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Borutos Kapas - Future Plans


Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Borutos Kapas - Future Plans’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


this still doesn’t address the issue when the map is majorly populated by one guild

i was kind of thinking

why not just make an official villain guild mechanics to serve boruta?

where getting the rewards is by a kill quota for those invading them

in that way, they will have to balance the number of players going in to meet the quota, else no reward

so they wont overpopulate the map with just their guild members

every other guilds can’t kill each other aside from defeating the villain guild

i heard that KToS had guilds become uninterested on boruta due to it being monopolized by one strong guild

in this way, the villain guilds need to welcome the participation of other guilds to attack them

no kill quota, no rewards from boruta, kill quota is dynamically calculated based on population factors Owo

they can choose to monopolize boruta, but they can’t get anything from it


Can you guys explain how to gain contribuition points in boruta? Thx


What do you plan to do about the guilds that roll in with 40 or more fkng people, it doesnt matter if im invincible for 15 seconds when I load in if theres an entire screen of fortnite brats waiting for me.

We have 3 massive zergs on Klaipedia, and tonight for example, the only guild even in Boruta is Impetus with their giant zerg b/c everyone else just gave up.

Its pretty fkd up that you create content for guilds with only 300 or more people, then again idk why im surprised, what have you gotten right in 3 years?


Looks like that is intended. TopLv Endgame guild content…


Just like Superior Demon Lords, 400 people show up but only 25 people get a cube, and its the 25 biggest whales on the server, b/c they are really hurting for money.

They get another Frieno recipe or Ominous Spirit Crystal, and now they have to find more things to do with the money they cant spend in 3 life times so they just sit in town and shout “WTB Golden Pig 400m, WTB Giltine Doll and Wings 400m” etc.

Meanwhile regular players get to spend their lives slaving away in hunting grounds for blessed shards and primus armor or sapphires etc. to try to keep up with the curb.

In before someone replies with “omg, im so sorry you cant show up to endgame content naked and get free stuff, gitgud noob”.

Im in Velcoffer gear, Velco bow with wastrel ichor, t8 gems etc., we also have people like Sugarlips in our world boss groups and still dont place half the time, so no, please shut up. Its nearly impossible to crack the top 25 on the largest server we have atm with the insane amount of riches people have amassed over the last 3 years, legitimately and not so much.


i think weekend boruta kill is a trap since boruta will regen hp on weekend from 6am, so if you wanna kill it without waste too much time you either kill it before weekend or start to kill on weekend.

Also it’s better if we can have a feature in game which shows memebrs’ contribution to boruta.

At last, you should change the afk contribution mechanic, server like Fedimian consist of peaceful ppl, none will do pvp with such a hp sponged boss so everyone sit together and grind contribution by afk.


Boruta has regen (right now even on weekdays)

This content is designed to be killed by a Strong Guild. You can try hitting it with multiple guilds and will end up hit by massive AoEs, pvper ppl, trolling ppl, etc etc.
If you let small guild to trying to dps it, it’ll end up with more regen than damage loss, thus nobody kill it and nobody get rewards.

For contribution point, you dont really have to ‘forced’ your way to the mid and hitting Boruta and getting killed (unless you are part of dominating guild), just simply stay alive somewhere in the map (preferably in the corner) will give you contribution point.

It is indeed a bad design which forces ppl to admit power gap within server, and very exhausting. GTW is much more relaxing


Future plans isn’t going to fix it from being a mess.

If you want GVG, this would have been a great death match-style map for it. But why add a gigantic unkillable dragon to it, while also forcing people to play for 50 hours a week? Even if you remove the heal, guilds actually wanting GVG will actively do so and prevent anybody from killing it.

You implemented content no one wanted, for rewards everyone wants but most people can’t get, and are being stubborn as hell about adjusting it because the one thing you actually should be listening to players about, you don’t. All this is doing is making players want to quit and the ones who participate succumb to a burnout schedule or accept that they aren’t going to get what they want.

I’m not saying that you should cater to guilds who are 5 people big, that’s stupid. But how is this even remotely reasonable?

Boruta is horrible designed

Oh, if only, if only this was true. Seems like smaller guilds are totally fine letting other small guilds afk in the raid on fedimian so they can get “weapons” to then win GvG and tax them.

I’m actually fine with boruta being as it is, it should make the playerbase compete and either strike deals and help each other out or just completely cuck each other out of the loot.

And as for the “Friendly fire” there is an easy fix to that. Implement the “Friendly” status that can be given to max another or 2 guilds, which in turn forces you to not put neutral as your status as you wouldn’t be able to ally with a guild if you are neutral and gg ez we get some competition going on and some life in the game.
From there, just literally just fix the lags and we actually have fun.

But gettin all that would be dreaming, so, let’s be carebears and hug each other.

Boruta is horrible designed

boruta its like another feature reworked from Lol, like the chrono skills and others stuff " “new” in the game. this is just like a fight from a boss in the lol arena. so why doit so bad? lets make a kind of battleground like the 40v40 on wow or the 10v10 on ragnarok…


Guilds afked on Klaipeda when it dying was assured. The first few nights and even earlier today we had people fighting.


Yes, and i’m pretty sure that if you fight for it everyday maybe the “best guild” can have his first spot but the other 2 are up for contest.

As i said, people are carebears and it’s sad. Why the hell would you want an enemy guild get loot for free when you have the means to literally just kill them and compete for that spot god only knows.


So the best way now to earn pts is just run around, surviving for hours. Amazing.


Yeah. Bring food, some tents, guitars, start a fire and let’s have this Boyscouts camping trip.


Its honestly the first time ive seen any developer go to the trouble of completely redesigning their game to bring old players back and attract new players only to in the same motion send them all packing right back out the door.

Between Re: Build’s massive server issues causing constant lag and crashes to the bugs that caused players to lose items that still have not been replaced to the botching of events like the weekends looting chance bonus or transcendence discount to the toxic pvp based gear progression of Boruta they have managed to repel almost anyone that I know that came back to give this game another chance.

To top it off the elitists are the first to tell people to leave b/c they all basically own their own private Ragnarok servers on ToS, 1 or 2 guilds has a complete monopoly on each server that allows them to control prices and own content like superior demon lords or Boruta.

Alot of these people want the game to stay at 1-2k players b/c they get to run it however see they fit b/c god knows IMC is nowhere to be seen. IF a GM does pop up he basically is like “hey, is X still broken?” and 10 people shout back “ya, X is still broken, are you fixing it at some point” and then he vanishes.

As always, working as intended, IMC quality control approved.


Yes, very true. To have a good gear means you’re lucky through the RNG system (success in ichor/enhancement in 1 to 3 tries), on the other hand, many still stuck in getting a good gear for such content.

This is why I semi-quit this game for you need the time to re-do all items again due to RNG failures instead of using it to enjoy new content such as this. Yes, I failed ichor too many times and it makes me lost interest to further play this game.

For now, I jz will just sign-in once a while to have a little chat with my old war buddies.


Weird, I failed like 4 times on the first piece I tried, and my weapon 6 times. And then I succeeded 10/13 in rank 10.

Unless you mean: To have good gear means not uninstalling the first time you fail to ichor after posting like 20 threads and images of your 0 pot item.

  • First clan in contribution should have a bounty on his head the next day.
  • Clan with less than 10 players in the raid should not participate in PvP.


Just take off the idiot pvp from this, and let it be just a World Boss! Make mass GVG content in the future if your team want it so much, but for Boruta, let it be what it is, W O R L D - F U C ( K ) I N - B O S S !