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[Class] Featherfoot Thread

whatever. the problem here is that decay takes almost 30 sec to reduce the hp of the monsters. and its useless try to deal damage in that time. but now who imc change the elemento of every skill to poison, with linker every damage will be deal 50% plus. without any atribute and with only 1300 of matk. blood bath lvl6 will deal over 400k of damage to every monster las 5 sec. u have a nice combo 25 sec faster. and the the “max” life of the rank8 monsters is 600k. with linker and wiz 3 u can deal the last 150-200k damage with magic misil.

the problem of the FF decay is the time who waste reducing the life of the monsters. i think tis skill is usefull only with tauma because sweel body make the decay reduce life 3time faster. so u can kill every monster on 10 sec. not 30

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You’re ignoring monster mdef, which can easily reach 3k+ at higher levels.
Quickcast, JP poison penalty, and damage attributes are all nothing if you can’t reach that mdef wall.
Keep in mind that this is in the context of a CON build with no Thaum.

I’m not saying all mobs are that tough, but why invest in a skill that will get more and more obsolete the further you go into the endgame?
FF doesn’t perform well as a dps class due to cooldowns and costs, you need earlier circles like pyro to support it.
If you really need to use FF skills to take down a bunch of linked mobs, use then use BC/Blood Sucking.

Transcending your weapon solves all issues, but by that logic, all skills are usable with heavy weapon investment.

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never wanna be obsolet. now is very usefull. its realy don care about the mdef of the monster the mechanics of the mage are maded by pass through that defence. trancending or upgrading weapons to reach a nice base damage. especially on full con builds. 5 lvl more on blood bath are 500 base damage who is like 500 int. them the bonus damage and the atributes are aplied. so to have a nice dps/skill combo. u need a nice base damage. [quote=“Pinky, post:1121, topic:303318”]
all skills are usable with heavy weapon
yes all can work but skills like ngadhundi can be a waste of time compared to a late combo with a nice weapon and a atribute, because allways will take the same time to decrase the mob life. and if u want pass throug mdef of some mobs everyone have betters oprtions like kundela slash. and this happend just because kundela slash have a awesome base damage.
in all tis case the skill obsolet is the decay just because take somuch time to kill mobs. no matters the Mdef of a mob with blood bat allways will have a cd to kill mobs faster.

bydeway. FF is a class who priorize the dots and the bleeding stuf. is obiusly that FF3 will have some skill or atribute who reach tis kind of skill/combo. but ngadhundi never looks like a nice hability, im pretty sure that in FF 3 will be obsolet or will be remplaced by some similar skill but with a better aoe efectt.

So use Blood Sucking, which has 800 more base damage than Bloodbath 6.

Have you actually tried using Kundela?
Because I have, and it’s really not that great.
Its AoE is virtually non-existent, even with JP+HK you’ll be hitting with the skill only once most of the time.
It also checks for Curse to double the damage individually, so if only one or two mobs are cursed, only they take increased damage.

Let’s say you deal 30k with JP+Kundela, hell let’s be generous and make it 50k with QC.
You have 3 overheats, for 150k damage.
You’ll only deal 300k damage with 2 rotations of 28s, and most endgame mobs have more HP than that.
You’re literally better off using Nga, then DOING NOTHING while the decay works than spamming links and Kundela.
And unless you have a trans’d weapon of at least 2k matk, your MMs, Fireballs, and Bloodbath will do 1 damage.
No INT, no Thaum context, remember?

Only true if you’re working on the assumption that everyone has a 2k+ matk weapon.
Also 28s for decay to work isn’t much longer than JP’s cooldown of 22s.

I highly doubt Nga 6 will ever be obsolete.
Are you seriously saying that a skill with 800 base damage is worth keeping?
In this game that ramps up the numbers on both new skills and mob defenses by thousands each rank?
Over a skill that kills nearly all mobs, but takes 6 seconds longer to do its work?

