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Aria Academy (wiki, guides, and more)

Aria Academy

A wiki containing guides, lists, and information about Tree of Savior content, equipment, and materials. It is maintained by members of the Aria Guild and various outside contributors.

The site is written in English.
More information about the Aria Guild: [SEA-Telsiai] Aria (Recruiting!)



  • establish a reliable knowledge-base for Tree of Savior


Guild members and contributors primarily chat and collaborate through the Aria Guild Discord.

Plans for the Future

  • Finish the guides
  • Thai language translation

We’ve finished writing some of the pages!

Read more at Aria Academy

Special thanks to @yochuico2 and all the other contributors!


Hi @staff please unflag this, community is abusing the flag functionality on actual useful and helpful content.

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No bro, u cant flag just only for 1 account, and 1 account can only flag 3 post (maybe) in a day, after 3 times u will got pinalty flag for 24 hour. From what I saw he got more than 3 flags in 1 day. It is possible that many hate him.

I’m grateful that @awiaaa always supports websites about toss guide or etc, but there is a behavior that makes people hate her. My Guilds also don’t like him.

lol this might be true :rofl:

Who cares what guild you come from , why bother mentioning it and i dont see you contributing anything helpful nor meaningful to the community

what guild if I may ask? and what is the reason you hate her?

Can everyone refrain from replying unless it’s related to Tutorials, Guides for ToS in Aria Academy :slight_smile:

If you have complaints make another thread.


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Good people will get a good environment, but if your enemies are more than your friends, it means that there is something wrong with you. Your friends will definitely support you but not others. Let’s fix it and don’t repeat the same mistake.

This game is dying. Why not fix the community before this game closes?

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Woah… so many replies! We’re looking for contributors. You can ping me on the r/tos Discord if interested! :slight_smile: Here is the site link if you missed it

true in a sense but it depends. Let’s say you are hated because you do the right thing.
Reporting bots for example.

anyway let’s stay on the topic of this thread.


Updated the Contributors List! Special thanks to the following saviors:

  • Rhoss
  • Degenelate
  • Showy
  • theJOKER
  • BetaTea
  • Rehgidor
  • -Maple
  • Matsurika

hi @moderators @staff can you make this unflaggable, kind of stupid to have people flagging helpful posts for no reason whatsoever and being childish


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Hi, I’m one of the few WL-SM-BK players on the Telsiai server. Please don’t call contributors such names. Since we’re short-staffed, I regret to inform you that I wasn’t able to review this – but it has since been edited. If you’d like to further contribute, you can contact me.

Spirit and Darkness Build

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Some updates!

Read more at Aria Academy

If we missed anything or written anything incorrectly, feel free to let us know in this thread.