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Aria Academy

A wiki containing guides, lists, and information about Tree of Savior content, equipment, and materials. It is maintained by members of the Aria Guild and various outside contributors.

The site is written in English (EN).
More information about the Aria Guild: [SEA-Telsiai] Aria (Recruiting!)

This is a duplicate of Aria Academy (wiki, guides, and more)


I’m grateful for your contribution to the community and some of
these guides are really helpful for newbies, but I have some suggestions.

Please stop including the aria guild(recruiting) in your posts because it feels incredibly bias
at least for me.

I know there are contributors outside of the guild in the site and I think that is great because the community helps one another.
And I know that the name of the site is “ariacademy” denoting the guild itself, just like yorocademy.
But, i never feel like yorocademy wanted to advertise a guild through their efforts of helping the community.

Yorocademy was a great site, but tbh, I only ever visited because of ktos wbr rankings.
And I never really checked out their guides.
It is not because i want to copy the cookie cutter builds, it is because those give good ideas of what classes are buffed that would be interesting to experiment on for a unique build.

Aside from that everything is appreciated. Tavern of Soul is also a really good database imo.

One last thing, I know you are a vice guild master for support guild, and you have recruited for aria for atleast once or twice implicitly, and I don’t know if that was intentional or not.
Please be impartial, because it feels like you are fishing new players to join the guild.
If you still wanted to do so, you could stay in aria and still be able to help new players from there.

Just my opinion, you probably have good reasons that i’m not aware of, so if i sounded
rude or wrong, then I am sorry.

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You know, if you’re dissatisfied with how Aria Academy is ran just make your own.

I fund the Aria Academy and we do whatever we like with it. It’s not a community wiki where everybody can publicly contribute. The contributors are invite only but they are free to contact us if they’re interested.

As with how Awiaaa as VGM in TSG, again if you complain about this then why not apply. If you have concerns about it then talk to staff. If she’s doing something wrong she should be out of TSG already but she’s not so I don’t get your point really.

As it stands Aria Academy is an Aria brand and we’re rightly proud of it. It is the work of our guild and the many contributors we have outside of Aria and across the different ToS Servers. We will do as we please.


The other tos support vgm here, I welcome anyone who wants to recruit members from us. That is our guild purpose after all.


I understand if that is the case then please continue, as I’ve said, it’s not a complain but rather a suggestion. Now you told me it’s an aria brand, then okay I’ll back off easy.

Yes, well im fine with that but that is not my point, but now I understand that the site is an aria brand then i will now shut up, thank you for being understanding

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tavern of soul is my guild name btw :>


Uhm… okay?