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[Class] Official Matador Thread


Mind if I ask what your matador build is now that the update has hit?


Sure! My build hasn’t changed, it’s Sword1 Pelt3 Corsair1 Fencer2 Matador2. I’m disappointed in the Faena attribute though, I thought it would be +50% final damage, but it’s +50% to the skill scaling like how Agny works.



Which other builds have u tried with matador? I want to make a Sword1 High3 Pelt1 Fencer1 Shinobi Matador2, but I dont know if better get Fencer2 for preparation or get High3 that can work with Shinobi, and Cross guard from Highlander and work with Matador Faena


I am currently testing what barbarian can offer to Matador, I would say that for DEX builds that also uses basic attacks it is pretty good.


I went Sword3-Barb3-Shinobi-Matador2, full STR. I went Str because I have very high ping, so Dex builds are bad for me. And since only double slash needs attack speed, its not a huge loss to no go Dex. (721 STR is giving me +556 patk on gung ho too)

Cleave makes Paso Doble do nice damage, which is great because Imc really wants us to use it lol. And Warcry increases Capote duration by 10secs, which is nice too.

For Dex builds, I’d say Sword3-High2-Fencer1-Shinobi-Matador2 would be good, but I cant test it because of my high ping.


s2-p2-cor3-shin-matador, gonna skip shin and reset for mata3 thou
you need all the aggro you can get for max dmg so Pelt2 is a must.


I’m currently Pelt3->Barb3-Mata and you’re able to pull a lot of aggro wih the build along with never running out of Guardian

Can also deal nice damage with Seism. If you want more damage, just do Pelt2-Barb3-Shino-Mata3.

The class isn’t really for DPS, but it makes a great offtank that can keep enemies on it


Does Warcry increase the duration of Umbo Thrust and Capote debuffs?


Warcry works on all swordsman debufffs. So you would swash->Capote->Umbro Thrust->Warcry
Then Faena->Cleave->Seism->Paso


In terms of utility I’d say it would only lose to the Dragoon variant. But your build sounds very self-suficient in exchange :slight_smile:


Official Class thread and only 50 posts, this seems to be a very dead Class. The bull will vouch for it :smiley:


Wait, how Cleave increases it? You know that Paso is pierce, right?


Oops, my mistake. I dont think I have ever used paso doble without using cleave before though, because any crit chance increase can be a huge difference in its damage


ah ok, don’t mind then ;D


Backslide has an “after delay”? Where if you Backslide then use any skill right away, this next skill does not land, only the animation.

It happens a lot with me when I try to Backslide + Quick and Dead. The pistol animation starts, but the skill is not actually triggered (it doesn’t deal damage nor consume an overheat). I always have to Backslide then slightly move the character, so I can cast my next skill :confused:


I am on ktest now testing some builds, and currently have access to Fencer2Mata3 and Fencer3Mata2.

Feel free to ask me anything guys. Also, I think I have 2 resets that I might not really use, so I can take at least 2 build test comissions.


Could able to share your thoughts for fencer2matador3 and fencer3matador2 on smooth gameplay like combo and dps wise the thing that caught my mind on matador3 is cooldown skills reduce or reset . And fencer3 has buff but uptime is low kinda not so convienent to keep rebuff all time


If you can run a Fencer 2 Matador3 so we can see it in action

People say that Fencer2 I as waste, but I guess if it is nice now with the expanded ranges

Edit: also, if you can check if Backslide has a delay to use a skill right after animation finish. I have this problem of using backslide then pistol shot from corsair, but only pistol shot animation start, the skill doesn’t go through

Edit2: how corrida finale spread the mob, and if damage is based on when bull “stomp” monsters or what. Muleta attribute reduces cooldown of Buffs too? How Ole and Capote are affected with that. Also, if you can use Forecast so we can see damage area a little bit better too

  1. so how is the CD reduc/reset play going for Matador?
  2. Can it potential do a 100% uptime ole?
  3. Do you max Backslide now so that it has 10 seconds CD and even less when muletta counterattacked which means more Paso Doble I assume?
  4. Can it kill groups of mobs efficiently using these mechanics?


I don’t know if I can reproduce it precisely as everything on ktest is pretty much delayed for me, but it seems to be happening exactly as you said, using a skill immediately after backsliding makes such skill to be “pseudo-used”.

I’m going to post a video later, but it seems that the bull always knocks back a little the targets to the opposite direction based where you are, but the angle changes sometimes. I belive it is programmed to knock back inside a fan region, to be frank, it is like the bull makes lots of mini-bash with knock back attribute (although they don’t keep “jumping”).

Also, if the target is knocked back at the right position, he can be hit multiple times by the bull.

  1. It reduces 5 seconds per Muleta use of all skills that are currently on cooldown (because of that rule, Muleta itself can never have its CD reduced, obviously).
  2. No, I think it is only possible to reduce it to 10~20s. But I might be playing bad/ping so you might consider that.
  3. I would say that if Muleta had a smaller CD, it would be possible to spam Muleta>Backslide>Muleta>Backslide and so on. Paso Doble itself can’t be spammed in the same fashion, but if you think on your kit and use Muleta always at the end of the combo, pretty much you will always have Paso Doble ready.
    (I would say that the rule will always to use first the long CD skills and the smaller ones at the end.)
    4.Yes, Matador is pretty much a Doppel when it comes to AOE damage (or might be even better) considering that Faena has pretty much no AOE ratio limits.

Matador3 is, considering the current state of affair of rank10, a PVE oriented class which has better specialization on dungeon clearing compared to Fencer and a worse potential of boss killing compared to Fencer.

However, what I can grasp is that Matador IS a class that has the whole purpose of completing what Fencer is, because it solves a lot of the problems Fencer had.

My conclusion is that, for the time being:

Fencer2Mata3 will be an AOE clearing class (maybe useful on ET)

Fencer3Mata2 (or Fencer5, like some are already nicknaming it) is one of the options for boss nuking.

And then, when (or if) rank 11 comes, we will be able to make the Rapier god (Fencer3Matador3) which will have everything combined. Maybe someday Fencer will be the main PVE clearing class of the game.

Also, I would make two suggestions although they are kinda crazy to implement:

1-Make the bull to follow the caster indefinetly, making possible to run away from it and extend the hits you could make. The attribute could be called Encierro, in reference to the real event of running from bulls. That would make the skill a lot more fun and useful. (imagine doing that on TBL).
2-Change ‘Muleta:Showtime’ to reduce all Rapier Skills CD. Yeah it might be ask too much, but considering it is just 5 seconds, I don’t think it would be too bad.

Maybe changing the reduce time from a Flat 5 seconds to % based would balance it.