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Raid reset bug and and imc's inability to interpret text

So its a bug, or intent ?

imc coding at its finest again

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Hello IMC,

Some answer here please!

Hello everyone,

Kindly send a support ticket for further assistance regarding the matter. Thank you.

thx bot_francis, always here to help


I sent it but the person who answers the ticket at IMC does not have the minimum capacity for text interpretation

You only get one reset during the entire event period (all 3 weekends), not every weekend.

IMC might change this, but that’s how they coded it.

well the npc did said per period instead per week which still ambiguous especially with that (once a day) thing in tooltip instead once per event period.
well if this is the first time you deal with imc messy translation, welcome to the club
the other day i also got disappointed with the previous burning weekend which included gem exemption in the table legend but its not even happening.
what a false hope.

I would like to know how you know: “that’s how they coded it.”

That’s how it’s working in game. Intentional or not, that’s how it’s currently functioning.

the problem is that it’s not written like that.image


“the period” could be inferred as “the event period”, not to mention the website says “one time reset.”

It’s open to interpretation either way.

Is it meant to work on the growth server? So far it hasn’t triggered at all for me, unfortunately.

dear, if it’s not clear, it MUST BE the option does not affect the player in a negative way, that’s why it took 4 years for this game to be playable, the community want to put everything in perspective.
But maybe that…
Can be …
I made a ticket talking about raid reset and my answer was CM …
Dearest @GM_Francis who didn’t even bother to read the post came with a generic response.

Interestingly, “but that’s how they coded it” this week was able to reset
Because: “the period” could be inferred as “the event period”

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weird! i am pretty sure i read someone with fox profile picture posting a reply yesterday about they can reset again. But today i cant found that post. Is it got censored silently?

yup, crazy they have time to hide my post
but not 5mn to explain their community that they made a mistake and some content is available again
incompetence, no communication at all and total disdain toward their community

can’t wait to be monday to discover what will be the next even…, i mean godess cube
the only thing they do properly

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oh hi, hellyers! i remember your icon. And yeah, i dont like the censorship and inequality of forumer level in tos forum too.