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Brief Plans for 2021 Update

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Brief Plans for 2021 Update’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

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Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


That doesn’t sound enjoyable at all, More like making more reason to spend time farming in attempt to delay inevitable death of this game. I like how equipment sharing scheme how it is now. Everything about 1st section is nasty.

The proposed update makes blatant assumption that every player wanted to play every single content, classes, build and roles offered in this game; while ignoring the concept of specialization of multiple fields in a same class tree.

I play same similar builds across multiple character, but there are some slight but important difference among them. that’s how I enjoy variation.

With that proposed update, the current system of ‘farm once and enjoy many small things, farm more and enjoy another big things’ will turn into ‘farm everything every time you want to enjoy any single small or big things’.

My conclusion after reading the summary was “Im going to enjoy this game while it last”.
I guess everything good will eventually end huh.

this game goods came to an end with rebuild as it kill its foremost aspect, build diversity, exploration and field farming

this game exploration value been so long ded, and even episode 13 so on are planned as recycle of orsha map with probably 1 or 2 main quest each map that you can clear in like 5 minute per map and thats it. so if there 3 new map in 13 2 expect to clear it in less than 15 minute.

worse this game turn from semi open world into fully instance dungeon style game to prevent their ptt server from blowing up because of old feature for example like field boss that thankfully already turned into instance dungeon as well, and left only GTW (which still limited) because otherwise the game doesnt have Massive value in "M"MO

worst they kill the fun of theorycrafting build by making a very linear path of progressing whether from limited class synergies or gears options

meta is bound in every mmo game with freedom of building characters but here in tos, in addition to its pretty slow nerf/buff patching, causing meta existence too prevalent, leaving the rest of the not so popular build players questioning whether will their build ever get bufedf in form or synergies or they will kept neglected because all the attention focused on metas

making of several classes into public class or recompositioning sub class if they do it right may add some spice in theorycrafting build but it wont last long as the path is just so linear just so they can manage it easily or more like lazily and #1cheaply

so far sub class recomposition or public class feels just like reasons so that supportive class or classes without weapon restriction become free for all, especially for main dealer tree like wiz sword archer, meanwhile they didnt even mention how to justify for class tree that are 50%+ consist of support classes like cleric or scout as their purpose become dubious

as simple as SFR buff for the dpses class? heh maybe

Just want to highlight this section.

3. Arcade Contents

Dev team is planning to gradually improve the play pattern that is currently focused on Challenge Mode.
As the main approach to achieving the goal, we are preparing a playing method that goes not only by traditional specifications but also content beyond the way of it.
Content that aims to provide a new experience every time via log-like-based arcade content and content that lowers the importance of character’s specifications with Assisters are also being planned.
We plan for these new Arcade contents to be one of the selections reasons for playing the game.

I assume this was a translation opsie, ‘selections’ doesn’t make sense there. A content that can be a reason to play the game is quite a claim

First, new arcade contents using character and Assister.
Through arcade content, we will diversify the farming process, which is concentrated in the challenge mode, and provide useful rewards for the season, alleviating the centralization of the challenge mode, and provide another experience to the saviors.

Character-based arcade content is produced as content that wins or loses according to internal build-up and rules, almost excluding the performance of existing characters and items.
The first character based content is Stage Dungeon Contents, where you can meet distinctive monsters at each stage.

Sounds amazing… A game mode that doesn’t punish players if they aren’t stacked can do a huge good for population maintenance, specially if it is fun. Would still be great if it were at least half as good as it sounds. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

It is the first time in years that the roadmap feels aligned with the game virtues, still skeptical on how it will turn out and also the new potential issues, but at least it seems to be trying to find its way back into character experimentation and individuality (wonder if exploration goes next).

I really hope it turns out well and get the game back on track, still a lot to go but it can be a good restart.


I still wonder why they cannot write rogue-like as it is supposed to be written (though I think they do not know what rogue-likes are, because if TOS would turn into one and your char perma-dies or the equipment is lost forever, people would quit in droves; also,turn-based battle in TOS?).

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The common classes concept seems like an idea to allow for more build variety in the current Re:Build setting where every class is balanced the same way so they’re able to do everything.

Giving classes a fixed 1~2 party skill and 4~5 damage dealing skills fits with the current way classes are balanced and addresses the issue builds had Pre-Re:build where later ranks completely out-performed earlier ranks damage-wise.

The big issue that is still there is that a build with 3 classes continues to be restrictive further expedited by the existence of Vaivora weapons, which have insane stats for only a single class, meaning that we still have the issue of people only playing the strongest build as long as these 2 hurdles exist. Basically, balance is streamlined meaning no class is unique or shining at a particular thing while the strongest equipment (Vaivora weapons) is tailored towards one class of your build only, which you build around and decide what the other 2 classes will be narrowing it down to the strongest options available instead of allowing for uniqueness in class building.

