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[Class] Kabbalist Overview

I’m not a fan of full support clerics, probably because they become a dead weight especially in grinding.

Any magic dps path would benefit from being a kabbal, from ein sof to merkabah. Also I heard that bokor goes well with them, since hexing is considered a curse and merkabah has ailment that can petrify enemies.

The others might have a different opinion about it so best wait for them

This is my current build. I’m also solo leveling this. I do not recommend it for the faint of heart. But yes, as @Huerin mentioned, the build is pretty much dead weight for grinding & world bosses. Dungeons I do well in simply because I have all of the support with a small bit of damage.

If you are considering Kabbalist, do a Magical build. You’ll not want to rip your eyeballs out.

Let me answer this.

I did some test on monsters who had orange names (meaning they are high level and will instantly do heavy damage to me)


Reducing enemy level weakens their attack/magic power. On the other hand, there is no change when you attack the enemy. If you hit the enemy with 500 damage, then cast reduce level, you’ll still deal 500 damage…so far

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Ein Sof works with Mass Heal ?

sent to you? Shouldn’t it be sent to enemies?

Nope. It’s written as it works. Because the “Attacker” of the Mackangdal’s damage is you. So RS will hit you, the “Attacker”, 7 times over.

Well, that’s interesting.

Yes? Ein Sof is a tile that you step on. Mass Heal is a frontal AoE that heals Ally Units inside.

But if you meant HP scaling for Heals. Then yes, because your Maximum HP goes up with Ein Sof. Heal and Mass Heal scale with Maximum HP, so you restore more HP

Thanks Huerin for the test. Strange that their attack is affected but not their defense.

Interesting, I have a C1> P3> M2 I am in doubt whether’d get Kabbalist or M3 …Monk 3 would have more damage, including the Energy Blast (duration) and increased dot of one inch punch … but even being monk 2 to do a lot of damage, the problem is that I do not know how it would m2 with Kabbalist :disappointed:

Then don’t do it then.

Kabbalist at its current state does not provide a lot of interesting skills. I just hope that c2 kabbalist would provide more skills that can attract more people.

As for linking monk to kabbalist skill, No. Only Ein Sof is the only skill that I find it convenient. Other one is the reduce level, but this one needs testing and such.

I also think it`s strange not to affect their defense too. Even more because the example from the video fits in the level penalty from the damage formula as it is stated in this post:

So, I’m wondering if it did the same damage because of other factors, like the hit before the delevel got a better magic amplification or something. It might be a good idea if you test it with a stronger attack that will show slight damage differences better or maybe continue testing to confirm if the results are consistent. Anyway, you’ve already helped us so much this far, this is just a suggestion. Thank you! :blush:

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The strongest skill that I have is double punch. I do have an idea where to perform the next test and hopefully this isn’t a bloody bug.

Maybe someone that is damage dealer could help you on this? Looking foward for results :smiley:
Thanks again

*stares at guildmates

Yeah, I better do this on my own. Can’t rely on them

@Huerin , I’ve watched your vid:

Could you please explain this?


What it means that you can use the skill reduce level on the enemy, repeatedly.

If I cast the skill on a piggy, then I can do it infinitely. Sadly, you can’t reduce a lv100 to lv0 due to the fact that the skill cooldown is long, even if you have a lv15 reduce level.

Wait, is it permanent or considered a debuff? =O Might be good as a form of damage prevention. I’m all about damage prevention.

Cant say it’s a debuff since I don’t see an icon underneath the enemy.

But the spell has a duration, so it will return to its original level once the spell expires

Evil thoughts occur to me right now… Does the delevel effect differentiate between more than one source of the spell? I mean, if there are more Kabbalists, and they reduce the level further before the spell from the previous Kabbalist wears off, does the effect refresh or stack? :no_mouth: