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Beginner's Pack Coming Soon!

You told us that we will get “TP bundles, 100TP / 300TP /
500TP respectively” and what we got is this “Beginners pack" with 190 TP, even with free 5 TP you wont able to buy token. I dont see how this pack will encourage new people to buy it. It was really poor f2p launch...There were a lot of forum threads that people are ready to throw the money on tp bundles, just give them that. Honestly I think the game losing money. Or another thought. You just want to give us this "Beginners pack” because we have no other options to get TP, wait for some time, while enough packs being sold and then give us “Veterans pack" and after some time we might get some "TP bundles". As alternative you could make some changes in the "Beginners pack” for example make it 100 TP and include 1 month untradeable token. I think it will be more encouraging for people to buy it. People who can`t hold money anyway will buy every pack :slight_smile:
I just wanted “TP bundles” on F2P release.

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What on Earth…? Just…no.

This isn’t a bad idea, but not before regular bundles are available. But with 100 TP being $9,and the plan 100,300,and 500 TP…you need to consider lowering the prices of those female hairs. Just saying.

Not to mention the other problems plaguing the game right now. This announcement as a whole just was not a good idea.

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With usual way, rip them off of game…

I think that the access to Telsiai is restricted to the Founder’s Packs because you can only play if you had a team in the server before the f2p launch, so I doubt that you will be able to enter the server with this pack :frowning:

Please note that [SEA] Telsiai will temporarily become exclusive to players already on the server,

It looks like the beginner pack as well as TP are hinging on Valve approving the go ahead for the selling of items. Packages will probably come at the same time as TP. Patience it will arrive eventually.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Except when you are still starting out and cannot afford 350K but still want to enjoy the benefits of a token. I personally am just getting started and I have nowhere near the amount to buy a token yet. I am far from higher levels but still wouldn’t mind have the abilities from a token to enjoy the game a bit more . And for those who are higher levels 350k might seem like pocket change, I’m not there yet.

But what if they want to only offer 1 per person? If its a beginner package you don’t want them to abuse it if they are actually discounting their sales. Its like the TP founders pack at $10. You couldn’t just buy 100 of them and just reap the rewards later in game when they go back up to 100% value.

@STAFF_Ines what if I´m from south america but I like playing in Orsha because all my online friends are there, can I still get the DLC

It depends a bit on the price but if its 1 per acc and u get a 15 days token its not that bad to test it out.
In this 15 days. they have time to provide a real shop

Naughty IMC baiting begginers into buying this pack… can’t even buy a freaking token in TP shop with this little TP.
I don’t think beginners need potions that bad. We already get a lot of SP potion per quest completed and the silver earned at early levels can buy a bunch of HP potions. I’d rather get enhance scrolls so that I could have a chance of getting good headgear stats.

100,300 TP is a lot of TP…

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So persistent Hily! :sparkles:

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In fact, I think tokens should be sold about 500k or more, 350k its funny… Haha

FIX FKIGN SERVERS FIRST… selling pack and dont have time to fix SA-SILUTE server, fix map crash fix FPS, then u can sell easy the pack… i payd to play the game and IMC have no respect for it 2 days cant play my chars because Silute server have so many MAP Crashes, DCs.
CMON IMC work first on ur Servers.

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I second that question. I am considering to purchase it in the future. I am living in Australia but choose to play in Klapedia. Would it still applicable to me?

Can I please just buy TP I don’t care about this ■■■■.


What a bs begginers bait , cant even buy a token…