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[Class] Official Matador Thread


Nice info! Can’t wait for your video! :smiley:

Only this line is sad for me… I usually use Muleta first, when mob is packed around me, so I can counterattack fast and activate the crit rate buff.

I mean, I only have it at level 3, but it is still something for a status that is not easy to obtain, and Matador does it nicely cause pretty much everything gives you crit rate or reduces crit def from enemies.

Guess I will have to see if I can use Muleta at the beginning and at the end of my combo.

Bug test: does Muleta new attribute reduces cooldown of other skills or it correctly applies to Matador only?


It is correctly applying to Matador ones only, as far as I tested.


Well, it’s hard to give up fencer c3 now


  • sigh * * unzips *



I guess people cannot complaint now that Fencer will not deal damage…

But this attribute will contribute to the C3 stigma of Fencer, where it is good only when you reach its full circle (like some other classes), and lower circles have little to no utility for other builds.

That no-block thing kind of bothers me… I liked that they will remove it from Matador.


You either go full-fencer or play dragoon.


Unless they intend to make the same thing to all classes, including Matador.

Well, whatever it may be.

That description of Removes your ability to block regardless of shield use makes me think:

Does it only counts to passive/C block or does it also affects Flanconade and Preparation?

I think it would be the former, but hey, maybe it is an all in attribute.


Everytime a ktest update gets posted I get sadder and sadder as a Matador, but I’m starting to enjoy the decline.

Hey, at least we’re not Scouts.


I rank resetted my swordsman recently (didn’t have anything else to do with one of the vouchers form last event), and now I clearly gonna level up a Fencer once this patch comes out :wink:


I doubt that, we already got Exorcist hired for the job. Nuking demons is his speciality.

Fencer can make for a good boss killer as long as it’s backed up by a Cleric, but on its own it will be hard (you can always grab the 2x defence and damage reduction from Pelta,though), especially if you give up on your shield for 40% more damage.

Matador can help a lot with survival, but I can’t really see it anywhere away from fencer, because it’s not so good on its own (i.e. totally dependent).


On this note, how is fencer3 -> nobi1 -> mata1 in comparison the fencer5 & fencer2 -> mata3, in regards to bossing and AOE clearing ability


Imc needs to make 3 things on matador on par with fencer:
1- Clonable skills for shinobi. Yeah i know that some hate this, but it would make all classes from swordsman clonable like it needs to be. Faena, Paso Double and Muleta would be the clonable skills (muleta could be used as auto-counter by the clones when casted as the description of the skill says when used agains’t beast monsters, that somehow doesn’t work at the moment) and we can dream of a Bull parade cast with extra atribute for the matador shinobi combo xD (come on imc, don`t lose this chance to make a bull parade rush).

2- Matador Rapier and Skill Gems. (and shinobi gems pls)

3- Another damage atribute on par with fencer maybe…? Come on, we all are envy of that new atribute!


looks broken, like OP broken.


not really, it’s just Rank 10 C3 standard. And it seems that bull deals piercing damage since it got boosted by Fencer C2 Preparation (double damage).


That’s rank10 standard?!?! Does look op though. Well, at least we know matador3 is at least standard.


Note: preparation only doubles damage of 1st pass of the bull


Corrida Finale: Otro Toro - Changes the bull skin to Tetraox.

Please IMC, let me choose my bull :tired:



Any info onc3 skills?


Scroll up a bit and you will see videos and info


Disheartened to see this thread so dead, mata is probably my favorite class!

Granted, offensive rapide is obscene, but is anyone making a mata3 work, either with fencer 2 or divorced from fencer entirely? I particularly love the rapier & pistol aesthetic of corsair/mata.

I leveled a s1-p3-cor3-mata3 up to rank 9 but ended up switching it to a meta fencer5 build with my last rank reset out of anxiety and not feeling like I had enough skills, but now I find myself wanting to make a mata3 again.

How should I go about this? Two builds I was considering were s3-p2-fen2-mata3 and s1-p1-hl2-cor3-mata3. Mata3 alone seems like it has great aoe/farming potential and corsair 3 complements that and brings pillaging. But I would like to be able to deal with bosses somewhat as well and I feel like cor3mata3 doesn’t have any tools for bossing.