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[Class] Kabbalist Overview

Math kills, huh.

The future of this class seems bright with more math skills available later, which means… someday we would have to choose which skill to specialize into, so as not to become your average Jew.

More R7x.
More Ein Sof.
More Merkabah.
More Math: which is totally the definition of a Kabbalist according to class description and the type of skills that might be the hot stuff at C2-3.


I’ve just realized that there are two redundant calculating skills. It doesn’t make sense. There might be skills that can only be used after either Notarikon or Gematria later. Moar points spread thin. Why… :crying_cat_face:

Both calculation skill give result to a different calculated number, since their method of obtaining the answer is different.

Gematria considers all letters of the enemy name. Notarikon only requires the first and last letters of the name.

In this current state, having both skill allows you to get a higher calculated number. Gematria might produce a higher result when use to a certain enemy, whereas using notarikon on the same target might wield a smaller number.

In any case, that’s my take on both skills. Who knows, maybe c2 kabbalist new skill might have…rare skills on both math skill can use.

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What are the recommended points to add first when reach Kabbalist? Merkabah as first point? Ein Sof will require 3 points minimum to get the 50% SP regen. The more I see R7x on youtube the more I feel that it is worth only a 1 point investment just for the initial damage mitigation for pve…

does reduce level work in pvp? and whats a good way to make merkahbah hit?


My suggestion is to get ein sof to at least lv 3 for the SP restore attribute. You’ll be appreciated by your team, especially those mana-chugging sorcerers. From there, focus on your preferred skill.


Sadly, reduce level does not work in PVP. As for merkabah, cast it from a distance and hope that the enemies don’t move

Here’s a video of a duel



Ein Sof to 3 so you can grab the attribute. RS can be left at 1 as leveling only gives you 40% additional damage at lv 5. I think my current plan is this:

Ein Sof 3
Merkabah 5
RS 1
Leftover into Mathing.

@Huerin and @Sakane thanks for the recommendations. Means I need to be at lvl4 before I get any new dps spell.

I was thinking of going:

Merkabah 1
Ein Sof 3
R7x 1
Merkabah 5
Math left over

Am within exp card range to Kabbalist… hmm maybe i should just card to kabbalist lvl4 so it saves me the trouble~

@_Nekorin You could drop Merkabah altogether if you are doing a physical build.

Merkabah gives you more wheels per level and increases it’s magic damage. So it’s one of those 0 level or 5 level abilities. Lv 1~2 is lackluster in terms of damage. 3+ is probably better

The problem is that it’s no joke to reach lv4. It took me a lot of time just to get ein sof 3 since I splurge my first point in the wheel.

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Am in a INT build, am planning to invest 5 points into Merkabah. I was just thinking about the order in which I should get the skills since at class 7 it will take quite a bit of time just to reach job level 4. Hence the dilemma :sweat_smile:

Oh I see. my bad i misread it.

Yeah I regret not getting Ein Sof 3 first. I went RS first, which wasn’t bad but did delay the SP restore.

But yeh, Ein Sof first. You’ll love it

When is a Kabbalist better than a Plague Doctor? Currently I am choosing this class because the costume looks the best in the game XD. But a lot of people are telling me that Plague Doctor in both support and dps (Incineration OP) is better than Kabbalist.

Would Kabbalist work in this route: Cleric2/Diev3/Druid1/Kabbalist on a Int/Con build DPS/Semi-support focus.

Yep, one reason I choose this is because of the costume. Gotta like the…bling bling and their boots.

On a serious note, Ein Sof is very much appreciated in a grinding party, esepcially by mana-chugging sorcerers. Just make sure to educate them since some people would step on it.

Merkabah is a long range, holy magic spell. Holy deals heavy damage to dark type and we all know there are a lot of dark type monsters in dungeons and such.

Revenge sevenfold can nullify one attack and then reflect the damage back. Mostly for PvP use though.

Reduce level can weaken enemies…boss included.

And Kabbalist are rare. In Klai, I know and seen 2 kabbalist (other 2 must have transferred servers). PDocs, on the other hand are a lot.

question about RS, does it persis for 60 seconds or is it gone after 1 hit?

it falls off after the first hit

Here on Orsha I think I’m 1 of like… maybe 3. At least that’s what it feels like.

For those who reached the Kabbalist class, can you tell me a little bit about how you feel with this class. Are the skill useful in PVP? Is it difficult to use Merkabah and Revenged Sevenfold effectively in PVP? Also in a high level, how might this class be better than a Plague Doctor?

Its a really tough choice for me right now lol. I still have time since I’m no where near Rank 7 but reading the skill description it seems Kabbalist’s Revenged Sevenfold and Merkabah seems pretty hard to execute effectively in PVP.

Do you feel like this class outshine a Plague Doctor in PVP or PVE?

Let me give you my brutal honest opinion about the current novice state of kabbalist.

There’s a lot of PDocs running in Klai and only 2 people are kabbalist. This proves that the current skills of novice kabbalist is underwhelming and does not attract aspiring clerics. I’m no expert with PDOcs but the fact that they posses the ability to null every negative ailment from rank 1 to rank 3 is so good. Plus the fact that incinerate’s power relies on the number of ailment you inflict on the enemy is a good indicator how this class attracts cleric.

Now what can kabbalist offer? Ein Sof? It’s good, especially the SP restore. RS is fine, though I have no intention on investing a point in here. Merkabah, is strong, but takes time and if the enemy is smart, it’s gonna rush to and destroy all of them. One good thing about Merkabah is its range and probably wide AOE.

Now we have the math skill and reduce level. This is probably a reason why clerics never bothered with them in the first place. No one knows why they use math to pound enemy. It’s not a support skill or offensive or even defensive skill. What does it do? Compare the last 3 skills of PDocs and you’ll know investing a point at least is useful compared to the math skill.

Go to the public build in tosbase and find every kabbalist build. What I notice is that every kabbal build has 3 primary skills. RS, Merkabah and Ein Sof. That is a common skill build. No one bothered with reduce level and such since it’s useless and not a lot of kabbal in kTOS even bothered toying with it.

Until now.

So, yeah PDocs…“currently” shines a lot. I’m waiting to become adept kabbalist and that is where I’m going fully utilize math and reduce level.

in your opinion what classes fit well with Kabbalist. Im thinking of making another Cleric just so I can make it fit well with Kabbalist. Its too cool of a costume for me to ignore this class XD.

Would Cleric2/Priest3/Chap/Kabbalist work out in full support PVE?