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[Class] Kabbalist Overview

At lvl 200+ a player’s hp will be at least 6k and above (6k hp is for glass cannons). Of the players I partied with, most of them have at least 10k hp (archers, wizards etc). Clerics and Swordsmen ranged from 13k - 30+k hp.

So, Ein Sof at the lowest possible level for SP conversion level 3, yields 30% hp converted to SP… even for the lowest of the lowest glass cannon build 6k hp they will still gain back at least 1700 SP.

1700 SP every 60 seconds is nothing to scoff at. This is something most players overlook.

Some of the replies often seen in the forums are “lv10 condensed SP potions is thing in the game”. Yes they are in game but they are expensive too. Having a Kabbalist makes you save $$$ for more items :3

True but you need to educate them to step into the glowing green thing and tell them if they has SP problem use it.

I totakky agree with you there.

I play a wugushi3 Canonneer, and I can tell you that I can only dps fully with a Kabbalist with Ein Sof in the group. That’s what made me interested in creating one later :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is, there are dps that can’t go full dps without draining their sp dry, even with lvl 10 pots. I can cast 1 or 2 cast-time-free skills per second, and I love when I can use them.

I really don’t understand the lack of love for this amazing class.

Personally, I plan to go Cleric2/diev3/Oracle1/Kabbalist with an nearly full Int build. Some CON here and there, but heh.

I think the change skill of Oracle can really synergize well with all the math skills of the Kabbalist, and we don’t even know about the C2/C3 skills of that class. Arcane and Prophecy are really interesting too. (PVE player here)

Im Cleric C3>Sadhu C3 right now, and i think kabbalist will be a a good choice for me right now… Merkabah with full int can be really strong and Revenged Sevenfold, Ein Sof can be usefull too, i think its better thank just get a Carnivory from druid C1 or PD, what you guys think ?

Can I ask something, to anyone who knows about Kabba scaling

Does anything on Kabba itself scale directly with SPR? Or is it all INT?

Only int for merkabah.

Ein Sof is more on HP; math skill unknown.

Can’t say about RS though.

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That would probably work. The Overview builds are just suggestions, and not tested (as written in the original post). I try to keep up with all of the information filtering into the Cleric Forum as I see it, but I sometimes can’t catch everything.

However that build you mentioned is the same as the super popular PD build on the Cleric Forum. So I believe it would work with Kabbalist.


You’ll start noticing even in the daily lv. 100 Missions that Wizards, Archers, & some Swordsman Classes will have very little SP after their rotation of abilities. And if you haven’t taken note yet, almost every ability in this game requires SP consumption in some way. So having a Kabbalist is extremely valuable as @_Nekorin mentioned.


Merkabah will benefit from the INT directly. I don’t know how draining Sadhu is in SP, so Ein Sof for SP is kinda up in the air. RS I assume will stick onto your Body while you are OoB to help protect you. Math is currently in a bad state, might get better later.

So there are definite benefits, but I don’t know enough about Sadhu.


Merkabah is the only skill that scales with INT as it is the only MATK ability in the entire kit. Ein Sof scales with the target’s Maximum HP. RS scales with the damage you would have taken from a hit. Math skills do not scale with any stat.

To give you a short answer, INT. But Merakabah is the ONLY skill that benefits. Otherwise it really depends on what classes you picked before hand.

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But my another options isnt that different… Druid only have Carnivory too, Telepath in my case is useless… And plague doctor for Sadhu isnt that good too… I really dont have another choice i guess, maybe wait untill appear another options for cleric r7, lol…

Like I said. I, personally, don’t know enough about Sadhu to make a decision. I’m just listing the benefits you can get from Kabbalist. If you feel these out-weight the cons of Kabbalist and the benefits from what the other classes give you, then by all means go for Kabbalist.

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Wow, you’re Cleric C3? Please make some videos showcasing Cure 15 and Possession 10 in Sadhu thread. They’re supposedly great against bosses–and I love Cleric C3 myself.

Also, if you’ll actually choose Kabbalist for rank 7, could you test the interaction between R7x and OOB and/or Possession? I think such test has never been done before. Mackangdal doesn’t help OOB users, so if R7x does then whoa.

It is…
I have one video when i was sadhu c2

its really great, cure lvl 15 with possession lvl 10 (lvl 5 in the video) is amazing
and heal area really strong too

Wrong. Mackangdal prevents OoB to be interrupted completely. Your Ghost stays out even if your Main body gets thrown through the air.

But since channelings like possession are working differently, you will still get canceled. Yeah sounds random enough to seem unintended.

Hmmm I see, I see. Thanks for pointing that out.

Really, though, I have lots and lots of things I wanna test but I’m still waiting for idOBT (June 1st aaaah).

Kabbalist is definitely going to be my r7 class, tho.

@Huerin yeah it is not easy to educate others about the green tile. Players generally dismiss it until they find themselves starved for SP then they will appreciate the skill.

And finally~~~ :cry:
(Although I used around 130x lvl9 cards to push for the last 80% job level…)

Got myself to job lvl3, the first reaction of the party I’m in is… “uh? Is Ein Sof really that good?” *Faints *

Congratulations. You are now part of the rarest cl-ass that ever existed in ToS. So rare, that people would ask what the hell are you doing and is this cla-ss good or what?

Hey, at least you got a nifty, cool costume with bling-blings. Too bad you lacking a cool hat like the master.

Now go find sorcerers who chug SP down and be amazed on how they find you useful…I think

so the kabbalist quest says you have to be level 235 in tosbase, so I assume that is incorrect?

@Huerin Thanks, yeah Kabbalist is really rare. I had players asking me what skill is that can instantly fill up their SP bar to full in missions. The awareness of this awesome class is really low sadly.

@rarevalo0528 Yes is incorrect. As long as you reach the advancement level you get the quest.

awesome thanks I am also doing a very rare build, i got oracle too lmao, going to kabbalist. Also can I ask, the skill simulator say the attribute of ein sof changes max hp recovery to sp recovery? Or is that a typo supposed to be max hp? thanks again

The wording of the skill simulator is incorrect. The skill isn’t HP/SP recovery at all. Non attributed Ein Sof increases the max hp of the player it buffs by a percentage based on his/her current max HP.

So, if a player’s HP is 15000 and Ein Sof lvl 3 is casted on him, his max HP will be 24000 (+60% at level 3). But that doesn’t recover his HP at all, so he will have 15000/24000.

What is so awesome about this skill is the attribute. It converts 1/2 of what is supposed to be max hp and gives to the player as raw SP. Note here is that it doesn’t increases the SP guage like how oracle does. It behaves very much like how a SP potion will be like.

Given the above example, that player instead will have 19500 hp (+30% due to attributed Ein Sof) and will gain 4500 SP. There aren’t any potion out there that will give so much SP.


I see yes that is what I thought as well. It will greatly help wizzies since they have high sp and hp as well, and makes me feel better for getting oracle with the max sp addition as well. Thank you for your responses I am going to push to kabbalist I am at 180 but grinding a bit for some silver and items lol