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[Class] Official Matador Thread


¡We -rapier adepts- need an official Matador thread!

Since this class is getting some changes (soon™), I think many of us are hoping the best for rapier-classes to shine.

For this, some dedicated theory-crafting would be great to gather fresh ideas to elaborate great builds and -of course- bring Matador back to meta (or an interesting/fun path to pursue).

¡Let’s begin! :sunny:

(Thanks to everyone!)





Last edit: Dec 23, 2017


So what build are people following with Matador 1/2??


I have Swordman 3 Barb 1 Corsair 3 Matador 2 full DEX, it’s a decent build, but not super strong.

Full DEX for extra dmg with Concentration which pairs nicely with multi-hits from Corsair’s Pistol Shot and Matador’s Paena. Attack speed also seems to be helping DWA now, so it’s actually a decent filler for when all skills are on cd.

With upcoming rebalance, Matador C1 gets Picador, which increases damage with all skills by 10%, and Matador C2 gets Banderillero, which increases damage with Rapier-exclusive skills by 20%. Paena is getting a +50% damage attribute, which discards your shield block if you’re wearing one. I believe all these multipliers are group-2 bonuses so Paena will be hitting for a total of 80% more damage after the rebalance. This means Paena will be quite strong, but the real issue behind Matador is the lack of active damage skills (only 2 damage skills for 2 class circles).

I’m not sure exactly how Banderillero works, so I don’t know if it’ll boost Corsair skills like Pistol Shot or Dust Devil, but I believe it won’t. If that’s the case, Fencer 2 Matador 2 might be an interesting build as well since Fencer 2 skills with +30% damage are just as strong as Fencer 3 skills with only +10% damage (from Matador C1). Fencer 2 skills are still kind of bad, tho.

It’s also a better deal to go full DEX and buy off the lack of accuracy through +accuracy gears than going ~100 STR and getting DEX gears. Sadly I only realized that after I build my character with 100 STR…

Olé seems to add +30% critical chance, so it’s not really +30% critical rate. I believe it works in a similar way to how Double Slash or Moulinet critical attributes work. If you get a few green gems, it’s very easy to have tons of crit hits when Olé is active (and mobs have you as priority target). It’s actually a quite good skill, but the 50 sec cd 25 sec duration severely limits it’s effectiveness.


Here’s my double taunt build; it’s more of a Peltasta build than Matador though.

Swordsman 1 > Peltasta 3 > Highlander 2 > Shinobi > Murmillo 1 > Matador 1

Peltasta 3 for maximum targets with Swash Buckling, and the Swash Buckling Provoque Specialty attribute (helps with getting aggro for Ole).

Shinobi and Murmillo for synergy with Peltasta. Namely, Bunshin to copy Umbo Blow and Rim Blow, and Casis Crista attributes to improve Peltasta damage.

Highlander c2 for general increase in damage for the other class skills (Crosscut bleed + Prison Cutter cards), and for Crown + Moulinet for Shinobi clones.

Matador is left at 1 since capote’s number of targets or effectiveness of its taunt doesn’t seem to increase with skill points. This should also allow access to picador for the 10% damage boost across all skills.


So far, we have the following:

  • Some consider going Swordman C3 tri-passive Gung Ho/Concentrate/Pain Barrier.

  • Some consider going Barbarian C3 as it favors Crit path.

  • Some consider going Corsair C3 for dps and synergy with Crit.

  • Some consider going Highlander for more active skills and dps

  • Some consider going Peltasta as Swash Buckling (+attribute) would enhance Ole, and take Capote as a secondary aggro skill, as it lacks target number and range.

Please, correct me if something is not so accurate


This sounds interesting, but I’m confused by why would you add Matador instead of other high R classes?


I’d certainly get more damage by replacing Highlander 2 + Matador 1 with a Rodelero 3, but I just wanted that extra taunt skill. By alternating both skills, I’m usually able to have at least one taunt ready whenever I move on to the next room; less downtime basically.

Oh, and the bonus to Peltasta damage from Picador (with the future Matador update) and greater ease of activating Ole is a nice bonus.


Capote only works for 5 mobs atm, with a future attribute it will work for 8 mobs.

It can’t even lure half of a room. The skill’s area around you is also much, much, much smaller than Swash Buckling’s area. It’s worse than Peltasta 1 with Swash Buckling lv 5…


Capote’s main selling point is to provoke boss monsters, which swashbuckling fails especially in a team of heavy-crazy dps.

