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@Aisem *demi-goddess, yep you heard that right. that loli is a demi-goddess of DEATH in the alternate world.

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Sounds pretty interesting, very “Japan-weird” :3

the story is pretty much like this.

Evil empire had couquered pretty much of the alternate world and decides to invade modern day japan via magic portal. Which results to

World Trigger For the WIIIIN baby!

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I will trust a bit in Overlord because of Mad House (even with 80% of the staff now on Mappa). But after Log Horizon I refuse to get hyped for a Anime with this thematic.

Log Horizon was the only thing I could think of when I saw it, but hey, it’s Mad House, nothing could ever go wrong…

I’m kinda done with mmo animes .-. probably won’t watch that one.

Well I never watched SAO and dropped Log Horizon rather quickly so I’m not fed up with the gender yet.

I remember watching sao when it came out, the first season was nice, the 2nd one was a pain to go through and that kinda made it for me…the 2nd season kinda killed my love for that genre :<. Before that i played the .hack games which i completely loved and still do but i don’t think i’ll like something else like that D:


lel you didnt even reach ep 10 where of both seasons where the story actually picks up. remember maoyuu mao yusha

same author as log horizon.

Yeah I know, but even so it didn’t inspired me confidence enough to make me keep watching it.

But if there’s something I’m really hyped about is this:

Also Takanashi is such a Waifu…ha.

Yup, also enjoying D-frag! it’s one of my favorite manga.

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Wait, what?

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@Shiro i raise you

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Looks like Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou for me

enjoying ruler of the land… at the moment.

To be honest I was talking about trap Takanashi and not crazy Takanashi. But I can’t disagree the fact the she’s adorable :relaxed: (completely wacky, but still adorable).

Rewatching Hunter x Hunter for the third time and crying myself to sleep. Togashi pls.
At this point I am just gonna wait till all these on-going animes get closer to finishing before I pick any of them up. I got too much stuff to catch up on, and look forward to as it is x.x.


@Tetzer HxH is a masterpiece. Have you heard that MadHouse is going to remake Yu Yu Hakusho as well?


Too bad the HxH manga is in a long hiatus. The anime remake is epic I must say. Just look at that fight between old man Netero and Meruem. One of the best anime fights I’ve ever seen.

@Ichizomi are you serious? I’d love to watch that! Where did you get that information?! :scream: