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[Class] Official Matador Thread


It is a speculation, but I think with the Hoplite changes, it will also be a good option for that build of yours as an alternate option for Barb3.


Don’t we still need a spear to cast the spells?


The only one would be Spear Lunge. And yes, we would focus on using only 3 skills of the whole kit.

But my speculation bases on the fact that Stabbing and Pierce are pretty strong now, and there are people who does not like how Barbarian works (like me).


Ecks Dee. This is a troll last build that I’m resetting later again when I get back home. My weapon is below average though compared to other people I see nowadays.

At topic, I’m sure most of the builds will turn out okay dmg wise with +21 and above weapon high trans. Shinobi 1 helps a lot though especially at challenge mode lv4-5 on Sausys 10 or w/e.


At first I was Fencer 3 and I tried Matador 1, it was ok. What I mean by ok would be an ok minus. This is because later I tried the Corsair 3 Matador 2 build and I was completely disappointed by it. Dps sucks, pistol shot might be the only skill I liked the most, the rest is utter garbage. Paso doble is retarded, takes too much time. Faena 10 didnt fascinate me, 5 is ok for me. Best would be Shinobi, but Ive got a Doppel Shinobi already so Im sticking with Matador just for Faena and Olé and its costume. That’s it. Matador is the worst class among the new ones, definetely. IMHO.


Let’s face it, Matador is the new Dragoon

Maybe they’ll give it a bull helmet on c3 or something :tired:


Matamemes…for now.

In any case, we’ll have to wait for the new class rebalancing for matadors, then we can decided if it will be the new meme.


The current mata in ktos gets you +20% damage if you are main-handing rapier if i’m not wrong.
So Fencer2+Mata2 may be kinda good, less crit investment to deal similiar damage.


It would win out Fencer3Mata1, if Epee Garde did not exist.

And also, don’t forget about FencerShinobi, which wins both.


How good is Fencenobi? I’m sitting on one but I think it needs like major attribute investment (and i don’t know what to invest in attribute wise to make it hit a lot).


does Muleta have no CD as shown in the video? o_o?

Or is this a channel skill (if so how long?)


when I tried it, muletta CD refreshes when muletta did a successful counter attack, does not matter if it miss. problem of doing that is it’s kinda slow, you have to get hit, which not only reduces your HP and take in pots but also grind your armor durability. Also you are not invulnerable during the counter attack itself so you are getting hit during that time.


Oh, that’s well… kinda eh…

They should have added increase defence Eva or block while using it or something…

Does evading or blocking count as getting ‘hit’ as well?

How is the counterattack like? Does it hit all targets that hit you (even those at a distance away) or is it just an Attack animation in front of you?

Many thanks in advance :smiley:


Uptdated Muleta blocks the attack completetly, so it is just a matter of waiting the damn correction patch.

At this patch, no. With the update, yes.

Range is too small, but theoretically it could hit AOE on perfect conditions. Also, it only works on melee targets, Muleta does not work on projectiles.


Oh-Ho! Thank you for this insightful information!

Yea, can’t wait for the patch to come to us. Gonna try making a matador C2 then



did they fix the quest with this patch?

EDIT : 5day later, the quest work !


One more week for Matador to shine!



It will still lose to fencernobi though. =D

But at least it won’t be the ■■■■ we have now.


We need the cape to be fix man, :tired:


Yeah, that’s why I made my Matador as a provoker instead of a boss killer wannabe. During the reset event in december, I was a little frustrated with every attempt I made at building Matador as I’d build a DPS Fencer.

Now I have fun with Swashbuckling > Umbo Thrust > Preparation > Faena to erase all mobs in the screen. I’m going to be a walking Frost Pillar when we get the Swordie rework and Swash and Capote work like they should work.

This build goes very well with Warlock in CM btw. When I go with my friend, our duo only fails stage 5 if he runs out of SP potions or if I forgot to repair my items before going to CM.