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[Class] Chaplain - Hidden Class Rank 5

since its 5 buff icon…and the max buff we can get is 5 or 7 right? that sounds a bit uselesss then…

for party support it might be good. for self buff, its not better than individual buff skills

they should make it like RO that higher level scrament cant be overwritten by lower level (so 35s one wont overwrite the 5min one)

and 1000silver per cast :frowning: sounds so much

lol 1k Silver at Rank5.

The buffs’ efects correspond to the level you have it, so if you have Lv15 Sacrament the effect is that of Lv15 Sacrament, it just has a diferent timer. The point of Capella is being able to just pop it and not needing to care about keeping the buffs up, Stone Skin is the one that gets the most ouf of it.
A Krivis can jut fix the buff cap issue, I will still say that an Swordsman, a Wizard, an Archer and two Clerics one of which hopefully has Krivis is the best base party setup in this game for the most safe party setup that as far as your party isn’t a bunch of idiots you shouldn’t have problems dealing with anything in this game.


Pardoner has skill that uses 1500~2000 silver per Attack.

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chaplan is not too op which is good

now my auto attack priest plan is doable yay

Regarding to the sacrament… anyone know how it scaled or based on what type of damage? I’ve been told that Andre Dagger or any typical element bonus damage will enhanced sacrament DPS, but is there more to it or another way to boost the DPS?


This is a great damage formula and it look like only raw damage based + element attack can increased sacrament damage.

The multi-buff looks really bad. Anything tied to a Totem is pretty awful, as any shaman learned from WoW. I hope to see a video of magnus exorcismus soon as that looks really enticing.

Tree of Auto Attack :smile:


Tree of saviorZ
Can’t watch the vídeo :frowning:

Is getting points in Exorcise needed for Magnus Exorcismus or is it its own skill? Do they scale with each other in any way?

Pure int chaplain auto atk DMG vídeo


Looks like Aspergillium just casts an Aspersion everytime you attack, as you can see the 1.6K damage at the last hit.Which is awesome since Aspersion’s damage scales equally with SPR or INT as far as I know.
I wonder if the Aspergillium hit is AoE… that’d be nice

I kinda compared it with this:

I realised that unfortunately…I don’t know their skill levels…but the Aspergillum damage difference (when the girl equips the better matk weapon) is about 200-300 and the basic attack difference is quite similar,

But I realised that the girl has 170 Blessing while the guy seems like 134…it’s a bit hard to tell…

Girl - 1070-509-900-924-1380
Guy - 701-398-684-701-1696

I think the guy has just lvl 5 Sacrament too…that’s what causes the big difference for those damages between the basic attack and Aspergillum. Otherwise I think it’s quite balanced and you are good with INT or STR too imo.

It is possible this could make int monks viable as well, just replace double punch with auto-attack. The rest of the monk ‘fist’ skills are more about the status ailments than the damage and energy blast receives bonuses from str int and con.

It would free up points from double punch to go towards more defensive skills in the monk’s list.

hmm, high int and some spi/con.
cl1 -> pr3 -> ch1 -> cl3

If nothing changes, and no more ranks of chaplain comes, this will be it for me! :smile:

That dps… All those buffs did that?

You’ll still need Krivis among those ranks for its Daino, so you’ll probably want to go either Cl2 and take 1 rank of krivis or Cl1 and Kr2 for daino, Zaibas and Zlaciai also scales pretty well with SPR too.

That kind of blows :frowning: Whats the buff limit? And what counts towards it?

i think its 5 for every character but swordsmen. Swordies have it at 7 or 8 dunno remember.
Basically every buff that goes into 1st row counts as buff and Capella takes all 5 of those slots and Last Rites another one and you may want to use Revive too… So Chaplain already goes over the limit. Then safety zone also counts toward buffs when you are in it…

Current limit is nowhere nearly enough to accommodate most of them (i dont say all… but there are still too few slots).