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[Class] Druid Class Thread


It’s more to indicate that most spreads between spr/str are viable tbh.

Full Str is doable and has the best raw dmg over time, but runs into massive sp issues that I personally can’t stand. And it becomes quite expensive rather quickly from sp potions alone.

Full Spr is less costly and has far more spike dmg due to blind faith, but it’s lower patk is a noticeable loss of dmg.

Hybrid Spr/Str with at least 200 spr is what I’d personally recommend on such a build, since you have zalciai to get crit attack from spr, a decent enough patk to avoid the worst % def reductions and plenty of sp for most skills. (Still need potions if you spam blind faith ofc, but not as often)

Druid is also quite op atm so the lack of matk is not that noticeable.

And the whole build is focused around crit since you get:

  • +200 crit rate from beast transformations.
  • +200 crit rate for 5s after beady eyes.
  • +1.5s of 100% crit after beady eyes from zealot3 hits.
  • +x crit attack equal to your spr from Zalcial.
  • -150 crit res for enemies debuffed by Zalciai.
  • +50% crit dmg from blind faith attribute for 10s.

So unless you already hit crit cap you should be using beast transformations.


Thank you very much for this detailed explanation! I suppose my Str:Spr 1:1 isn’t too horrible then.
I admit I am someone who absolutely dislikes using pots, which is why I had so far stayed away from Zealots, but I had no other idea what could work with Transform reasonably well. I already have 15 other characters, so this one is just meant for fun to transform into the monsters (or furnitures… I am easily amused and loved turning into a table during my test) I like and not as a “make a superawesome Zealot” build. Together with the fact that I have no Str characters from whom I could borrow good equipment, the little one here will likely be really, really not a good Zealot, as I also don’t have the silver to invest much into her.

I suppose at this point I should ask for other builds which are good with 100% uptime transform and which don’t include Excorcist (since I already have plenty of those, don’t need another). AA Chaplain is obviously out, I already have a Taoist as well and yeah… I found Zealot to be the only thing that might be viable, but maybe it’s actually not. :confused:


Zealot3/Druid2 is the nr1 recommendation for that though. Esp with krivis being able to melstis transform.

You could consider a plague doctor3 with druid2, it’s not as good but it can get the job done anyway.
Or the hybrid dmg/healer variant of druid2/kabba3, but those benefit more from a defensive transformation.

Exo/Druid is better with druid3 imo, since the demi lycan dmg buffs should outperform exo3.

Only new transform I liked is the:

  • Bishop Hart (Gliehel Memorial)- Spammable 7x aoe attack. Large Demon.

Currently upper level + Chortasmata doesn’t work properly so I can’t test flying mobs atm…


Is Velnia Monkey better than Glass Mole for Druid Zealot?


Whelp, there goes my dreams of Taoist 2 for rank 12.


Sadly, my mind somehow forgot that the event is over so I’m stuck with a Cleric3-Priest2-Druid2-Zealot3. But it’s actually a fun build.

Chortasmata + Velnia is really good, and since Chort gives a minimal PATK increase on mobs ( PLANT mob low PDEF ), it’s really good for bursting stuff with Emphatic Trust.

My build was supposed to be Druid 3 Zealot 2 but I forgot to take resets, because… Fanaticism + Warcry is funny.


I fear it might not even be a bug, but moreso that chorta+carnivory are no longer considered circles.

The combo worked fine prior to the druid buffs, and upper level still works fine for heal so that’s not entirely bugged out either.



Velnia Monkey cards are best for builds that can keep poison up as much as possible. I use them on my Druid3 -> PD2.

You could definitely make use of them but it might be best to stagger Chort and Thorn so you can capitalize on the damage buffs when your Zealot skills are available. Glass Moles, on the other hand, wouldn’t require a change in playstyle since you’ll be using SP pots on a regular basis.

Also, Velnia cards apply their affect to all damage, whereas GMs only impact PATK.


Don’t I need Druid3 for 100% transform uptime though? :confused: I suppose this is something I would consider… that’s a pure Int build, right? I once had a Kabba3 and she kinda sucked because her damage output was abysmal, but she was Sadhu and not Druid and Druid is a whole other world (poor Sadhus don’t have it good…).
I would love to use Noli or Lilly Maid transform as I really like these two monsters. Lilly Maid actually seems sorta useful with her attacks, though it’s still doubtful taht they do anything good compared to normal attack.

Don’t think I ever tested the Gliehel mobs; don’t even really remember them. Will have to do that once I have transform back.

I’m not a fan of Lycan, I just really want to transform into cute monsters because I’m a shallow woman who likes cute things. :see_no_evil:


Not exactly. You can get 100% Transform uptime with Divine Might and the appropriate skill gem (Black Jukopus)


Oh dang, I’ll have to check the market for that then! Still kinda complicated, but fair enough I suppose. I only tested transform as Druid3 so far and of course it was more than comfortable there with the uptime. Though I suppose Druid3 for Transform instead of Lycan is considered a waste by basically everyone.


