 buddy is set on monk 3.

I’ve never made it that high personally so I wouldn’t want to give advice that I can’t back up from experience.

Do i go STR or DEX build for monk? i’m lvl 75 now and have 115 str and 20 dex atm.

if 1500 silver is 2 hours. As a priest buying the reagents for the buff you will get 4 hours for the same price and it’s more flexible.

although 1500 silver for 2 hours is very cheap >_< and kinda unfair to the priest class =/ it kinda kill the uniqueness of the buff.