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[Class] Druid Class Thread

Yep, that’s the werewolf 1st spammable skill. Hits twice as well.

It’s more likely that the added dmg from lycanthropy is another horrible skill description that should mean base werewolf damage.
Especially since It doesn’t show up in the f1 page as additional or physical/magical attack either.

Monk/Druid3 doesn’t seem like the best combination with that in mind.

What map is this? :smiley:

I generated them all (Oracle - Change) while killing bots in Vilna Forest.

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Again, thank you so much for the replies.

If the Wolf attack isnt added to the stat screen as you pointed out, do you think its possible that upon using Cleric physical skills the formula is instead;

Total damage + 5000 (Wolf form bonus)

instead of the 5000 added in the total damage and all of its calculation?

Hi, i have one question - is there any info/video/screenshot with cleric skills working while transfomarion but on gamepad? I just wonder how will they implement it.

In keyboard it just changes lower part skills but didnt ever see how itll work on gamepad. Any help?

Checked the damage guide, since the added dmg can crit and does not work on magic dmg there’s only one modifier it can be.

The attack modifier:

But Cloaking is one such example that boosts all physical dmg, where as pommel beat only adds damage to the skill itself.
The mechanic can work either way which is annoying.

But it is calculated at the very start of the formula, not after.

Assuming that it is indeed using attack modifier, would it in theory work with carve? Im sorry if im not following you closely this is all confusing me

I don’t know.
Imc could have coded it as a Physical dmg +x.
Or it could just as easily be a werewolf skill dmg +x.

Wait till we get more info.

Thank you mate, really appreciate it!

Has anyone come across a video of Druid3 using Toy Hammer + Lycan form? I’m also curious if you can use Double Punch during Lycan.

If both Double Punch and Toy Hammer work during Lycan form, I feel that a dex/str Diev1-Monk1-Druid3 will work well. Even though lycan form’s +5.6k patk is not added directly to your character’s patk (so its more like skill base atk), Henge Stone still gives you x2 patk/matk/hp during any transformation (1min+ duration, Stone Henge is only on 27s cooldown), which is a pretty huge boost in damage, and Carnivory will still deal decent damage on a no-int build thanks to its high base atk.

I’m pretty sure Double punch will work, the question is, whose Physical attack would it calculate? The wolf? yours? or both together?

I still think that Monk is a good investment either way as it has Armor break and mobs get 1.5k defense post 300

Since Bwa Kayiman is available during transform i think its pretty safe to assume that most Physical spells are too, still the question remains, whose attack would it use?

What are the chances that Wolf’s added damage not appearing in stat screen is the bug?

Looking at various videos, it looks like the 5.6k patk is sort of like the base atk for werewolf skills, so you won’t benefit from it for double punch.

Armor Break is available at C1, C2 only gets you energy blast (which is pretty weak for a 1min cd skill) and one-inch punch.

Based on this post:

Going Druid 3 means you can:

  1. Use a small transformation for +200% evasion or a large one for +150% hp
  2. Use a animal transformation for +100% crit rate or insect for +80% pdef/mdef
  3. Still get +100% patk/matk/hp from henge stone’s effect itself during any transformation, which has 100% uptime.

I can definitely see monk1-druid3 builds being viable, especially if you take 1 circle of diev for that +20% attribute vs plants, which synergizes with Chortasmata.

As a monk2, the only skills I actually care to use outside of double punch is one-inch and palm strike for the bleed, god’s finger flick for the strike debuff (that gets cancelled the moment you proc the double punch strike debuff) and occassionally Carve attack (vs leather), since most of my dps comes from toy hammer’s explosion. Druid3 would boost this greatly, even though I do not get to use inquisitor abilities for R8.


Someone posted on my thread that Lycan is affected by 50% crit rate, is this correct?

That’s almost too good to be true…

ps, the evasion is 100% at rank 5 without hengestone. So it’s +200% max.
Toss in a monstrance to make it even crazier. I

The health boost is also insane, regardless of whether it’s additive with stonehenge’s boost or not. (+250% vs 300%)

May place such phys druid builds in an odd spot though. By going druid3 we can’t get inquisitor3. Hopefully that won’t be too much of a downside.

But it’s likely r9/r10 will at least have another phys based class given the names. (Fortune Teller, Shephard, Lama and Zealot are left)

Think Sheperd’s gonna be physical class? it sounds too pacifistic?

50/50 chance imo. I can see shephards using slings and or pets to attack. But it does sound far more support oriented.

Zealot will likely be physical however given the attire and name.

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Hello again fellow druids, i’ve been changing mobs a lot lately, with the help of MarcMor (Druid2 - on Orsha server) We are looking for good transformations to use once R8 patch get to us.

At the same time, we’ve found quite some interesting skills. Sadly we don’t have a proper list yet so i will just point out some skills interactions.

  • Safety Zone skills receive “Block Count” attribute but no “Size” attribute. If you got Cleric2 and the attribute maxed, thats a 22 blocks SZ every 3 seconds.

  • Some poison ticks are enemy HP dependant. They tick on 700-800 on my Oracle (14k hp) and according to Marc 6k-7k on bosses. Those are applied by autoattacks usually at a low chance and lasts for 30-40s even if the debuff shows as 60s.

  • Fire Pillar skills can be Matt dependant or fixed damage.

  • Red Old Hook has a REALLY big Fire Pillar skill, but haven’t been able to check its damage yet (Because my Hunter is not on our normal change map yet)

  • That really big scorpion-like mob that spawns on a early Rexipher quest is just M size, but looks awesome.

  • All Pantos haste are 10s duration and 3s cooldown (all i’ve found so far)

  • Transformation status is kinda bugged right now, your transformed character won’t be able to move after getting hit unless you jump. After jumping you can move again.

We are still changing and testing mobs, sadly we are not taking notes because this is just for fun and utility (and some damage possibilities). But feel free to drop us any question about mob skills.


I like to think that Sheperd class is the cleric mount class, but either way ill get it for the dog

I finally got oracle on my crappy paladin.

And I already got an interesting one:

NVM, it’s gone.

Basically armor break spammer. Short duration and tons of hits. Weird homing behavior as well.
Third skill never hits more than 5 times vs 1 enemy, but spreads orbs around.

And very weird (see: Its second and third attack are both magic blunt dmg. Bonus dmg vs ghost and metal. But only scales of physical attack.

Wow, nice findings everyone. Even though it puts physical Druids in an odd spot, it gives a lot more build possibilities.

Very curious to see how this pans out.

@Wurmheart too bad the animations are really slow. The hp percentage increase from druid2 would really work nice otherwise.