I already see the problem of equipping 4 weapons in this case, allowing some classes like Scouts to equip 3 vaivoras (for example, Rogue + Rangda + Nak Muay) while others can only equip two (for example Crusader + Exorcist) because of the way weapon choices influence the ichor equip capability.
They will have to make the ichors from the cabinet apply to any weapon equipment type (the base stats will be normalized based on one hand weapon values, so this might not be a problem), in this case, every build will be able to equip a total of 4 vaivoras while the build only consists of three classes.
Of course, this will in return create another big jump in power creeping, I’m honestly curious how they are going to adjust for that (crossing fingers it’s not higher HP & defense once again,like always until now).

They will have to rebalance all classes all over again unless they set up a fixed modus operandi for support and defensive classes, because the things right now are all over the place, with some red classes having party support while others being completely selfish. This is the main reason why some classes are vastly superior (+ their focus on high SFRs and burst rather than stable damage output), the party buffs are compensated for by lower overall output.

I agree with you.

The gear progression is tailored towards specific classes and builds while balancing classes and skills is now and will be streamlined into everyone being able to do the same thing. These things totally contradict each other.

The more I think about it the more I lean towards the opinion that Vaivora weapons would better fit into Pre-Re:build than what what we have now and what is planned for the future in regards to class building.

The stats of Vaivora weapons and gear in general should be more beneficial towards a whole class tree rather than one single class or specific builds. The stats legendary (red) weapons had Pre-Re:build, which were much more general stat buffs, would fit the current stat of the game much more.

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They went a 180 degrees back for the character vs team raid entry from ET/Velco days. One of the reasons why the team entry is good is that there is some “forced” downtime where you get to enjoy other contents, now its back again.

Guess competitive players got to make 30 chars and farm raids 8 hours a day 7 days a week to stay competitive. Oh wait this is a game not a job.

they plan to organize it so that you can get a low number of character-based entries per team (probably about 4 since you start the game with 4 char slots if I remember that correctly) on top of the team entries, which is a better solution than the current entry limit that rewards people who have 10-39 alts just to farm daily CM.
This also means that the total entry number for the team will rise to compensate for the lower per character entry number I guess (unless they want to back down and just reduce the individual char entries; I see a problem with the implication that you’d have more daily/weekly entries of the current contents that do not feel rewarding, maybe it will only affect the auto-matching contents).

Competitive is not really competitive anyway, especially with the new system, where the overall outcome will mainly rely on the way IMC screws up the overall balance of classes.
If I have to change my classes and equipment every now and then just to accommodate to the latest changes, all I’m doing is do everything IMC wants, at that point I’m already no longer playing a game but am played by the game to do to the bidding of IMC in every single aspect.

Likely translation error. The rogue like aspect is likely on the side of procedure generated things and losing the things you get through the run (which aligns with the idea of lowering the equipment impact).

Now that we got a rough translation on Enchanter changes, my expectations goes 180º.

The game should always have been pushed towards playing with different builds and classes instead of a single character and maybe an army of clones for farming.

This particular quote from 2.1 was concerning. I added an edited rewrite to be easier to read.

For the total sub class that currently has no deal skill, it will be changed to have 1~2 party skill and 4~5 damage dealing skill.


For the non-base classes that lack damage skills, they will be updated to have 1~2 party buff and 4~5 damage skill.


This means every support class will be updated to have a majority of offensive skills and one or two support skills, when the game is already over saturated with offensive classes (and this change applies to classes that will likely become common classes). One possible reading of that statement is that support classes would receive offensive tools to be effective in solo content but keep being support oriented in the same way Cryomancer is a control class that has access to damage on all skills. What we see with Enchanter new skill set is that the support aspect of the class was removed completely, with no buff + damage skill or (non-damage) debuff + damage skill.

The sole fact a pure support class became a completely generic offensive class with ONE support skills is absurd. It’s the first case in the whole game history where two (maybe three) classes were DELETED from the game to be replaced with offensive classes that have minimum connection to what they used to be. This kind of rework should only be done if the new version provides something that isn’t available anywhere, and this isn’t the case with them.

This won’t make support classes independent, this will DELETE support classes and their playstyle, even harder than control classes.

Enchanter might be an isolated case where they wanted a full change, yet the theme has been butchered harder then when it was moved to Scout. It’s hard to have any faith on Arcade Content after seeing this happening…

PS - A friend just told me that WoW has a rogue-like mode, so i assume that’s another blizzard copy pasta with barely no change like they did with the diablo classes.

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It doesn’t have to if IMC would do a proper rebuild of the classes with 4 potent damage skills and 2 potent support skills which have unified the current buff effects onto these two skills.
Certain skills could easily be turned into a flex skill with an attribute to either deal damage or have a healing effect for example (Restoration,Tree of Sephiroth,Indulgentia,Mass Heal, Healing Factor are possible options) with their own “corruption” attribute just like Heal, so the classes would in general be a 2 support - 3 damage - 1 flex skills (mostly healing skills).