If you are, either you’re still missing the context of the build situation, or you don’t have much experience with endgame mobs.


sure, is an option if u wanna lose a nice cd and a loot of mana…

i use when i have cd on blood bath to keep my others cds ups. i play with mause and neve have problems to do a nice combo with kurdaicha[quote=“Pinky, post:1123, topic:303318”]
And unless you have a trans’d weapon of at least 2k matk, your MMs, Fireballs, and Bloodbath will do 1
nope. thats is the magic of all tis stuff, u need to think how calculate the base damage. for example with blood bath i say with 1300 matck will get over 400k of damage because the base damage will be almost 2k 1300 from u build 700 from the spell lvl but them if u have atributhe thats increase de damage and them the propiety incompatibility. at last whe u do the final damage. the elemental defence ar aplied and them the mdef of the moster. thats is the chase of the damage. with atributes and QC reach the damage from a spell is easy get over 4k of damage so u will deal 1k to mobs with 3k of mdef. (take tis like an cheap example because to calculate the base damage anothers stuff like Eatack and Mampl also counts.) with a five hammer with red gems u can reach 2k of base damage with a loots of skills. [quote=“Pinky, post:1123, topic:303318”]
If you are, either you’re still missing the context of the build situation, or you don’t have much experience with endgame mobs.

i am on the context. i have 3 magics dps over 320. 2 mages 1 kivis tao. the first thing who i do is craft a +9 windia rod with lvl 7 blue gems i get almost 1k of damage witout counts int of the weapon and without tracended.

keep in mind if u dont get a nice weapon over 315. u mever wanna be a solo farmer or whatever u think is FF for. without wasting some money this build is just a sup/tank build. no more. if u wanna farm u need a nice rotation. no 1 skill who let u kill 10 mobs over 30 sec.

That’s not how it works, you can check here: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Basically, you get your matk (INT, weapon, skill base damage) then you subtract the monster defence.
That reduction is before attributes, before Quickcast, before JP penalty, before anything.

Given your example of 1300 matk + 800 skill damage, that only comes out to 2100 damage.
Any mob that has equal or more than 2100 mdef (that’s LOW for endgame mobs) will take 1s from you, even if you use Quickcast, JP, and level your attribute to 100%.
I don’t understand where you’re getting that silly 400k from.

That’s nice, you’d still do 1s against the tougher mobs with that weapon if you didn’t raise INT.

FF is for people who want to supplement their earlier circles with self-heal and burst damage.
It’s not for PvE DPS, PyroThaum and Warlock builds are better suited for that.

I’m not saying you’re supposed to rely on Nga.
What I’m saying is that 6 points in Nga is a way better investment than on an 800 damage skill that’s outclassed by other skills (Fireball, DT, even FC), JP penalty or no.

Yes, those skills also need weapon investment to get over the mdef wall.
But they do a ton more hits with a shorter CD, they’re actual DPS skills.
Will having lv6 Bloodbath on your rotation add much to your output?
No, not really, it’s really mediocre compared to the actual multi-hitters, so why bother?
If you like the skill, then by all means go for it, but my personal advice is having Nga 6 in your toolkit is useful, more so than an 800 damage skill with limited hits that’s on a 35s cooldown.

That’s my opinion, and you have yours, and I think we’ve gone long enough to just agree to disagree.

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Also Blood Bath is limited to specific monster races for it to deal useful damage, which makes it less desirable.

(((((Skill Attack + (Effective Attack * (100% - Level Penalty)) + (random(0% … 100%) * Magic Amplification)) * (100% + Base Modifier)) - (Effective Defense + Elemental Resistance)) * (100% + (0 or 50% if crit)) + (0 or Critical Attack) + Extra Elemental Attack + Enemy Specific Damage) * (100% + Skill Modifier) * (100% + Common Modifier) * (100% + Target Modifier) * (100% + Enhance Modifier) + Bonus Damage tis formula is wrong. i dont wanna make tou read all the coments but do if you want. at the first 2-3 they say something about the meteor skill. and QC aplied to the base damage of metheor. if u dont thrust check it with a player with high def… if they have over 2k of Mdef metheor will do like 1k of damage. damage

I’m not reading the entire thing either, but the parts of the formula regarding attack and defenses are correct.

