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Borutos Kapas - Future Plans


The immunity effect should last a little longer. If you move and loose it, then it will not prevent more populated guilds to camp and prevent some people to at least try to reach Boruta and properly play the content.

Maybe create random spawn locations or extend the duration of the immunity like when you move, it will last for 5~10s more only, using any skill will cancel it.


Where are these 300+ member guilds? If we go by your definition of massive zergs, we don’t even have 1 massive zerg on this server, much less 3.
Channels only allow for 100 people maximum. How are 400 people showing up for a demon lord? How are they showing up for Boruta?
You do not actually exist in game, so how do you have the gear you say you do? I’ve played this game for 3 years and level 8 gems and velco gear are for whales that swipe their card, so what are you complaining about?

You are so full of ■■■■ and misinformation that I’m not sure what high school you got kicked out of recently, but you deserved it. You also desperately need something else to do with your life than play your hand at being CNN on a video game forum.


there was this huge golden pig running around it was scary!!!


So when Castello shouted the first night in world chat “we only have 37 people in here atm, get your facts straight” I was making that up too right, b/c the entire server saw the shout.

Or your lil gay video you shot, notice how it was only 3 blobs of the same 3 guilds, I also like how you took only the footage from the last couple hours after you guys ran off the majority of the server with the spawn camping.

You sure seem to go to alot of effort to shoot down fake news.