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[Class] Druid Class Thread


That makes sense because I tried to test it and I saw no difference in damage so I was rather confused. I’ll stick to chapp I guess.


Hopefully Lycan bug with Roost fixed with this patch.


guys, you also have a invisible skills problems with druid transforms? i always had it with zealot p.illusion being invisible, but it didn’t bother me that much since it is a aura of dmg around ne, so no huge deal there, but with exorcist rubriks it gets quite annoying not knowing where my beam is.

Is there any workaround to this?


Kinda want to know how much lycan extend duration attribute cost. I’m torn between cle2kriv3dru2tao3 and cle1kriv3diev1dru3tao2. Thanks in advance.


Looking for a healing / utility druid (C3) build for end game PvE content (Dungeons, Raids, CM’s, Farming in a group) (I would like it to utilize Lycanthropy (human form) if possible. ) I would love your help in this construction since i have very little background in theory crafting builds or experience in the class. (Currently in R10) Thanks , and hope to hear back from you shortly.


I maxed it out last night. I don’t recall the final price but just getting level 1 ran me about 300 attribute points (If I recall correctly). It’s not cheap but it definitely won’t break you.


It is around 13,000 to 13,600 Attribute Points.



Don’t know if you’ve tried Cleric2 -> Priest3 -> Druid3 -> PD2 yet but it’s pretty awesome. I’m very happy with it and I’m still leveling in crap gear.


I did on the first day and it was definitely fun, I do lack damage in TBL but it’s really good PVP-wise outside it. It’s one of my last choices when the event ends.


I’m thinking about swapping PD2 for Exo2 to get more damage but I’m not sure if it’s worth losing the status protection and Disenchant.


So with the addition of the lycanthropy extension attribute and the new inquisitor attribute to wheel duration, my OG inquisitor two-hand wolfbuild is a lot more playable now.

I ended up resetting all of my characters so I could refine the build and make it better, still holding onto those rank up cards until I make that decision.

Before reset, my build looked like Cleric1, Krivis2, Diev1, Monk1, Druid3, Inquisitor 1, Kabbalist1
Str/Crit build. Throw down wheel, transform into OG wolf (or demi, both work) and rotate wolf’s skills on the wheel until it disappears. When wolf form runs out, transform into a medium beast monster and double punch things, use Ein Sof to restore SP, and use statues to speed up cooldowns.

However, now that I can stay in wolf form a little longer, I’m thinking perhaps of replacing Monk and Krivis with something Paladin…

Cleric1, filler2, Paladin2, Druid3, Kabbalist1/Paladin3, Inquisitor1

Overall I feel like the monk variant feels a bit more wholesome because of access to Ein Sof but I don’t know.

These days I find it hard to make a cleric build that doesn’t involve druid 2. Not because it’s powerful, but because I really love transform. I want to make a transforming Zealot, Exo and Inquisitor3 as well even if that means I’ll end up with 3 physical cleric in my team. But does the medium monster transformation attack value also work with caster characters? will it benefit an Exorcist as much as a Zealot?


The attribute applies to all damage, regardless of whether it’s Physical or Magic.


Does anybody know if using a skill reset potion erases your chosen Transform monster? I know using a rank reset does since you lose Druid altogether but I can’t remember if the same applies to skill pots.

Spent 6 hours Change farming to get one of the special Pantos and I really don’t wanna go through that again :sweat_smile:


Hey guys, I need some help. I derped around with transform during the reset event and found it so fun that I decided to make a build with it. Too bad I like the useless monsters the most, so the other classes will have to make up for it. Since I will lose my AA, I thought Zealot would be good.

The Zealot build above says that it’s a str/spr build, which seems pretty counter-intuitive to Druid. I don’t have a Zealot yet, so I am clueless about the class, but I know there are quite a few Int Zealots and even Spr Zealots so that I’m confused why Druid-Zealot is a physical build. Also the build linked here is only R9 so I doubt it’s up to date - there’d be a rank for either Zealot3, Druid3 or Kabba1, I suppose.

Any Druid-Zealots here who can give me some pointers?


Zealot is an entirely physical class. There are two basic routes you can follow. If you build STR, you’ll be getting most of your damage from Fanatic Illusion and Immolation. SPR Zealots rely on Blind Faith. Both options are viable.

The real key to having an effective Zealot is getting Kriv3 for Melstis. Without it, Fanaticism and Fanatic Illusion have way too much downtime to keep your DPS running smoothly.

In terms of Druid2 -> Zealot, you’ll want to find a monster that can take advantage of the Transform attributes. Any large type would be nice since it’ll give you a 75% boost to your HP.


Thank you so much for your quick help! The guide above has seemingly a 50/50 thing; is that wise? Mainly asking because the build apparently works with 200+ Spr, which means that maybe Kabba1 is more important as R10 than Zealot3 or Druid3.

My little Druid is only level 202 right now and, despite the lack of Int, still killing things well with her Druid skills, but it’s still quite the path to Zealot. I’ve been following the build skill-wise so far, so I do have my Melstis. As for monsters, well, I thought I could just derp around with the monsters I like, but I guess I will look into large-size monsters.



To add to this, you would also want that transformation to either use Druid: Animal-type Speciality or Druid: Plant-type Speciality.
This will allow you to crit more.
This will allow you to easily regain all you sp back for blind faith usage. Of course if you’re SPR

With full SPR, dropping a campfire can fill your sp bar in no less than 3 seconds, 5 at most.


I’m stumped between a few builds:

  • Cleric2 / Diev1 / Bokor2 / Druid3 / PlagueDoc2

  • Cleric2 / Diev1 / Paladin3 / Druid3 / Inquisitor1

  • Cleric2 / Diev1 / Sadhu3 / Miko / Druid3

The 1st one is a Awoo (semi lycan) build, consistent damage with low cooldowns and no distinct rotations (16sec Chortasmata/Carni/Incinerate/BDS). Good to play but I find it hard to rotate in full lycan with it.

Paladin Lycan feels rather fluid too, with 2 modes to play, full Lycan in general farming + casting other skills during lycan downtime; and a caster Sanctuary build while in CMs. However the build has some problems dealing with mob pulling due to having no access to zombies nor the damage spread of PD, but at least it can utilise 2 sides of Lycan.

Last build is also an awoo caster build with a miko touch (many screenshot opportunities). It has nice rotations too with Possession/Chortas/Carnivory with the occasional ABE when Sterea Trofh is up.

Now question… Which should I choose



Thank you for that addition! During my testing via reset vouchers on a 330 character, I did like the Plant-Type Speciality quite a lot, I must say, though I didn’t get much out of the Animal-Type one since the rest of the build was just random and not meant for any sort of crit. Wish the reset event would last longer so that I could get my little druid up to the point where I can do some zealot testing, but alas. I’ll just put 1:1 Str:Spr then and see where I end up and what I like the most, transform-wise, I guess.

The build above is not full spr and right now I’m 1:1 Str:Spr. :confused: Also campfire requires me to sit down, which is kinda hard in the middle of an enemy mob. I would rather have a more reliable way of refilling my SP (note that all my four other clerics are addicted to Ein Sof; I basically don’t know how to function without it as a cleric…).


This was the same problem I had. I just decided to go Cleric 2 Bokor 3 Druid 3 Diev Taoist. I just couldn’t let go of Bokor.