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[Guide] Memory of Flame 🔥

Goddess Message: Memory of Flame

Content where you hit mob-type and boss-type monsters like the old Division Singularity. Mobs and bosses are all normal-race and differ in property types (Fire, Ice, Poison, Dark, etc.)

This is a copy of the Aria Academy Memory of Flame guide. Last updated May 04, 2022. This guide is written by Awiaaa and Matsurika. More info on Aria Academy.


  • Gear Score 7300 above
  • Accuracy
    • Solo — 2500
    • Normal — 4500
    • Hard — 5000


  1. Consume the Memory of Flame One Entry Voucher (available for 3000 Mercenary Badge on the Merc Shop)
  2. Go to the Content Status Board (F10)
  3. Under the Raid tab, find Goddess Message: Memory of Flame
  4. Select your difficulty level (Solo, Normal, or Hard)
  5. Click Enter (Note: the Party Leader must enter first)

What to Do

  • DPS — attack everything
  • Healer — keep party members alive


Party Leader Items

  • Gabija’s Aura — summon one random Gabija’s Aura on the location of the caster when used (can be used twice)

  • Sacred Power — charge party skill once when used (can be used twice)

Party Leader Skills

  • Final Damage Increase — final damage increases by 100% for 60 seconds
  • Skill Cooldown Decrease — skill cooldown decreases by 50% for 45 seconds
  • Damage Immunity — immunity to damage received for 35 seconds

Gabija’s Auras

  • Black — placeholder aura, indicates the position of future auras
  • Blue — freezes every mob
  • Purple — vortex that sucks in nearby mobs
  • Gold — inflicts aiming debuff (maybe similar to the Falconer skill?)
  • Green — reduces the AoE Defense Ratio to 0
  • Red — decreases the defense of nearby mobs by 50%


  • Solo
    • 1x Fire Flame Earring Fragment
    • 3000x Goddess Token (Gabija)
    • 3x Fire Flame Earring Fragment (Untradable)
  • Normal
    • 2x Fire Flame Earring Fragment
    • 3000x Goddess Token (Gabija)
    • 2x Fire Flame Earring Fragment (Untradable)
  • Hard
    • 4x Fire Flame Earring Fragment
    • 3000x Goddess Token (Gabija)
    • chance of additional 60x Fire Flame Earring Fragment


  • Be prepared to get swarmed and stun-locked on the solo mode
  • You can opt-out of bringing a healer on Normal runs, just bring enough Urgent Repair Kits (purchasable from the Goddess Token Shop)
  • Bring 1 healer on Hard runs, preferably an Oracle (for Prophecy and Death Sentence)
  • Skills that deal AoE damage and inflict CC debuffs are recommended for a faster clear


  • Attack everything
  • Get fragments for earrings