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Announcement Regarding Changes in Plans (Poll Closed)

One month, definitely. Keeps out everyone who doesn’t want to focus on building up the game and gives me a lot of value for things I’d want anyway.

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One Month plans are a no-brainer - adequate time to test the servers. Get the most out of the one month plans and for all your F2P they don’t have to wait an absurd amount of time to join.


Seriously, the one week plan +10$ access is the best. Ofc there will be lag, but even in the EU, I consider buying the 10$ pass right now for the release in one week.


I’m moved. Thank you IMC, that was wonderful. I’m tempted to pick a week, but if you truly need time to prepare the servers, I can wait for a month :slight_smile:


I choose 1 week, but till 1 month still OK

Lets wait and see

@Staff_Julie Are you sure about the option 2 [1 month Exclusive Access] on all packs? or is a error?

I think 1 Month is ok for all and the benefits very much if i see 1x 60 day token.


@Rubiss There you have it. Satisfied?


Option 1 and 2 are ok imo.
Thank you IMC.

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1 week please.

seems like the 1 month option get some bonus companion? might be an error and is messing with the votes

#1 and #2 options are both good for me.

I was okay with three months of access because I was totally ready to just access the game and play my heart away, but it is true and I understand that three months is a very large time frame* for a moderate fee which would have people, who did* not want to pay, have to wait until June 22nd while those who paid for three or two months plow through the content like gluttons at a buffet.

Thank you very much for caring about the community enough to make this change, IMC. :smiley_cat:

B. seem like reasonable vote because IMC should be allowed the time they need to improve the servers, but A… one week…? If one week means more time for IMC to make the servers as best as they can then I can wait. :sweat_smile:

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Let’s see.

  • They explained why they did it.
  • They offered a compromising solution
  • They apologized

Yep. Looks good to me.


Guys choose 2
Only this has the pet and reset.
Ppl who don’t want these just pay $10
Everyone wins


This. I don’t get why 2nd option have a better benefits than other options. Not to mention 1 week/1 month/3 months costs the same price.


People who complained and got us more benefits, bless you all.


Democracy! I love you IMC! Best solution yet!


Agreed and happy with said compromises.

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its really great to see you willing to compromise when the majority of the community doesnt agree with your decisions, giving us the chance to pick the release plan that sounds most reasonable.

thank you, and awesome job ^^

B is winning O.o, very surprising