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Boruta Seal System made 30% of the invested players quit

Who the ■■■■ had the idea that seals, even at max % chance to upgrade could break going from 2 to 3?
I mean, my my, the game is filled to the brink with tons of gamble systems that slowly but surely make players lose and lose and lose.
if you’re the person that tries to take ichors out of items without 3-of-each (usually primus but expensive stuff like ignas plate works too) you’re just straight up used to losing 100million silver through the course of a day.
but the seal system is slightly different, in a sense that there is no “slowly losing”, you throw away 1 billion silver in a roulette, just like that.

its not really the main reason, but its what makes people realize that alll the work they put up in things in TOS can go to waste in seconds due to so many roulette systems in the game.
I am in the strongest guild in the biggest server, Silute, and I constantly see players quitting the game because “his/her seal failed”, this happens so often that it disgusts me that this wasn’t changed.
I was one of the lucky few that didn’t lose 1B trying to upgrade a seal, but damn why hasn’t this changed yet?
Sure, failing the seal upgrade only makes you realize how ■■■■■■ up the entire game’s system is, which leads you to then quit the game, but the simple fact the game allows players to see this is wrong, especially because this only happens to deeply-invested players as newcomers don’t go as far as trying for a level 2 seal, but they also do not spend as much time and money into the game.

Every week another player, fully invested into the game with things like full trans10 equipment and drakonas set, quits the game because of this and I am not even exagerating.


When I was ready to upgrade my seal from 2 to 3 a guildmate told me that the upgrade could fail, and that only idea of me losing like 2 months of farming makes me want to quit in that moment, but I was lucky and the seal pass to 3.
From 2 to 3 is like 70% chance to success so 30% to fail and that is A LOT for something so expensive, IMC really hate its players -_-


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Its 4 lvl 1 seals + 14 magic stones for 2 lvl 2 seals with 100% chance then another 13 magic stones for lvl 3 with 70% chance so not 1 bil but still very expensive

even in the recent low prices it STILL costs half a billion (500million) silver to ATTEMPT to do it, its STILL months of farm/dedication for an attempt, and like I said this is only one of many exploitive things in TOS, the only difference is that different than other “gamble exploitive mechanics” like ichor extraction and enhance system, this one is “in your face”, because you work for a very long time towards a goal and then it has 30% chance to fail.

trust me on this one, everyone that fails a seal upgrade attempt quits the game, even if “only” for a few months(most quit for good though, I know one person that came back after failing a seal but everyone else that failed straight up gave up on the game)

Not to mention trying to get Seal Level 5. That’s some Legend card level of BS…:tired:

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does anyone even have level 5 seal ? even in ktos i dont see one, is there a whale that made it already?

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thankssss for this. and just one last question, are there a lot who have lv5 or actually just a handful whales? and dang 36% O_O

and any in itos?

People started to link level 3 not long ago on Silute sooooo… prob no one.

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30%? really? which stat?

No, to put it simply, many people had already left the game for several other reasons … it’s just one more reason. To play the casino we have the “Caesar Palace”. I guess there will be more on the list and that I have not included.

p.d: I recommend that you leave the ship before it sinks (or become a ghost of David Jones).

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It does seems really expensive. However, there are many seals being produced from Boruta Rewards each week to help alleviate the cost. Players that are in Boruta Top-5 rank guilds are probably going to get seal upgrades easier and cheaper. I think we’ll probably be seeing quite a few more Level 3 Seals soon. Maybe IMC will decide to ‘buff’ the success rate as well. Hang in there, guys. Level 4 seal soon?

The bottleneck isn’t really the seals themselves any more, it is the magic stones.

They probably should allow you to transmute blessed gems to magic stone or allow blessed gems to up the %.

But this is related to an issue with blessed gem value depression that has been happening.

Honestly, I wouldn’t try to sink slivers for boruta seal if it that would be the last thing on your progression list.

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Dunno what your input here is attempting, but weird flex I guess?

At least it will get better with time, as they introduce more content I am sure they will start giving more and more Magic Stones and maybe even put in gachas like Practoniuns in Leticia Boxes. Seals are already losing price withh everyweek boruta rewards.
They need to fix is the stupid legend card level system. I don’t get why they sell these legend enhancement cards every leticia box but it’s almost impossible to level up the card using this system.

IMC has always made the mistake of considering RNG failure to be a form of content. All it does is feed on gambling addictions, and frustrate the average player.

Gacha, Anvils, Enchant Scrolls, Enchant Jewels, Ichoring, Seals, Awakening, the list goes on and on. Layers of RNG suck and discourage people from playing the actual content of the game, possibly because IMC wants to divert your attention from the lack of content and instead run the hamster wheel of RNG.

IMC made the right move by making Transcendence accessible to everyone. Hopefully with their ‘casualization of content’ this will mean a reduction in RNG as content.