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Ban Request ⛔

Since nobody make a thread about this, i will make one.
This guy @altoestratos spam forum alot today, begging for beta keys.



I agree with you!! I have been flagging this person’s posts every time I see them. Ban the begger!!

Same here! Flagged this guy so many times :frowning:

yeah, hijacking random threads is inconsiderate

Darwin theory said that humans evolved from monkeys, well I can almost see the truth of it within this guy.

@PoohVz can we also add abusive players here?

Yeah, you can.
Bad behavior, spam,… just request here and hope staff will do smth about it

Hey, don’t insult monkeys.

Would like to report Kiev on the Gabija server. He’s spamming the shout way more than the brazilian trolls and I, as a brazilian player who did NOTHING wrong and was just playing and have fun with friends has to deal with this xenophoby.

Hope IMC disable the shout chat in the upper screen and ban both brazilian spammers and xenophobic douchebags.


This topic was meant to be:

“Wants to ban someone? Post here.”

Make it happen Pooh

Use it wisely :smiling_imp:


You guys are such a nerds. I spammed for about 30 mim because I was desperate to get one betakey, so what. Who cares about what you guys think =D I’m already playing with my brothers key. So chill out. You guys are just babies raging. Peace

Seem legit for a spammer

:kissing_heart: :heart: you make my cry.

Thank you for this topic. We will look into the users to ban.


please look. I swear it was a momentousness thing never to be done again. But I know the drill, you are the boss here, so you decide =D



Lol yeah, the irony. :sweat_smile: It was too funny not to point out sryyyy :joy: :joy: :joy:

Request ban @moons32097, spamming forum with image


I second the ban of @moons32097. The majority of his posts are inappropriate and/or spam. He has apologized, but then just continues doing it.