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[Class] Official Sadhu Thread

That is very weird then. Here’s a video of another test I made a few minutes ago, and a screenshot of the weapon I was using.


My mATK = 712
Wendigo Searcher mDEF = 192
Weapon = +1 Fedimian Club with 1 star blue gem (+5 mATK)
Sub-weapon = Stock Arde Dagger (153 Fire Damage, Wendigo Searcher is Fire type, damage reduced to 50% or 76.5)

OOB Normal Damage = 3333, or 999
OOB Buffed Damage = 686
3+2, or 2060

If we go by my formula:

Normal OOB Calculation with Maces
((mATK + 70 - mDEF) + Elemental Damage) * 1.5
((712 + 70 - 192) + 76.5) * 1.5 = 999

Buffed OOB Calculation with Maces
(((((mATK - Gem mATK) * 2) + 70 - mDEF) + Elemental Damage) * 1.5) + (Gem mATK * 1.5)
(((((712 - 5) * 2) + 70 - 192) + 76.5) * 1.5) + (5 * 1.5) = 2060

Just a quick edit, I realized I can just subtract the Gem mATK * 1.5 all together like this:

((((mATK * 2) + 70 - mDEF) + Elemental Damage) * 1.5) - (Gem mATK * 1.5)

And now that I think about it, subtracting the gem damage doesn’t make much sense, even if the result is the same, I believe your formula is the one the devs intended.

Amusingly enough though…

((((712 Matk + 410 Int + 181 Level + 116 Mace) + 70) - 192) + (153 * 0.5)) * 1.5 = 2060

The magic of mathematics. Where two completely different formulas return the same result.

Do you have the entire formula taking the invisible buff into account? And without it? I’d like to test it.

you dont have the attributes there in your formula? because your damage will be greatly affected by attributes

In the quest for fewer brackets, I propose:

Normal: ((Int + level + mace+gem + 70 - mDF + Elemental) * 1.5)
Buffed: ((2*(Int + level + mace)+gem + 70 - mDF + Elemental) * 1.5)

Either Mace or Gem needs to be replaced with ‘other equipment mods’. Probably Gem.

You’d slot (70+2*(Int + level + mace)+gem) into (Skill Attack + Attack) and go from there. I’m not exactly sure where the 1.5 lands, but I’d guess its a t1 or t2

The attribute bonus is ‘Enhance’

No wonder all of this seems to work out.

Guess what? Attack power is LITERALLY just a sum of Damage Stat + Equipment Attack + Level
You have 30 STR, you’re level 86, and your weapon has 125 Attack?
You have 241 Physical Attack.

This game’s damage code really can’t get any simpler at this point. No modifications, no multipliers, nothing.

So yes, Sadhu’s OoB Ground Buff is just an Attack Modifier of +100%.

Honestly, the ground cell buff just strikes me as bugged now. It doesnt recognize your weapon or gems for some reason and just adds your attack power without them. Hence the weird “(Attack * 2) - Rod - Gems” thing.

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This weirdness is probably an effect of how a character’s auto attack is actually a skill that needs to calculate the damage it deals depending on how you cast it. I’d be willing to bet that the game never actually uses the actual magic attack as shown on the character sheet, and recalculates Level+INT+equipment+Weapon+gems+skill+buffs every time you deal damage.

So the Soul entity is the source of the OoB attack, and it doesn’t have a weapon or gems, but took a snapshot of the character for the usual attack. The buffed calculation might look something like Player’s(Level+INT+equipment+Weapon+gems+skill+buffs) + Soul’s(Level+INT+equipment+Weapon+gems+skill+buffs) and then the Soul has no value for weapon, gems, skill or buff.

#####Mad rambling below, beware
but equipment is included, somehow? hm… maybe level, int and equipment are used as a solid pre-calculated stat, and gems were added in the later in development and added to the wrong formula? INT would need to have equipment added to it before use, certainly. Maybe this is part of why gems don’t give base stats?

Pretty much this, except it does recognize tooltip-based magical attack, like most maces and wizard blade (probably the matk on the Laima rod too.) and INT from equips is NOT included in the buff. Tested just now with a friend.

No one will ever know if the whole soul being seperate in stats from the main body is intended or not.

Regardless, the simplest way to write the cell buff now is just
(Body Attack + Soul Attack)
Where Body Attack is the stats the body had on OoB creation and Soul Attack is your base attack without equips but including tooltip-based Magic Attack.

Looks like Sadhu getting new skill on kCBT.
Parkaya Pravesha: Parkaya Pravesh means one’s soul entering into the body of some other person. Through this knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life.
Interesting how this gonna work in game.

It could be something between resurection, bokors zombify and druids telepathy… considering the druid is keeping that skill.

But…switchgender? Wtf?

I want this skill, whatever it does. prepares scalpel

Apparently, Sadhu’s OOB attack speed got nerfed in the kBeta.


That looks a lot slower than before, they should’ve kept the machine gun speed and love tapped the damage


My Sadhu!!

Does anyone know Korean?

Plague Doctor Skills and Attributes

so, from the kr server now, the channeling cancel of posession are fixed? and then sadhu got nerf on spirit’s attack speed…to me, it seems a fair trade :smiley:

I don’t see it as a fair trade since the Possession thing was just a bug, not a nerf. Doing roughly half the damage now with OOB renders the skill practically useless.

It s fair imo
I always tough that oob skill was OP: we are the only magic class who dont use sp by using our main skill wich is the powerfull one

It needs to be OP because if it isn’t your Safety Zone will run out before you can kill all the mobs aggroing you. I guess a good way to test this new nerf in our beta is not using the invisible buff at all and see if you’re still as efficient with OOB.

In any case, the skill is very situational. I find myself using Possession more and just using OOB against bosses.