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Aussies need to be offered a transfer please. SUPER DISAPPOINTED

Yes it is a part of SEA… Please take the time to type into google would of taken less time then it did to post your stupid ignorant comment.

Ping is a lot lower for me than the US servers. Conecting from QLD

stfu dog don’t post if you don’t have anything good to say

Connecting from VIC here, 150-300 ping. I transferred from Kal as well and there is definitely an improvement in ping.

As for the language barrier, I’ve seen tagalog once in awhile but I’d say the main language would still be english. No matter which server you go, there’d be some people speaking their native language which, surprise surprise, isn’t english. However when they realise I don’t speak their native language, I find it sweet that most of them try their best to communicate with me in english.

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I’m getting 120-140 ping from Adelaide, Australia.

IMC was offered the IP of Singapore server before the transfer, for you to test the ping and decide to transfer or not.

So, you’re on you own at this point, I guess. :confounded:

I think it would be best for Australians to have their own server. Its what they did with Heroes of the Storm.

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Maybe you are blind or illiterate ? But in the OP i posted a picture of the ping from the test server which is 160ms… which is half of the klaipeda server ping i had, yet now i am on here, my average ping is 450-700ms…

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Because you are so retarded and cannot understand what is in the OP, i did a simple picture for you, but it seems even pictures are hard for you to understand.

Here is a ping test on the SEA server Klaipeda server and a ping to the SG SEA echo server all taken on both my monitors in 1 picture so your small brain can comprehend it.

Let me break it down for you to.

Ping on Kalipeda is 280ms.

ECHO test to SG server is 160-170ms So ok thats better i chose to transfer.

Ping now on SEA server is 400-700ms…

Easy to grasp yet ?

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If the playerbase on Oceania is good, they might make one. I highly doubt it tho.

Oh I was through you check after tranfered, sorry my bad.

…but why all the Insult? :cry:

Because you are the 100th person to come into these threads about the issue and make a bad statement without reading a single thing.

I’m sorry then. we’re good? :sweat_smile:

NZ and Aussie for a server vs whole SEA region which is bigger?
Getting around 150-200ms on oversea server is consider okay, but not every aussie players is getting 400-500ms as OP mention…

That’s why I said this. Dota 2 has a good Oceania playerbase that’s why they have their own server.

Ping now on SEA server is 400-700ms…

Show us the traceroute then. No, not the one to echo server which you already shown, but a new one which is giving you 400-700ms.

Anyone don’t make a fool of yourself. If it is bad routing, it will never be IMC problem. You can bark here for all you want but it has nothing to do with IMC.

If you want bang table for bad routing, go find your ISP.

Of course another reason for bad ping is obviously crap server(which get overloaded/overcrowded easily due to low capacity). Although this is an IMC problem, but again you have no case against IMC. You either quit because you feel the Dev is stingy and providing lousy service quality, or continue to suck it up. In such situation, Kalpedia is “smooth” simply cuz everyone feel that server is laggy and crowded as hell and transferred out, leaving Kapledia now the least populated server and thus “not laggy”

Good luck on getting refund unless you are smart enough to use a brand new steam account to play ToS.

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You should follow your own advise with the google. Australia is NOT a part of SEA. That being said, 700 ping isn’t normal either.

Get a good internet instead of cheapo isp with bad routing [usa -> sg] probably get you 500-700 ms, 4head.

I wouldn’t be surprised if echo server wasn’t in same DC than current server…
+1 for the traceroute

edit :
Oh, maybe not… Tree of Lagging everywhere
Tree of undersized servers and bad optimizations :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be in the same location. Singapore is very small.

Asking him to show traceroute is cuz I suspect the server is simply unstable. So if the traceroute still shows the same path(just worse ping due to overload server), then OP can’t say IMC cheated him.

IMC never once said they will provide players with non crowded server lol.