Lvl 7 transform is 100% upkeep, but that requires the relevant monster gem and divine might (cleric2).
Krivis3 builds can use melstis to keep it up instead without any need for further help.

Yep, but can work as a spr/int split as well.
It is quite low on dmg, but can still act as a full support and solo lots of content to boot.

I wish transform got buffed again, there’s tons of cute or odd options that would be fun to use.


Hmm, well, there go my thoughts and hopes about a Chaplain then since I will need Divine MIght. What’s the best damage-buff option for Druid/Kabba since the early ranks are pretty much free then? I mostly play solo since parties make my game lag like crazy (I’m below the minimum game requirements, rip me), so I do need a good solo build that can also kill fast. Unfortunately a lot of Kabba’s options are blocked to me because of my computer as well - I have to turn the effects off to play, so I don’t see the numbers from the Kabba3 skills, sadly.

I think I might actually make another new character then to test a Kabba build; there’s no way I can pull it off to get far enough into Zealot before the last rank reset voucher. Make all the druids, all the time. At least I can then have one character for Noli Maid and one for Lilly Maid, I suppose… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d mostly recommend the standard cleric2/priest2/dievdirby1/Druid2/Kabba3 build.

Cleric2/Bokor3 is also possible, but Damballa works best when combined with Gevurah… Which isn’t easy for you if you can’t see the calculated numbers. But with it lacking resurrect it’s not exactly a healer anymore…

With those low specs pd3 would be easier imo.


Thank you for the build; this looks simple enough since I’ve played all those classes before.

I’m actually not a fan of Bokor or PD; played a character who was a combination of exactly these two classes and didn’t enjoy her at all. I know some of the PD cooldowns are gonna get better with a patch. And Bokor is just wonky, I tried a Bokor/Kabba approach once and didn’t even get to Kabba because Damballah and me never became friends. Actually the whole zombie thing is pretty stupid, the summon area is way to small and yeah… just not my class.

I guess I will hence test out the Zealot build and the Kabba build and see if I like them. Still kinda scared about non-Kabba Zealot since I refuse to use pots, but no harm in trying.

I really appreciate all the help, by the way; this is really, really helping me decide on things! I only played druid/exo so far, so I am still learning a lot about Druid.


Maybe we can play together cuz same.


How is Druid 3 PD 2 compared to Druid 2 PD 3? I’m “finalizing” my build again and I’ve decided that I don’t want Exo/Kabba/Zeal. I want dots.

Although if you ask me, I’m leaning towards PD 3 for faster poison dot.

Hopefully this will be the last.


Druid3 should pull ahead due to demi-lycan and the increased duration attribute for it at r10. Ideally with diev1 to make it even better.

PD3 isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t offer that much in comparison. (Methadone’s dmg take increase is quite bad even, the incin spread is to rng based and maxed disenchant is niche. Leaving the focus on the tickrate/skill factor increases)


I tested both during the 1st part of the reset event and decided on Druid3 PD2 for the same reasons Wurmheart listed.

PD3 just doesn’t bring enough in terms of additive value when compared to Druid3. The extra skill points in BDS are nice but there are other ways to boost PD’s damage output without sacrificing all the benefits you get from Lycan, improved Sterea, and beefed up Chort.


New to druid here. Just 1 clarification:

Werewolf deals physical damage, but scales of makt + patk and can also crit.

So this means Mace is absolute superior to Rod users and that Rod users should go Demi Lycan?
I’m also concerned that since Mace has slightly lower magic than Rod, then if all attacks in the build are magic, can this loss in magic be made up by full Lycan’s attack? Furthermore demi lycan can boost magic. It seems full lycan is really only for builds with full of physical attacks.


See megamanex14’s bug report, for some reason chorta uses carnivory’s enhance value.

Just tried this and it seems to be fixed already.


Yes mace is the best weapon for a druid who goes full Lycanthropy. Rod is only good if you are a full magic casting Cleric.

Yes. Full lycanthropy is like you High burst 30-60 second long form. Depending on the situation, full lycanthropy will out damage a majority of all the skills you could cast within that duration otherwise.

In my group, I can grab 1st in damage rankings because of full Lycanthropy. However being the only cleric in my team that is full SPR, I am often more worried about healing and supporting my party. Being as my whole team will do more damage together than I can do alone. @thepurpleknightmare can vouch for me.

No. Full lycanthropy is for any form of druid, Physical or Magical. The reason people don’t always use full lycanthropy is because of the skill lockout during the duration of Lycanthropy. Which can be a loss depending on your build/situation.

Yes, this bug was fixed around 3-4 patches ago.