Skills that can be unified:

Oracle : Foretell and Counterspell, Arcane Energy and Divine Might, Prophecy becomes a flex skill
Kabbalist: no need, keeps Ein Sof as sole support and Tree of Sephiroth becomes flex; Clone could become a potential party support skill
Priest: Sacrament and Blessing, Aspersion and Revive, Mass Heal becomes flex
Pardoner: no need, keeps Increased Magic Defense and Simony, Indulgentia becomes flex
Plague Doctor: Methadone and Fumigate, Healing Factor becomes flex,Beak Mask becomes attribute
Dievdirbys: Laima,Ausrine and Zemyna are unified into a carve goddesses trias skill, new skill Carve Medeina becomes flex (healing or damage)
Miko: Kagura and Clap effect, Sweeping becomes flex with new heal effect, Clap becomes Exorcise(damage skill) with salt throwing animation added after clapping
Paladin: Barrier and Sanctuary(Sanctuary effects[defense increase, additional holy property damage] are added to Barrier:Devotion,replacing the physical def boost for the caster), Resist Elements and Stone Skin (half values apply to party members), Restoration becomes flex

If they do it this way, the revamped classes could be way easier to play with damage and team boosts while not totally betraying the initial class concept.

However, it is IMC we are talking about, and now it seems that all they care about is boosting damage and then inadvertently boosting defense and HP of bosses again in a vicious cycle.
Support is thrown under the bus, it might even result in the current red classes like Krivis or Druid becoming the best support classes the game has to offer after the overhaul.

Support classes should be picked for support value and not damage. At the moment the new damage skills have no support value and are half to the majority of the skills, that class can no longer be understood as a support.

It’s all good to give them offensive skills as long as they carry some support value (similar to Cryomancer and control, through freezing). Enchanter rework is disgusting and Thaumaturge can no longer increase or decrease the size of things, except for one of the new skills radius.

Even if we use your take, Cleric classes shouldn’t be the only support option in the game. Before Re:Build it was possible to play support outside Cleric and it had the most active support build in Wizard.

People that play support want to… support.


Here is a piece of feedback.
I liked the changes to Thaumaturge. They look cool AF. And, as a lover of Chronomancer’s theme, I want Chrono to be good and fun, with more than 2 skills to use, please and thank you.
Thanks to Bong, we can see the general looks and CDs of the classes that were recently changed. The damage/cooldowns may not be the very best, but that can be solved given enough time.

The same patch says Thaumaturge, Linker, Pied Piper, Appraiser, Rangda and Enchanter are meant to work in Magic damage builds. Fine. But magic damage right now, in-game, has the property system, which basically defines how the entire build’s theme+bonuses work (introduced in the last big patch released here on iTOS). And “property-less” is not the same as “non-property” in this reality.

The translation may not help, but for example there is no sign of Enchanter’s skill, when used with Taoist or Elementalist in the same build, will be Lightning, Ice or Fire property. The same can be said about all others.

I would suggest to make attributes (low cost, please) that change the property of the damage skills when combined with each group of classes. Change to Fire, Lightning and Ice when paired with Taoist and/or Elementalist, for example. This system already exists. Teleport (Wizard) has an attribute that makes it 2 OH when Psychokino is on the build.

This is kinda advantageous for Dark Wizards (dark property) and DPS Magic Clerics (Holy property), but maybe this means little?

Crusader can already convert all magic damage to holy property.
What they should do is make an attribute like for Druid/Krivis/Paladin that converts the physical stat scaling to magic stat scaling and vice versa, while also defining the attribute type of the attack (Enchanter would fit in as psychokinesis type)

Reading the whole post again, I feel some things are a bit confusing.

Let’s say I’m playing Wizard-Mak Muay (yes, muscle mage memes). For my first 2 weapon slots, I’d have Staff+Trinket. For the other 2 slots, 1H Sword+dagger.

If it averages the attack stat between the weapons, does that mean that my matk is completely wrecked because the sword only has patk? So even if the Nak skills can scale with magic, my matk will be much lower than any normal wizard…

Time to wait until we can see common classes in ktest, I guess.

Would be nice if matk, patk and sub-attack were all fused into a single stat, to allow for these fun, but weird builds. Though that would probably require a rework of the Int and Str stats, and perhaps that’s more trouble than it’s worth…

probably, unless the new goddess equipment only has a unified attack stat.

I think they are going to have to rebalance all the vaivoras first (they stated that they want to put all stat gains at one hand level, including trinkets, probably also including random stats on the new equipment) so their stats don’t destroy the build options, but I’m already sad, Monk vaivora had such a good strike attack boost, now it will be severely crippled, and there is no other vaivora to compensate for that loss :frowning:

So you need 4 weapons to get the same effect as 2 weapons previously had? :thinking:
Feels like a punishment for all the players that dont utilize weapon swapping.

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they will give goddess weapon box and u will be able to upgrade ur current 440 weapons to godess for free