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Burning Weekend reset bug?

Burning Weekend 5/9/20 Raid reset bug !!
I just login and receive buff but I can’t use reset selection
npc said “Sorry! You have spent all of your reset numbers. Please rnjoy during the next Burning Weekend.”


Dude, they forgot to reset their database kekw, if you reset last time then you can’t reset today. I don’t know if IMC will fix it within today or just let is pass and give us exp tomes :man_shrugging:

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Raid runs = 3 EXP tomes should be enough.

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No response from IMC. @GM_Francis you guys gonna let this pass or something?

same here. but funny joke is other who stand beside me can reset properly…


Do you receive saturday buff before friday buff expired? ? Maybe it’s the cause of bug.

my case I receive a buff before old buff expire.

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i take both buff in 2 toon

take 5 reset from today and spam cm with loot +1k buff (ytd buff)

we 5ppl do same raid and everyone can reset except me :sad:

i received friday buff yesterday but today i havent took the friday buff
so maybe thats not the case :tired:

Same problem … I take the reset without the buff in first time, and now i’m stuck with the same response message …

Same problem here. I took the reset before I got the buff and now I can’t. After getting the buff it should be available. The buff sais:
“… Reset is available only while you have the buff, and once a day.”

I don’t think that means you should loose your reset if you don’t have the buff. It should be like it has no effect if you use it without the buff.


same here … i cant get the reset “Sorry! you have spent all of your reset numbers.”
pls i tryied to log in early to do my legend runs …

I reported when it happened for the first time, but people were busy relativizing the problem, instead of demanding an IMC solution

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relativizing mostly because knowing imc incompetent to begin with
so instead i want to know how some people can actually do reset amid the bug. my guildmate for example did get to reset his run, so i think there is some circumstances that need to be met

The same problem here :confused:

To clarify this misunderstanding why some was able to reset their runs it’s because they haven’t reset last month. If you did reset last month then you can reset now but for those who did reset last month then you won’t be able to reset today.

Idk why imc didn’t reset everything when burning event got reset too, well it’s imc so what do you expect.

so ? do we have any answer about this ?

Same problem here!
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Adding myself to the complain.