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[Class] Kabbalist Overview

Good question but that cannot be answered.

There are only 2 kabbalist in klai - me, a dude and an aspiring kabbal. I’m quite certain those two won’t bother with these skills.

By the time you cast Zaibas, Reduce Level wore off. <_< So, not a good test.

So for a DPS Kabbalist full INT what should be better?

Max Petamion or Animus?

True. Right now I’m trying to ask a wugushi to test this…if he has time

reflect Bug in duel

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This is really interesting.

That looks normal. The meteor was reflected back to the Wizard but she was also under the effect of RS so the reflected damage was re-reflected again.

Back me up, or correct me.

No–wow, yeah he died. How come??

They die because when the first person dies the duel ends before the damage is reflected back again. So when they receive damage out of a duel they die.

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I’m actually not sure why the elementalist died. If the reflected damage was reflected back again…shouldn’t she be alive? XD

My brain can’t process this.

On a second thought: look–>

Raven was spot on.

I think I understand it.

So first the meteor hits the Paladin and it is negated(1 damage) and reflected back to the Elementalist.

The Elementalist gets the reflected damage what would be more than 1 hit and you can clearly see that the first hit of it is actually negated (1 damage) but the others are not and she dies in the next 2 hits.

So at the end that 1 hit (the first hit of Revenged) is actually reflected back from the Elementalist to the Paladin and the Paladin dies too.

I’m not sure what Raven meant. I think it is because of the reflect damages.

The only question left in me is… Does Revenged Sevenfold only reflect back the first hit of multihit skills or is it just Revenged Sevenfold’s multihit itself that is separated like that?

Revenge x7 isn’t one hit. It’s multiple hits. So not all of them get reflected for them to be immune to all of the damage but the duel ends when they get enough damage to die from it. If you look there’s multiple damages on the cleric because they received the full effects because it’s outside the duel. The duel gets cut short for the wizard so that’s why you don’t see the full damages hit. The skill itself doesn’t reflect more than 1 hit, but Revenge x7 is 7 hits.

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Does anyone know how well Ein Sof works with Melstis? Can you essentially become a true SP battery with that setup?

I don’t think/see the Paladin gets all the hits either. I think both of them gets just as many as can kill them.

2 for Elementalist 3 for Paladin X)

Yeah you’re probably right I only looked at the video once so that probably makes sense since some of the damage would be less when reflected again so each hit would be not as big.

You could, but you have to stand still when channeling using Melstis but you could do that since they’re about 35s duration each and 60s CD. But Ein Sof is only for one person.

Actually the damage(multihit) is not that clear on Elementalist so yeah you have to look at it a bit more closely to see there is some overlapping of numbers there. X)

But anyway you confirmed for me that only the first hit is reflected so the whole case is solved :spy::+1:

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For Rx7 does the relfected hits get affected by elemental property damage? Like does Arde dagger tag extra damage to it?

I apologize that’s not how the skill works. Ein Sof is a Tile, once the tile is consumed the SP Restoration occurs immediately, not over time. Melstis is a channeled ability, the only part of Ein Sof that would be extended in this case is the duration of the Tile, NOT the SP Restoration.


RS was casted before the Duel invitation on the Wizard Party Member as the Skill is intended to work. However initiating the Duel does not wipe the RS buff (or any buffs really). So Wizard casts Meteor, which is negated by Kabb’s RS, which “kills” the Wizard in the Duel which prevents her death and ends the Duel, but triggers the Wizard’s RS. However since the Duel has ended, the Wizard’s RS functions correctly, sending back damage to the Kabb, who doesn’t have the Duel death prevention and dies.

That’s sort of a bug, but not really. Let’s just call it an odd interaction.

Blessing is added to each hit, Sacrament and Last Rites does not affect RS. So unless Arde Dagger’s Fire Damage adds onto Damaging Abilities, it won’t.

what about the Diev3/Druid1/Kabbalist route? thats a pretty magical dmg build route.

I dunno, how much max HP average for lv 200++ anyways if max HP x1,5 with SP heal buff is not awesome for ToS players. As former RO player, I know ToS shouldn’t be blindly compared side by side but to me Plague Doctor is not unique job, RO also have skills that shares too much similar effect to PD skills same as Arch Bishop while Kabbalist is not… And former RO players should know how hard to get max HP cards unless with RMT…

That’s basically my weird reason to trying Kabbalist, even though I don’t know if I can afford lv 225 (maybe if I keep playing everyday) as I’m not playing too much and not using Token since I’m not playing 24/7 (But I have 2 from packs)… Only doing daily dungeons for now on lv 100-ish as Paladin…