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[Class] Official Sadhu Thread

Sadhu werewolf vs crystal mine bosses:

I’d love to find about his matk tho.

can anyone test this out. My sadhu today went with an enchanter. When enchanter cast enchant lightning it was like my oob increase 500 each hit rather than 500 add to the total then split into 3 hits. It’s like sadhu secrectly have a hidden mechanic with this skill. Can anyone confirm this (single player so i dont have friend to call).

I thought enchant lightning added 1500 which would be 500 each hit.

Wrong rank bro? Enchant lightning lv5 add 500 damage only

Check: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Basically enchant lightning’s added dmg should still be affected by skill modifiers, common modifiers, target modifiers & enhance modifiers.

Common modifier:
Sadhu’s +50% attack, so that turns it into 750.

Target modifier:
An optional +50% dmg vs ghost armor, which turns it into 1125.

Enhance Modifier:
As usual an up to +100% dmg, so you get 1500 or 2250 vs ghosts.

thinking about getting back on TOS, much changed on sadhu?

Sadhu already received some changes in kTOS but not in iTOS yet.

One of the more notable change is that OOB is no longer cancelled when damaged.

Found a transmit prana sadhu3 miko Buffbot, in the vid:

Avoid Tree of Savior like the plague.


that posession damage

not sure of the path but im sure this is sadhu 2 druid 3 (i think this is cleric 3 sadhu 2 druid 3 though)

Looks like stonehenge makes sadhu useful somehow. I do wish that we dont get canceled anymore while casting posession </3

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the only good change is that oob doesnt get caeled anymore. the other changes arent that good

Ok, so…i was planning on doing a Sadhu, hoping that the class now is less broken that in the closed beta…Any advice on builds?




Out of Body

  • The out of body state will not be canceled even if the actual body is attacked. Also, the astral form will not be affected a black hole gimmick.
    Except when the body is affected by knockback knockdown and other ‘crowd control’ effects.

This came earlier then expected. Is there a chance of ninja-fixing at least one of these pestering Sadhu bugs annoying us since… ever?

DMG from OOB is a big joke. Do you want get hit when have 0 amor exchange for joke dmg?
You can up oob dmg with some trick but it require a long time :frowning:
Im sadhu c3, trust me, all you can get from sadhu when u come high level arena…
It is better if oob cancel when u get dmged so you can save ur main body.
P/S : When you go solo doing quest combo fade + oob is totally useless :frowning: because mob’s hp have fast regen when u in fade mode :frowning:

0 Pdef can be counter by 2k evasion, which is easy go if you turn into small/bug type which give 100% evasion 40% mdef. OOB add 50% evasion so 80% evasion chance is reachable

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God bless. I can just OOB, hold Z and take a nap now in Crystal Mine mission.

Well someone’s quite intent on proving @ophiuchu’s “bubble boy” theory right…

Though it is to be expected that sadhu3 puts OoB in a bad spotlight, for reasons we’ve repeatedly stated ad nausea already.

Likewise, did you even try to snapshot with 8 maxed chapperition cards? I know it’s tricky to get, but a permanent +80% magic dmg for OoB is nothing to sneeze at.

Add in hengestone and it’s quite good.

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With another rank, you can use skill A, skill B, skill C depend on situation.
I know what u mean. hengestone + 8x chap card make dmg from oob really strong.
I saw video show sadhu can go nearly 5000x3 dmg per hit with hengestone and up to 9000x3 dmg per hit with chap card. its really cool. With low cd safe zone from shaman frog and sterea trofh can protech ur main body good. Okey sadhu and druidc3 is good choice, you can use oob and poseesion. Good +1 more skill-can-use for sadhu.
So what happen when you combined sadhu with another rank?
Trust me, all you need is possesion, dont mind another skill, just only possesion.
So what happen with another skill? Let me tell you how i am think about another skill.
“joke dmg without druid and chap” - oob
"random location from A to B"- Prakriti
"stuck location bug" - Astral Body Explosion
"- 80 all stat for the stupid who want get in" -Vashita Siddhi
"thauma ver 2.0" - Transmit Prana

I have a c3 sadhu and I agree with you. I only used oob when I was at c1. When I hit c2, I only use possession (no oob at all). And in my opinion, oob is not viable to use at rank7.