What you said here is entirely wrong:

And because I back my statements up, here’s me doing a damage test:

Lv5 Blood Sucking = 1032
Matk = 354
Mamp = 90
Dark attack = 75
Total damage = ~1506
Blood Sucking attribute = 50%
Green Goblin Charger Mdef = 1527 (

By your logic, the attribute would easily push my damage over the monster’s mdef, and I would deal damage.
Keep in mind that the mob is Earth element, and is weak to poison attacks.

I deal 1 damage.
This proves that your interpretation of how damage is calculated is wrong.
The same thing would happen if I had Quickcast.

You’re underestimating how hard it is to break mdef in the endgame, and overestimating the value of an 800 damage skill on a 35s cooldown and limited hits.
Use the actual damage skills wizard has and you won’t miss Bloodbath in your rotation at all.


your total damage still lower than it’s mdef.
Attributes and Quick Cast increases damage dealing, it’s can’t do anything when your dealing damage just 1…
sr my bad Eng tho,

Yes, that’s what I’m trying to prove, that if your skill damage + matk is lower than the monster’s mdef, then Quickcast, damage attributes, JP poison penalty, EVERYTHING ELSE doesn’t count.
You’d still do 1 damage.

Rly Men? U think u prove something with tis? I sure that the defender atribuye damage is aplied before the final damage. I say that to. But the qc 50% and the 50% of the joint penalti is aplied after the elemental stuff that was proved

No, what you said was that with 1300 matk and 700 skill damage, combined with QC and damage attributes, you can deal 1k damage to 3k mdef mobs.
That’s wrong, your understanding of how damage works in this game is wrong, and you still haven’t shown anything to back up your position.

Until you do, I’m done arguing with you.
A lot of people here understand the damage formula just fine, so the burden of proof is on you.


The first who i say “without any atribute” i never take in care at the first. ( But with wizz 3 allways tales in care QC)

Shop blaming playera if u dónt know what are you reading. On the damage fórmula post. They say the Quick cast afect the meteor base damage (from 400% to 600%) so my base stimation is rigth. Look like you never do a int dps build so u dónt understand why People like wizz 3.

Quickcast eh?
It’s the weekend, so let’s do damage tests!

Matk = 1175
Mamp = 22
Lv15 Bats = 1175 (50% att but who cares, right?)
Total base damage = ~2361
Orange Grummer Mdef = 2384 (

Damage with Quickcast = 1

Another one!

Matk = 953
Lv15 Bats = 953 (Bats has such a weird formula, lv15 is 100% of your matk)
Total base damage = 1906
Kugheri Symbani Mdef = 2334 (

Damage with Quickcast = 1

Quickcast is a final modifier, like Agni, where it comes after all reductions.
It doesn’t help you overcome Mdef.
Both tests prove that, and you’re still being wrong on the internet with no evidence to back up your claims.


Anyone has good skill allocation for featherfoot 2? thanks

Blood Sucking 10
Blood Curse 5
Levitation 1 (5 if PvP)
Ngadhundi 6
Bone Pointing 1 (3 for PvP uptime)
Kundela Slash 5

Those are the important ones, for the extra 2 points put them anywhere you like.
Kurdaitcha isnt really worth getting but since it’s bugged right now to have 0 cost and cooldown, it’s not a terrible idea.

Hmm, I noticed the 0cd but 0 costs as well? That’s interesting.

Still, have no idea how to properly utilize this skill… :angry:
My build’s the same, but 1 point from Blood Sucking into Kuradaitcha…

Man… I hope Kuradaitcha eventurally gets an attribute in C3 that essentially turns it into a reliable AOE DOT skill or something…

Hello featherfeet, can i ask a question about levitation…is levitation affected by knockback and root (fulldraw effect)? Thank you :blush:

Yes to knockback (Monk Energy Blast will knock you back but do no damage), not sure about root.
My guess is that you’d be affected by it as normal.

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