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Beauty Shop removes all past hair colors


I tried doing a makeover in my character and after purchasing the new hairstyle and hair color of my character, all my past hair color were deleted (the ones from defeating hanamings, crafting 100 items, etc.)

Was this intentional? or a bug? Would like to hear the explanation behind this. I hope IMC will clear this issue.

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Give me back my hair color and eye dye

I just checked mine too, yeah everything’s gone lol. I would assume it takes priority over your old hairstyles and once you remove the new hairstyle your old dyes come back. Probably coded this way to prevent some weird interactions or something if you were to try to switch your dyes on a beauty shop hairstyle with the old system dyes.


Yes this.
They are all back while you use a old Hair(Wig).


My hair colors come back when I wear an old wig… but I think we should receive a char-bound default wig just in case the player does not have any wigs available


that isn’t just sad…

It’s TERRIFYING :scream:

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No way I’m buy hairstyles now :tipping_hand_man:


i think it’s because the new hair can’t be applied with the old dyes ‘w’;

which i didn’t mind since my original hair is terrible anyway

this also makes it that people would buy their old original hair

puts more value to it than just hearing people say “eh, but that hair is free when you create a new character”


I see.

Kinda sad you cant use your old dyes with the new hair. But I’m glad to know that it works with the old wigs.

Thanks for the info!


so You cant use PREMIUM hair color with dyes obtained by playing? thats awful my 500 hanamings on most characters pink, white, blue dye unlock just to be stuck with basic color, no thanks :slight_smile:


he new haircuts come with their own color…

like vomit pink and ice-scream man


yay, I just fell into this trap with the new free hairstyle coupon, now I’m stuck with the mint green and light pink colour unless I charge some TP (trap points) to not look as if I’m the other way around ingame…

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Yep, fell in the same trap with free hair coupon. That’s what you get when you don’t do some research. > >

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Yup, this also has happened to me today… another reason to leave this buggy mess of a game

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It is not a bug, it is an “intended” mechanic/restriction…

If you want reasons to leave this is the dumbest of ones, please pick another :confused:

Indeed! Even knowing, as soon as you forget something you are prone to get screw up by an oversight :frowning:


Well I still used the free coupon to get a haircut on one of my waifus. The vanilla/strawberry italian ice cream one was fitting well with the vanilla/strawberry Onmyoji costume. :haha:

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Yeah its pretty silly. Logic says youd be able to use the achievement dyes since its a hairstyle, not a wig.



It has always been like that but yeah it’s ridiculous.


It would definitely make more sense if premium hairstyles were wigs as well…rather than overwriting your default hairstyle with no way to switch back without a wig lol


Now u cant switch to premium colors with new hair styles. Why they sell them together if didnt work at all? Just buyed a hair them a color few moments later and color never workes over the new pinky hair shet. What a trash code group we have