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Beginner's Pack and Veteran's Pack Now on Sale!

Greetings, Saviors.

Please check the link below for the announcement. Thank you.

IMC Staff

Unfortunately you guys are losing lots of potential customers on that due to region locks. Curse Steam.

I would suggest you to switch to stand alone selling, use your website to sell TP packs and other stuff. Through Steam is a no go for some of us, i am on Brazil but i play on Klaipeda, and i don’t plan on play on SA server for lots of reasons (not even because of technical issues).


… and you can’t buy the NA DLC because of localization? Honestly, feelsbadman.

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No, it don’t allow, it is Steam police unfortunately.

I have a canadian friend i used to gift her every year, i can’t do that either lol. Only through sites like Humble Bundle or Indie Gala.

Please fix the region problem or allow players to move across servers.
I don’t think most of us want to start whole team again and buy your DLC if it can’t.


Oh my goodness. Just now reading about this.

Both packs should include TP…and perhaps more in them at those prices.

I also agree with @Nirimetus.If you guys had started stand alone instead of with Steam, we’d probably have TP bundles by now, and less complications with payment exploits that depend on someone else for fixing. I realize that’s harder when you’re smaller, but the pay off would have been more than worth it.


1 - R$62 or R$69 reais, i cant believe that

2 - i cant understand why theres no TP on Veteran Pack

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I have the same issue.

So friggin overpriced? Like srsly. Fix your friggin game issues before trying to make friggin money.


They could start with small packs to get a feel on how it would go, i mean, i would buy TP even if it was packs of 100 TP to start with, after looking at how it would go, they could include bigger packs.

I am not sure how they added the prices when they setup it on Steam, but the updated conversion they are using is really brutal, i mean, those packs aren’t worth that much imo, with that price i can buy some uber packs on other games out there, even on mobile games the packs of that price have much better stuff in them if you compare the utilities.


Servers lags all day like hell.
Optimisation so horrible.
DLC price so crazy.
This cooooooombo…
Nice management and development strategy…

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Frankly speaking, i think these packs completely miss the mark.
Let alone the price, what’s with those contents? People are still waiting for a way to buy TP, to get the tokens or what else - in short, items they’re actually interested in.
Adding things to inflate the price of the packs will only drive people away from them. Especially if they are items that rely upon luck to be useful (yep, those enchant scrolls).
It is fine to have some fancy pack with additional items, but you should first put some plain TP pack first. Eventually one with TP and token, but that’s it. And as long as prices are reasonable, people will buy them.
Well, bringing here the costumes that are already available in the korean version would also help in that regard. Those are things people would gladly buy, after all.

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They ruinned their own game. Congrats!

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no tp in veteran pack? that’s ridiculous. :joy:

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why are prices so expensive?

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OK so ummm it’s kinda bad that the ingame price for things or absurd and dont really cater to new players at all but now you put out a BEGINNERS PACK with minor items that cost a whopping 30 bucks …for (beginners) how exactly is that for noobs/novices/super novices are you trying to tell people that the only way to enjoy this game is by paying out of your BUM? do you guys like not care about the players on this side of the world or how well your game will go? i have really high hopes for this game but you guys seem like you want to become the next EA and only care about the profit end of the stick. you have a really great game here please try and do better by the people who actually want to play it and give it a chance and as mentioned above by others your better off starting with tp packs than packs like this that severely overcharge people for some basic items that they could of bought with straight tp welp good luck and may the odds forever be in your favor

Those prices are surreal for the content included if you wanted to scam people at least put some effort into it. i bought early access which was also way too expensive but this? 28 euro and 32euro for those bundles? you are mad IMC good luck with that. So many people wanted to support this game but you constantly denying yourself that with each ideas one more stupid then previous. seriously, before you announced those “bundles” ive loaded 30 euros on steam so i would be ready when they will be available to buy but sorry. you wont get a penny from me. make more realistic prices and more realistic content if you wish to get some cash from european gamers. You try to rip us off every time you can. Thats sad.

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Im in NA but I play with my friends in SEA. Now I’m screwed, I cant buy any DLC for the region Im playing.


How the F___ did Steam/Valve approve these retarded prices? 38.54 for beginner pack, and 44.97 for veteran pack for Canadian prices? This is 100% not worth it. Can’t even buy TP directly???

I wanted to support this game, not rip myself off. Most sub based games are 10-15 a month. I would pay 7-15 bucks for premium token a month for this game. I will 100% NOT pay 38.54 for 15 days, and 45$ for 30. The value is not there at ALL.

Get your head on straight IMC. This is beyond ridiculous.