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CBT 2 with 3 separate servers. (All are 🇺🇸 servers)

[Update 26/10/2015]
We just got new update, and we can see only 1 server right now.

I just launch the game and i found this

This is just bad if there are separate servers :(.
Which server u gonna join in? Lets choose 1

Server IP:
Laima: &
Zemyna: &
Gabija: &



I’ll choose zemyna because laima will most likely get crowded as those who are uber hyped in the game will just rush that enter button and get into it :smiley:

And Gabija doesn’t sound too good to me so Zemyna off I go :smile:


Didn’t over 150k people join?
It’s obvious the server is going to be swarmed as soon as the beta starts and I don’t know if my computer can handle 80k+ people on the same map.


So bad, we will be separated :’<
I’ll join Gabija :heart:.:heart:

Won’t the different channels already fix this problem?

not choosing anything yet, maybe they will add even more servers, who knows… unless i missed an announcement that its def. 3 servers and not more, just got here

The poll is moving hehe

Yeah i will wait for more information too.
I really want 1 server that everyone can join :’(

I have misread Laima as Llama… :joy:


HAHAHAH i will choose Zemyna…

same… misread Laima as Llama :sweat_smile:

Gabijas thighs are ichiban. I will be there.


we shall follow where Flag Man would raise his Flag

PS: Laima is best Goddess.


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This is going to be bad if characters are different in different servers

I for one agree on that
I do wish for a character sync between servers :smile:

The idea of servers is interesting and all but I sure do hope that you can at least switch servers without having to make new characters in them.

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Switchign servers would be bad they could add later server vs server pvp would be cool

Would be cool if they did a Realm vs Realm.

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It would also be nice to know if the servers are defined by only in-game parameters or if they refer to the physical servers within different regions. If the latter is true, server location would be an important piece of knowledge to minimize lag.

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oh yeah, if we can switch between server without create new character, that will be AWESOME
Here is :rainbow: and :four_leaf_clover: for that