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Beginner's Pack Coming Soon!

Greetings, Saviors!

Please check the link below for the announcement. Thank you.

IMC Staff


can we please just have the option to buy TP when we need it? And not this once per account thing? I mean, just take my money already for the love of god.


how about announcement of new server transfers?
Thank you IMC!

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with this beginner’s pack
will i be able to purchase for the [SEA]Telsiai and gain the access to this server, if i do not have one before?
appreciate your feedback

Why potions? Swap it for Enhancement scrolls.
p.s: add reset status potion to TP shop.


because enhancement scroll doesn’t help all that much for beginners compared to potions.

there will be a veteran pack, dunno what’ll be in it tho


But those are Super supreme potions. o.o

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Yeah. Instant refill to those wiz, archer HP :smiley: (if not CON build)

Please noooh



btw tokens n tp shop are they 195 or 198? if 198 goodluck to u new comers. if 195 u could buy the 30 days token with this bundle after like 4hrx5 to get free 5 tp=195 total tp.

Failed! I just want TPs…and each dlc can be purchased once per Steam account = super fail.
Guessed IMC dont need my moneh

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In game Token price is 198 TP ea

TP from this pack is 190 so yep you can’t buy Token with this pack.


Having dlc’s trough Steam is a bad move IMC, since players cant repeatedly buy em, so why not just make it possible to buy TP trough the game and then spend it in the shop… This way you guys will have to keep pestering Steam/Valve to aproove new dlc’s one after another…


new comer please be aware~

eh, isn’t super supreme potion more useful than enchant scroll at early level? isn’t this my point? XD

Tokens are being sold in market for 350k, its a foolishness to spend real money in it

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All of those Token being there because someone spend real money on it.


they aren’t dumb they need to motivate beginners into spending more money…

that been said…

I hope the cost is as beginner friendly as the pack :smirk:

I hope so too.

My friend just told me there is no TP in veteran package @_@.