Sad that the new attributes requires…certain sacrifices.


Wasn’t aware that Capote would be getting an attribute to increase targets, good to know.

About the Capote’s area of effect, it seems to reach as far away as Swash Buckling does. It’s usually good enough to pull stragglers from outside the screen when used in seemingly empty rooms. Can’t really argue for the effectiveness of a five target taunt, but it does have its uses alongside Swash Buckling; its an added convenience at least.

Here’s a screen shot of Capote with zoomy plus addon. It’s barely visible, but the chupacabra at the top left was affected by Capote.


The dev’s blog says:

:sob: Guessing rank 10 fencers are all going to be fencer3matador2 unless matador 3 is amazing.


Those passives have been changed in ktest a week or so ago.


From what I can process, the new passive atributes are not to be ignored. Now, Peltasta and/or Fencer after the incoming patch are def. interesting additions o_o

Besides, when would this patch finally come? D:


After some research, I found the following:

  • Peltasta’s skill set would only bring Swash Buckling, as the other skills need shield (about not wearing sub weap- shield).

  • Highlander and Barbarian brings more dmg skills and dmg buffs.

  • One has to choose (bad news) between Fencer 3/Matador 1 OR Fencer 2/Matador 2. Given the upcoming patch, Matador 2 shines more and it’s new attributes justifies the C2 pick.

¿What do you think?

Plus, what would be the value of having Swordman C1/2/3? Given the choices we have to make.


Last day to troll around builds for me.

Anyway hard to tell what the meta is going to be. The lack of combo synergy between the rapier classes and the lower rank classes is amazingly stupid except like animation cancelling but that’s about it.
One of my best bet is SW3>High2>Fencer1>Shinobi1>Matador2 when we get the buffs until Rank 10.


good but what weapon u using?
Depending of that u could get the same result even with rainbow cash/support builds


Based on the video, he’s got 5748-6087 p.atk when he switch to the rapier/dagger, adds in 3 glassmole on top.

Personally I plan on going something like this:

This is assuming we get/have the much faster Stabbing to make it a decent attack skill (with both Fencer’s +15% to pierce skills and +10% more from C1 Matador)


Matador c3 would have to really bring something awesome in order to make me give up fencer 3 and go full matador
I just don’t see it being worth to give up on Epee Garde, Flash, Ataque au Fer, Sept Etoiles lvl 15 for matador c2 skills/atributes


Well, as a main rapier player I actually should have made this topic, but did not because I have yet to make a good build out of Matador (I was focused on polishing the Fencer3Shinobi during this time).

The thing I will say is, Matador is not optimal yet for PVE, even with the buffs to come, and I say this because he is too much of a tanker, he kinda focuses a lot on the early dodge tank aspect that Fencer had.

Now, it is not that Matador is bad on PVE, but most people here want to make the highest and efficient damage possible on what the class specializes for. And Matador actually loses in that area to a lot of old builds.

Note: I was making some calculations, and Fencer2Matador2 actually wins out Fencer3Matador1. But if you consider Epee Garde, then it loses. Also, both loses to Fencer3Shinobi, mind you.

However, there are two places where Matador might be necessary, even. This is just speculation, though

1-New DG 330 - Pretty much all mobs there are Beast type. And Matador is a Beast type killer with Muleta. I believe he will be a core DPS against that damn Kugueri boss.

2-TBL - Now, one thing that IMC did for rank 9 was making good TBL tools. And with new Paso Doble iframes, we finally have something that could counter even hook from corsair (still pending confirmation). I would not say that Rapiers will be first place on TBL, but we do have a better spot on the PvP scenario now compared to what we had before, where only shield builds were the norm.

I will do a Matador2 build later, but not now. It will be for sure Peltasta with Fencer2 (yeah the old path). I believe that the strong point of this class is the DEX stat, frankly, so I will focus on doing that.

I’m currently building a Matador2 for TBL, but it might take some time.


corsair matador requires highlander, the skills you have are not enough for a rotation with that build. i’ve tried it too :confused:

The build i’m thinking of for my future non-corsair matador is Sw-Peltasta-Barb3-Fencer2-Matador2, full str with just a bit of dex from equips to boost frenzy’s 15% extra attack.