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[Class] Druid Class Thread


Wondering : Monk3-Druid3 + Demi-Lycan, full DP att, wouldn’t that have a rather solid DPS ?
Also thinking about full Dex for all those crits.


My guess is you are going either either cleric 2 or Diev? I would suggest Diev if you like full lycanthropy. The statue will help you in party play, non-lycanthropy downtime, and also allowing you to be in lycanthropy more often. On the other hand, +1 to all skills including Lycanthropy is a strong thing.
Also apparently Upper Level on Taoist 2 does not work on Chortasmata.

Druid would carry you either way. Only problem you’ll have is flying enemies


I run a PvP focused build with PD2 and Bokor 2 and ofc Druid 3. My build doesn’t really use Lycan in PvP, but I took the skill since it gives the ability to sprint, a stun that is super babied and it gives an option for when Gohei’d.

Now although my build doesn’t max Lycan, when it comes time in FFL for me to destroy the 5 crystals that summon the bullshit clones I place my grass skills and then I go Lycan, part of that is PD being useless vs objects sure, but Bokor, Monk and the rest of Druid just aren’t worth considering compared to even level 1 Lycanthropy.

It’s not perfect but sure am glad I use a Mace and not a rod, I have a good rod on another char, equal to my mace, but it’s not worth considering.


The henge thingy works on grass, so it is probably still considered a circle


Or the grass could be hard coded to work for henge. I say this because henge does not work for zombify, and that is every for of the definition a circle skill. At least its not working currently.


Hi, returner player trying to play druid? how would you stat Druid? C2-Krivis3-Druid2-???-???-Druid3
idk what to take with R8 and R9, saw a vid with Zealot and Exo,
if i took exo what’s the stat?
or zealot stat? THANKS!


Depends on your entire build tbh.

Druid itself is matk based, so int is ideal. But it performs well on hybrids or spr builds to boot. (Krivis and exo also fall into the int based group btw)
Zealot2-3 for example shifts the focus towards str/spr depending on your preferences and playstyle.
Monk1+ can create a niche for a dex focus atk speed scaling.


i just reached rank 8 // haven’t decide what to take // i enjoyed transform, the white bunny with haste // it’s just flying type monster is a pain in the a$$ // went to int few con and spr

most likely i think i’d go for exo for downtime efficiency since rubric is 15s cd while for zealot skill downtime is super high 30-40 sec cd with 10-15 downtime
but i like zealot costume so i can’t decide yet


The whole reason to take Kriv3 with Zealot is to extend the duration of Fanatic Illusion and Fanaticism. With that extension, those skills will be available most of the time.


So does all zealot buffs work with full Lycan? Never played zealot before, but I think Fanatic Illusion is treated like a buff right? Thinking about casting Lv 7 melstis on zealot buffs before transforming to full lycan.


Any buffs you have persist while Lycanthropy is active, yes. So you can cast Fanatic Illusion, then pop Lycanthropy and go to town. The only problem is that you’ll be losing SP fast because of the double drain.


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I recently reset my crit full lycan inquisitor druid to remove kabbalist1 from the build in exchange for a 2nd circle in Monk. I feel like if I take more SPR I shouldn’t have any problems with regaining SP after lycanthropy’s drain.

while we can’t cast Breaking wheel during Lycanthropy anymore, you can cast breaking wheel BEFORE lycanthropy and then transform and burst onto the wheel. I like to use One Inch Punch first, then transform and use my wolf skills to clear out rooms.

my build also has Krivis 3 now instead of Krivis 2 and Dievderbys 1. The duration increase on Lycan form attribute at rank 10 means I spend less time waiting for the cooldown, so I feel I can give up Diev for another rank in Krivis. Why would I want Krivis 3? Mostly because I’m going SPR and lv 15 Aukuras + lv 15 choirtasmata is a really powerful heal over time for a group, allowing me to be useful while my wolf form is down. Higher levels in Divine Stigma and Zalchaia also very much benefit my build.

Basically, take Kabbalist if you don’t intend to invest much SPR into your lycan build, and if you do wish to invest high SPR, take advantage of anything that scales with SPR (lots of these in Krivis). Of course I have to invest dex, str and con into my build too, so it tends to be tricky to spread the stats around.


Quick notes post before i got to bed, because @Wurmheart doesn’t like druids.

Transform is a fixed buff on Re:Build for any transformation (size and race don’t seem to matter)

  • +10% hp recovery
  • +10% evasion
  • +10% crit rate


  • Critical rate on transform is nice because magic can crit now.
  • Transform and Shapeshift are 1 point skills now with 50% downtime (60s duration, 120s cd)
  • DemiLycan has a 30 seconds downtime.
  • Hengestone has 5 seconds downtime, and costs 1 skil point to max, also nullifies any SP drain from Lycanthropy while under its effect.
  • Hengestone still gives an extra level to cleric title and installation spells, whom have lost a lot of these. Chortasmata is the only spell that benefits from Hengestone extra level on the Druid class. Diev statues still get the bonus.
  • Lycanthropy normal form seems quite lacking on damage, but its hard to properly check due to the overall nerf to dps on everything. (Pending)
  • Sterea is no longer an invulnerability (it increases evasion now?) (Pending).
  • Carnivory is now a buff granting a Critical Magic damage buff, it can double your Crit Magic damage when maxed. 15s duration fixed and 45 cooldown (Probably might be a good idea to try crit magic builds with this)
  • Sterea and Carnivory no longer need grass to apply.


still invuln right? Cooldown is higher though. 100% evasion = 100% negate damage, that’s what I understood. Or bugged.


It may be bugged atm as it wasn’t doing anything in the nekorin’s stream (pt1), and for an evasion buff it is oddly missing the amount of how much it would increase evasion.

And rip transform q…q


Is this pertaining to the new attribute?
If so I noticed its description has Lycanthropy added in as well. Do you see any differences? My guess is you would have to test it by turning it off and on or being lower than level one hundred.

Do we know by how much? Also what is the duration?

Does this not also increase physical crit damage?
This would pair well with Krivis Zalcia. Actually Krivis would work really well with Druid. Melstis will increase our Carnivory, Sterea and Transform buffs for longer up-times as well.

I think I’ll be going back to my oldest Druid build, Krivis-Druid! :satisfaction:
You remember those days @Wolfy @thepurpleknightmare @Queue @Jargs
Time to start pushing my Krivis-Druid agenda again.


Both just got absolutely ■■■■ on. Zaibas no Splash, Melstis CD is massive, Aurakuras is forced Goddess of Fire, no aggro. Daino is useless, Divine Stigma got it’s own nerfs to but Idr it. Krivis is up there with Druid, Necro, Chrono and almost the entire Archer tree as one of the most ■■■■ on classes.


wait what happened to Necro?


The new attribute gives +10% evasion, +10% hp recovery and 10% crit rate when Lycantropy, Transform or Shapeshift is active. Doesn’t matter which.
Sterea Trofh is a 60s duration buff that gives (5+(skillvlx1)) % evasion…
Carnivory boosts both pcrit atk & mcrit atk yes.

Keep in mind that melstis got nerfed to 90s cd though.