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Are we gonna get the weekend thingies back? @IMC staff


You know you just disabled it “temporarily”
But after maintenance and we still haven’t heard whether or not you will enable it again

I’m talking about
+2000 looting chance on weekends
Half Identify cost
Half enhancement cost
Half Transcend cost

you know that event that got ■■■■■■ with all the timezones
Need some clarification @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_Ines


You’ve promised us bonuses but didn’t deliver it. 2 weeks has been passed!
When you bring back Gear Grind Weekends ?
We need official answer


I just want to know if we get it or not, I’m sitting on tons of mats that I wanted to use during all this time but if IMC can’t make the event work then at least tell us

There is like no communication





Answer please.


I imagine they are still out spending the piles of cash all those delusional people forked over on the 13 dollar demon dress-up cubes.

Check back in a few more days.


Daily reminder, still no information of when and if you’re gonna bring it back






They don’t work on weekends. You’re not going to get a response during the next 2 days.


That’s funny because this threads been up and pinged for the past 3 days. Also next week they have a korean holiday so it’s even more likely that they won’t respond until the end of the week if not by following week.


@STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @Staff_Yuri


There’s no information to provide. It’s bugged and needs fixing. When and if it’s fixed, they will let you know. Until then, as they stated, it’s disabled until further notice. You claim there’s no communication, but they explained what I just stated already; there’s no further news to provide for there to be any more communication. They literally have no news to provide to make any sort of post.

This is how bugs work. IMC doesn’t have an ETA of when it will be fixed, especially not staff members who post on the forum (who are not developers nor managers that prioritize and schedule bug fixes).
This bug is no different.

Spamming the forum with discontent won’t change this.


THat’s just like your opinion man, you dont work at Imc
Maybe if I tag them enough they gonna reply to me even if I can make them reply to me 1 day faster I’ll do that


Considering they are not even at work for the entire next week, I believe that is pretty much impossible.


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The man is asking for confirmation of whether or not the event is coming back. Never did he ask for an ETA on the fix. There’s a difference.

PS. Do you work for IMC now? You seem to be quite active in moderating and vouching for IMC and their decisions both in game and in the forums.


Until further notice means whenever there is notice. There is no notice yet, so there is no information available. It doesn’t matter what the information is that he’s seeking, there’s none to provide.

No, I just hate people spamming the forum for no reason. It is illogical to spam for a response when it is literally impossible to get one because the staff isn’t in the office, and that’s ignoring all the reasons why it’s a fruitless effort to begin with. I neither claim to be a moderator nor is there any way for me to do so here or in game; not even sure how you would get that impression in game.

Telling people they’re wasting their time to save their breath has nothing to do with moderation.


You have no idea what you’re talking about, my gf just got a response on one of her tickets
So IMC is working on weekends too


Only the staff that answers support tickets, which is not the same staff that posts on the forum or has any information about upcoming game changes. It is the same staff that handles banning bots and RMTers, though.

This is standard for customer support for any game or service.