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[Class] Official Sadhu Thread

its still a nerf to possession though, pretty bad buff to oob and ABE, and a nerf to possesiom

Buff if IMC puts Holy or Soul mobs in the game, hue.

I’m pretty late to party ugh. So OOB is a liiiitle better damage wise thanks to Soul. However the element itself isn’t too special against elements other than Dark, Holy, and well Soul.

We all know if IMC put Holy mobs in game then WE’RE GONNA FIGHT THE GODDESSES—I mean the notoriously godly Holy element will be affected so much.

At least Dark mobs are already rampant so yeah.

It’s a ok ish dmg bump for OoB & AbE.
But Possession is pretty much dead atm imo:

  • A holy dmg necklace would work wonders since we have plenty of good holy dmg skills. (heal/magnus/cure/miko)

  • But a psychic/soul necklace would only boost psychokino & sadhu dmg atm.
    Unless we get more of this element in r9/10 then it’s not worth using a necklace on tbh.

And I guess dark element got nerfed as well…

And cleric3 is a much better pick for sadhu atm with a 100% chance of redirecting hits to an ally.
(Need to test if zombies/statues work for it now…)

The level 160 dungeon and Barha forest both have holy flying mobs.
Soul wont matter much on ABE because its already 250% damage, an extra 25/50% is just going up 10/20% damage which isn’t a biggie.

Guardian Saint just procs on people and not pets.

Nah, elemental types are multiplicative and not additive.

See Common multipliers under: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Did not realize OoB counted as a common modifier as well, though ABE is a skill modifier.

For OoB it’s a total +50%/+75%/+100%.
For ABE it’s a total of +150%, +188%, +225%.

I really wish imc would let GS work on pet/summons though, that would be so much better.

Edit2: ABE is 250% total. aka it’s only a +150%.

But people complains that ABE does little damage, now this will change? nevermnd, it does 25 more damage to Holy and Drak now, but this will remplace in the builds Vashita Siddhi for ABE? Vashita Siddhi needs a buff in my opinion, adn change that flat reduced Stats to % Stats

Sadhu is one of several class’s that needs a c3 skill that isn’t garbage.

I wouldn’t say the changes to Possession are a nerf.

If you think about it: Ok, it does deal less damage to dark-property mobs. But at same time, it’ll hit almost double the amount of mobs per cast (9 mobs at skill lvl 5, 10 mobs with divine might).

Overall, it’s better to deal less damage to more mobs rather than more damage to fewer mobs due to Posession’s CC that makes mobs unable to attack while they’re being hit and the fact you can get interrupted by anything not being CC’ed.

The AoE staying closer to your character also means melee mobs will have a harder time getting close to you and interrupting you without them getting CC’ed frst.

The “buff” to Transmit Pranah feels very lackluster indeed. Sadhu c3 really could use something better.

I thought it was a nerf because i was looking at the elemental chart that had 3 negative values instead of positive. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yea there should be no class with c3 skills that feel useless.

Only qualm is it not just transferring your % of INT to all stats. If it does, its fine outside of the 1 tile range giving very poor visual feedback, and it would be dope if it was just turned into an aoe.

More like a trade-off i’d say… since Possession get a major boost to the target limit = Skill lv + 4, a total of 15 with DM @ c3… and Closer AoE Range so that it will be less likely for the mobs to interrupt the channeling.

Yea i would be far more interested in the skill if it was like 40% of your int added to all stats as a party wide buff that needed to be channeled or something.

Eh I think we have enough channels :P.
Just expand the range from 1 tile to a circle or cone around the Sadhu, and have these attributes duplicate the INT transfer to every other stat.
The cooldown is already long as hell.
If a Sadhu wants to channel they can grab Kriv C3 and Melstis it.

I still think that transferring stat to another person, as a frigging red class, is gimping Sadhu’s damage. It’s already weak overall compared to, say, Chaplain (Chaplain is even a green class!!111!).

Damage… just give Sadhu more damage…

I agree, Transmit Prana at the moment seems like a low-budget linker life-line that doesn’t even work. And to be quite blunt about the new attributes for it, you basically give-up everything and then probably get 1-hit by something.

I think what makes me sad is i can’t think of something that could replace it in the kit, you could remove this skill and the class wouldn’t change too much. But i guess it’s because i mainly associate Sadhu with the possession ability and pretty much dance around that ability the most.

I would love some sort of ability/function where if i cast possession whilst in OOB the possession radius is instead surrounding my astral spirit, i feel it would be a bit more flexible for me and let people stay in the out of body state longer than they probably do at the moment, since as it stands - if you are in out of body and casting possession all your spirit can do is spin around like a disco ball whilst you ‘ohm’ your foes to death.

Sorry to ramble on a lot like that, but i’m now also curious if we have any other Sadhu players that have gone Diev3/Sadhu2 ?

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They could make a c3 skill that makes the OoB attack really fast for some time (and maybe stronger too), something like the Running Shot from QS3. Veil of Maya would be nice name for it.

yeah sadhu seems to have less skills than other classes

honestly, oob and ABE need a buff, possession could be casted around the spirit, transmit shouldnt even be in the game lol.

oob needs a Mdef ignorance, at max level you need a bunch of matk to do 1 dmg to amonster, and oob relies completely on matk for dmg, so if u dont have a ■■■■ ton of matk, you wont do any dmg, and if i u have decent maktk, oob relies only on matk so your dmg will be terrible due to monsters high Mdef.

ABE scaling is pretty decent, but it needs a lower coodlown. multihit, and bug fix. single hit skills dont make it anywhere

Astral explosion is still broken and now it moves me to the character select screen T_T

Oh, and one of the Sadhu skills is preventing me from walking through my own Zalciai… is this happening to anyone else?


Nevermind… Zalciai just stops being buffable after certain point?